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    I’m not holding my breath on Martin that’s for sure. Dude needs to lace it up, rub some dirt on it and play already. Maybe earn that paycheck for a bit

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    The way I look at is that it’s a home game so we don’t have much of a chance. Bring him back when we go on the road and can win one.
    Folks, offense is not the problem. When you are averaging well over 20 points a game he offense is not the issue. The defense is the reason we are losing games.

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      76 – it’s true our defense has not performed this season, but there is always feedback between units … when the offense is playing very well not only in scoring points but in dominating time of possession, it helps the defense enormously because they don’t get gassed if we’re winning TOP. Just as a great defense aids the offense because lots of takeaways and three and outs allows our offense to dominate TOP and gas the other team’s defense.

      Indeed, our defense seems to hold up well for awhile, but because we play our best starters on virtually every snap, they do get blown out in the second half, as we saw last week. Part of this is due to coaching decisions – I don’t agree with Koetter that you keep your best players on the field and never give them a rest – and part of this is due to injuries that have depleted our talent. And part of this is that when our run game isn’t working we lose the TOP battle.

      In the last two games, both losses where our defense got blown out, we only gained 102 and 73 yards, respectively, on the ground. In the two games prior to that streak – both wins – we gained 202 yards and 264 yards on the ground. Jameis Winston’s passing performance varied quite a bit through those four games – 93.6, 117.2, 88.0, and finally 110.3 … meaning, as long as he didn’t have a stinker game (like he did against Denver and Arizona), Jameis Winston’s performance as a passer was not very well correlated with victory vs. defeat … but our rushing game was clearly correlated very closely with victory vs. defeat.

      If we could manage to get both Martin and Rodgers back into the lineup, we’d have a monster 1-2 punch in the running game, and I think it will make a huge difference in the outcome of our games. When we have neither guy in the lineup, we lose, simple as that. And I think that has as much to do with our resulting defensive performance as it does our offensive performance.

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    This site is getting like the one with the 2 guys with the same name. Everytime I use it my computer trashes. Doesn’t matter if at home or work, or if i’m using Chrome, IE, or something else. Anybody else having this issue?

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      Has happened to me. Slow response times also,

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    Every year martin has been injured he hasn’t come back with any force. Really doubting this year won’t be the same.

    I cut him from my fantasy team and I won’t bring him back without a big game.

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    It’s too bad about Antone Smith. He showed a little quickness.

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    Having Martin and Rodgers back will be a HUGE help to our team. Offensively, defenses are only worried about Evans right now. We NEED another threat on the field and…since we apparently decided not to look for another receiving threat, we DESPERATELY need a running threat

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    Yes Buc76.Really limits my ability to type

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    Plopes808, did I miss something on Rodgers? Haven’t heard updae on Him lately with his foot, just that Martin is close. Anyways I’ll be surprised if Martin comes back and plays all remaining games, or is effective. Just going by what I’ve seen from him so far in past with injuries.

    This season is over folks. I’m looking at schedule and way Bucs are playing and injuries. Bears at home next week might be best chance to win not only at home, but win a game period.

    I hope we can get back on track but that’s way I see it looking at he schedule and they team his year.

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    Maybe we can beat Saints or Panthers at Home too but both teams been playing pretty good lately. Chiefs,chargers,Dallas,Seahawks……hmmm.
    Anything more than 6 wins and I’ll be surprised this season. Guess that beats Lovies first year. Lol.

    I guess at this point I Just hope they can win one 1 damn home game next week and show some steady improvement this year. Also to Not have anymore terrible injuries would be nice too. I realize I could be asking for too much here. Lol

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