On returning to training camp:
“I’m actually just glad to be back there with my teammates. We’re competing and having fun, so that’s always exciting.”

On how he spent the offseason getting back to 100% health:
“Just rehabbing. Nothing surgical or anything like that, just rehabbing and doing whatever the training staff asks me to do. Right now it feels good and that’s the most important thing to me.”

On Bruce Arians’ offense:
“Coach has always been a great offensive coach, you can just look at the resume. He’s bringing that here to us. I think we have the talent, talent has never been an issue. I’m just excited to be out here and to have the opportunity to learn a new offense.”

On the changes with the new offense:
“When you have talent like we do you can really bring any offense you want to. As long as we execute it the way the coaching staff wants us to and we do it the way they coach us to I think we can be fine. That’s what we’re doing. We’re just learning a new offense and when we do things right we’re good.”

On if he remembers any of this year’s draft-eligible players from the SEC when he played at Alabama:
“The biggest trouble was Quinnen Williams at practice. I mean, he was so good. I was a senior and he was on the scout team all year, I think he redshirted that year, but that guy’s really good. He’s a good ball player. I played Josh Allen also. From what I can remember he was a good ballplayer too and he’s grown over the years. There’s a lot of good talent and a lot of good players.”

On the offense’s biggest focus right now:
“I would just say eliminating mental errors. Every day that you go out you’re going to make mistakes but you don’t want it to happen twice, two days in a row. I think when you play fast and you’re learning a new offense there’s going to be mistakes but like coach said, you’ve got to be coachable, try to eliminate mistakes that you’ve made before and try to get better every day.”

On the presence of officiating consultant Larry Rose:
“Being able to have a guy that’s been reffing in Super Bowls and so many games, just to ask his knowledge on the rules like pass interference, illegal contact down the field, stuff like that. It’s just really good to know what rules you can and can’t get away with.”

On if he thinks the new offense uses him and Brate as big mismatches:
“I do. Like I said, we come out here and we’re getting better and I already like what I see. We’ve only been out here for two days but the offense is very tight end friendly. All we can do is go out and execute the plays that are called, but it is a very tight end friendly offense for both of us.”

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In remembrance of Howard Cosell, this guy will be all world!

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