Sunday’s 45-17 win for the Bucs was a prime example of how lethal this offense can be when everything is clicking. Tampa Bay scored six touchdowns on the afternoon, settling for only one field goal. Tom Brady threw for five touchdowns and Leonard Fournette ran for another.

It was a far cry from last week, when the Bucs went 1-4 in the red zone and played in a very tight win. This unit is capable of elite level production and scoring – even to the level of shocking several Bucs players.

“We kind of got that monkey off our back,” running back Leonard Fournette said. “It’s so funny that you say that. Prior to the third quarter Rich (Richard Sherman) came up to me and said, ‘Man, I’ve never been part of a team with so much talent’. And I’m telling him like, and excuse my language, but this sh*t is different.

“At any time, you have multiple…what I can say? Hall Of Fame player. Pro Bowl players, all over the field. Not to mention that we’re missing Gronk, you know what I mean? This whole team as a unit, we can do a lot. We come out focused, put our minds together, understand the game plan and stay focused to the course.”

You can include Fournette as one of the many weapons in Tampa Bay’s offense. He’s really come on in the last two games as the primary running back. Fournette ran 12 times for 67 yards and a touchdown in Week 5, averaging 5.6 yards per attempt. His biggest impact this season has been in the passing game, though, as he once again put on a great performance with four receptions for 43 yards.

“I’ve been working on it,” Fournette said. “It’s all about earning trust, too. You can’t go into practice dropping a lot of balls. In the back of his (Brady’s) mind he’s going, ‘I can’t throw this guy the ball’. So I try to make every catch he throws to me. I try to make it easy for him.” 

Another aspect of the game that the Bucs are taking advantage of is the matchups they’re getting for Antonio Brown. On almost any other team, Brown would have to face the opponent’s top corner. But on the Bucs roster he gets a favorable look against the No. 3 defender. Brown dominated on Sunday, with seven receptions for 124 yards and two touchdowns.

“When you got Chris (Godwin) and Mike (Evans), he gets the third guy,” head coach Bruce Arians said. “That ain’t a fair fight. Now that he knows the offense and Byron’s (Leftwich) putting him in a position where he know what he’s doing and can go really, really fast. Tom trusts him, so we like that matchup usually week-in, week-out. Now i”m sure it’s going to switch pretty soon and one of those other guys is going to feast.”

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11 days ago

It’s funny, at first I was like “Hey don’t give the other team any ideas to put their #1 or #2 on Brown, but the what? You put your #3 on Evans or Godwin? You’re gonna come up short no matter which way you slice it covering those 3.

Ron Potter
11 days ago

Sounds like Fournette is beginning to understand the value of performing well in practices.

Reply to  Ron Potter
11 days ago

He’s maturing as a player and he realizes he rather be a part offense that has many talented players rather than be THE offense on a losing team. That’s understanding ur role on the team and just handle ur business on the field and let the other talented players on offense handle their own business. Then u start to build trust with one another and it becomes contagious the more success u have or the team has. Playing with Brady is really something for these younger players. They feel and see the Brady effect. Just like Playoff Leonard does.

10 days ago

It’s incredible to me that both Brown and Fournette were “on the street” cast-offs. I suspect Richard Sherman too will ultimately prove worthy of being given a chance.

10 days ago

It’s better to be the tail of the lion than to be the head of the rat.

10 days ago

It takes time and snaps for a good team to really figure out who they are and how to function at their peak performance. That applies to everybody, from TB-12 to the guy just promoted from the practice squad, as well as the coaches. It becomes a process, on a team loaded with talent, of steel sharpening steel. Even now, with this beatdown of Miami, I don’t believe that this offense is even close to reaching its peak performance. We’ve got guys who have been out with injury, like Gronk, and others like Scotty Miller who haven’t gotten many snaps… Read more »

10 days ago

While this was a great offensive performance, I would still like to see them repeat this against a stronger defense. I believe they can do it week in and week out. However, the Dolphins are a team that has been struggling defensively, so it was an easier task. The Bucs should have rolled them like they did given our offensive talent. If they didn’t, then I would have been worried. I also hope that this game was a confidence builder, the game we all point to in December, like the second half of the Falcons game last year, and say… Read more »