On the final training camp practice before their first preseaons game against the Dolphins, the Buccaneers were a little shorthanded.

Wide receiver Freddie Martino was still out, as was offensive tackle Leonard Wester and running back Shaun Wilson. That means it’s not likely for any of them to play on Thursday down in Miami.

Of the players that were out there, the offense seemed to be totally in rhythm to start practice.

In the 1-minute drill, a drill where the offense has struggled to this point in camp, the first-team offense made things look easy with a touchdown pass to cap it off their series.

The second-team wasn’t as successful, coming up yards short of a score, but we would still say they got the better of the defense, minus the last two plays. That’s encouraging.

What wasn’t encouraging was the current status of the chemistry between wide receiver DeSean Jackson and his carousel of quarterbacks on Tuesday.

First, it was Jameis Winston. Winston tried to hit Jackson deep in the back of the end zone for a score, and in an all too familiar sight, Winston overthrew him out of the back of the end zone for no points.

Next, shown above, Ryan Griffin tried his luck, which was again not good.

As an opposite of Winston, Griffin ended up under-shooting Jackson and the pass should have been picked off. Jackson was a little frustrated after the play — understandably so.

Last but not least Ryan Fitzpatrick targeted Jackson and actually connected for a score, though it wasn’t a deep shot down the field.

The chemistry between Jackson and his quarterbacks seemed good at the beginning of camp a few weeks ago, but it has unraveled a bit. Passing accurately deep down the field is the toughest part of playing quarterback, but in a vertical offense, it has to hit every once in a while.

Jackson is their best chance for big plays.

People have asked us about the status of the offensive line thus far in camp, and if we’re being honest it’s not overly positive. The wheels aren’t falling off or anything like that, but due to injuries the projected starring offensive line hasn’t been able to get much work together, plus you have the longer injury to Leonard Wester. And for the guys that are in there, such as Alex Capp at right guard and Brad Seaton at right tackle, you like that they’re getting experience, but they’ll likely struggle quite a bit in Miami.

Let’s hope nothing like that happens and our fears aren’t realized.

These backups won’t be backups on Thursday.

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About the Author: Trevor Sikkema

Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: trevor@pewterreport.com
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3 years ago

Looks like we’re going to have a lot of running place and this Thursday night game/ practice. What I’ll be looking for is the play of Griffin and watching the rookies play.
Trevor, who are some surprises we should keep an eye on during the game?

3 years ago

We only have two good linemen. Marpet and Jensen. Griffin might get some playing time this year because I doubt Fitz will stay healthy for 3 full games behind this line.

3 years ago

Regardless if it is chemistry or totally the QB’s fault, DeSean Jackson hasn’t produced that much. With Evans, Brate & Howard are all difficult match ups against smaller guys. Why would Koetter want a deep strike attack type of offense? I would have most of the plays called towards the height mismatches. Those are going to be higher completion percentage passes and it also helps enforce the security of the ball concept with Jameis. Instead of having him always looking for the home run ball, get him just thinking about getting first downs

3 years ago

This o line been a liability for years now. Had bad feeling they didn’t address it enough in off season. 1 or 2 injuries away from disaster and as usual it’s still thin as hell. Marpet and Jensen are solid. Dotson is great when healthy but he’s about done I think. That leaves us with pretty thin O line again. People want to talk about how it’s all on Winston if we have success on offense. That’s a joke it’s more about the O line and run game.

Reply to  fredster
3 years ago

^couldnt agree more fredster. Seeing Donovan smith get beat often and the right side of the line having no continuity due to nagging injuries scares me for this preseason game. I predict a massive amount of runs plays.

3 years ago

It may be time to sign a few Oline FAs

3 years ago

I agree with the comments here. Especially Marpet and Jensen being solid and Dotson when healthy. But why was Kevin Pamphile not resigned? He seemed like a serviceable backup/starter at multiple positions. And it was so frustrating as a Bucs fan to see the predictable run on 1st, big play attempt on 2nd, then 3rd and long, Punt. Too much talent to be mediocre offensively. Also too, hope we don’t try force the DJax connection and leave first downs on field. Encouraged by Defense though. Go Bucs!