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    What a horrible game. I stayed until they end unfortunately. NFL record 23 penalties over 200 yards and we lose? Crazy! Winston sucked bad. Pass rush still isn’t good enough. Safeties were horrendous. Winston is starting to worry me he can’t hit broad side of a barn.

    Also you can tell by play calling Koetter has no faith in Winston. Very conservative especially before half.

    Carr made throws when he had all day to make them. When they even got close or sniffed him he was terrible and got happy feet. They just didn’t get close often enough. Carr isn’t good under pressure.

    Raiders are most un disciplined team I’ve seen. How the hell are they 6-2?

    So frustrating. Oh well.

    One thing very obvious their WR’s were way better and faster than ours.

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    What an awful way to lose a game. No pass rush, Winston was inaccurate in the 2nd half and our secondary got beat physically. Oh, and our Aguayo missed another freakin’ kick. I feel nauseous. I can’t say I’ve every felt that way after a game…usually it’s the other stomach issue that requires Imodium due to the stress of the game. I think I’ll just lay down for a while…

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    I’m surprised we almost won, but we found a way to lose again. I knew we were in trouble when we got the kiss of death 10-0 lead. No pass rush; looked like the same as last year. Winston had little time to throw has their defensive line was man handling us. Here it comes, Hawley isn’t big enough. He was cut from Atlanta for that reason. Yes Winston threw some high ones, but he didn’t throw any interceptions. I would have gone for it in overtime when it was 4th and five. We knew Carr was carving us up and I would have never putted to them. Next two games are must wins. Aguayo looks bad and he might be cut before the season ends if he keeps this up. Noticed Atlanta is 5-2 and we signed players they cut; what does that tell you? Time for the Bucs to find a way to be winners NOW!!!

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    I didn’t even mention Aguayo. Ready to move on from that clown. He’s terrible and it was a big mistake to take him that early. Cut him and move on please!

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    Horse Winston sucked. No int’s but wasn’t from lack of bad throws into double coverage. He had time and lots of open guys he just didn’t hit them.

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    fredster, I hear you. What I saw was a guy getting little time to throw; I understand you see differently.

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    Though protection was ok. Winstons accuracy was garbage. Missed multiple open guys and pressure wasn’t a factor IMO. He overthrew everything deep period. Sailed bunch balls high too which has become common for him.

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    Why no mention of the defensive holding call on 4th down that prevented the Bucs from ending the game?

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    Why no mention of that Scubog? because there are dozens of reason we lost and so many hours in a day. Lol. Plenty blame to go around. They sucked bad all around really. If you force me to say what lost the game more hard to blame one penalty on defense when time of possession was 44:12 to 29:03 Offense was horrible against a defense that was near bottom of league. Passing yards 498 to 168 says it all. Kept going 3 and out and putting them back out there.

    Can’t blame this loss on penalties with 60 yards of total penalties. We also. Can’t blame this loss on turnovers.

    I knew at halftime Bucs would come out flat after half too. They had no fire after second half started.

    The Way they went into locker room when we had over minute and all three TO’s? No way Koetter strusts Winston and I can’t blame him. His accuracy was scary bad. Hope it doesn’t continue.

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