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    IN the fourth quarter, Dallas was renting space in the backfield with Jameis. I mean that was one of the worst offensive line displays I’ve seen in some time. Couldn’t even block a screen correctly that should’ve been a huge gain. Cherilus is a joke and he needs to sit the rest of the season. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dude put on his ass more than him.
    Our smaller line couldn’t do anything against Dallas’ and Dak had all day. But the defense played well in my opinion all things considering. Jameis was off in the 4th , but after the 10th time of getting hit, that can be understood. Hell Doug was getting hit, 3 yards in the backfield. What happened to this line? Horrible finish just as they gave us hope with that hot 3rd quarter.
    Brate is a stud though and he has some incredible hands.

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    Randy H.

    I was at the game and I am so proud of the showing, though it was a loss. In it until the end, the 4th quarter offense and 3rd quarter offense were like two different teams. I knew when the Bucs’ failed to capitalize on the Witten fumble, it was going to hurt and it pretty much went downhill from there.

    I was proud of the number of Bucs’ fans that showed up, a lot more than I expected. This was my first time in Jerry’s World and even with the super duper replay screen right in front of me, I barely watched it, as I’m so used to looking down on the field or left or right for everything, not straight ahead!!!

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      Way to represent Randy. Bucs never conceded defeat. In times past that game would have been a blow-out.

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    What happened to our O line is, truth be told, they’re not very talented. We need to follow the Cowboys blueprint. Build the O line. Get two studs, in the first two rounds. Need a right tackle, or left, move Smith to right, and a road grading guard, center. Bite the bullet, it needs to be done, the life of our franchise could depend on it. I’m shocked Jameis hasn’t missed time with the hits he’s taken this year.

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    It wasn’t as close as the score. The Bucs kept making just enough plays to jsng in there. Against a stacked team like Dallas it’s impossible to hide the Bucs’ obvious weaknesses. Marpet has stepped up but the player they miss the most is Logan Mankins. They need another offensive tackle to compliment Dotson, who was obviously missed here again. Ideally, Donovan Smith is a backup, as is Kevin Pamphile. Also need a tight end who can block. Alan Cross could be that guy but he’s more of a genuine fullback because of his height. Brate was one of those two guys who whiffed on that screen pass. Stocker and Myers have been marginal as blockers. Also need another world class DT to compliment McCoy in run defense. Akeem Spence and Clinton McDonald aren’t getting it done this season. Siliga’s been a step up, but not great. Too bad they blew that second rounder on Aguayo and couldn’t get what they needed to out of ASJ. Those two mistakes really stand out against a team like the Cowboys. Need three new starters for next season: tackle, DT, guard (Sweezy?), plus a stud blocking TE. Then they’ll be ready for Dallas. Not this year.

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      What game were you watching? The problem was Cherilus not Donovan Smith.

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    I actually don’t think the Bucs played that bad. The outcome of the game was different based on the team we faced. They just played a team who played up to their capabilities and did everything right. It’s hard to beat any team that plays like that. The only player that I saw play poorly throughout was G. Cherilus.

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    Not sure what happens to the Bucs offense late in games? Luckily the Bucs have had the lead and held on in past games…D came up with another key turnover when they needed it- Offense let ’em down.
    Glad to see them fight back after getting down by 14- and they still had a chance to win at the end- but an ‘L’ is an ‘L’… It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Football Hangover on Monday morning- it sucks.

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    Surferdude, well said sir.agree with you on all the statements you made.

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    The defense still looks night and day better than last year except late in the game when the Dline could no longer penetrate. The O line and Cherilus in particular cost the bucs the game. Hate to pile on the guy but when you are the goat you are the goat. Prescott executed. He was on last night and I don’t care who you play, tight coverage will not stop a QB executing those throws.

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