As the Bucs move a day closer to their showdown with the Cleveland Browns, not everyone has gotten the taste out of their mouth from the failed lateral final play in the Falcons game.

Offensive coordinator Todd Monken was asked in different ways about his thoughts on the last play, and who ultimately made that decision. He got straight to the bottom line.

Monken was asked again about who had final say on the Bucs last play from the 20 yard line. As he pointed out, it was a collaborative effort, but when further prodded about who Jameis Winston hears in his ear for a play, Monken answered himself.

The dissection of the last play was asked so many times that Monken asked if it could be put to rest. The game is over and the outcome can not be changed. Four days after the fact, that discussion is finally buried.

Outside of the infamous lateral that wasn’t, Monken had high praise for the performance of Jameis Winston in his first start of the season. Though Winston threw two interceptions, he was happy with how he protected the ball under duress, assuring that the interceptions weren’t from wrong decision making, but just inaccurate timing.

The offensive play calling was handed over to Monken by head coach Dirk Koetter during the preseason at Koetter’s decision. The head coach also had to make the tough choice on Monday to fire his friend, defensive coordinator Mike Smith. It wasn’t easy for Koetter on either account, and Monken had Koetter’s back for his choices and commitment to winning.

Following after his coordinator, it was time for Jameis Winston to address the media. The Bucs haven’t played at home since his return. In fact, their last home game was four weeks ago on Monday Night Football where the Bucs losing streak began.

Winston expressed his excitement to play once again at home in front of Bucs fans. He also gave a shoutout to one of the new amenities at Raymond James Stadium.

The NFL has seen an increase in both offensive yards and touchdowns this year, which many allude to the rules that favor the offense. Winston believes it has to do more with just the amount of talent that the league has.

After practice finished up, Dirk Koetter discussed more about the defense as they get set to face the Browns. Noah Spence hasn’t seen the field since week one, but coach Koetter still likes the work that he has put in. Vinny Curry and Gerald McCoy haven’t practiced yet this week, so maybe Spence will get a shot on Sunday.

The Browns have a very formidable running attack on offense. Koetter’s Bucs have not faced a team that has focused on it as much as they do. He’s been happy with the Bucs run defense this season, but admitted that their previous opponents aren’t as reliant on the ground game.

Koetter wrapped things up by talking about limiting turnovers this week. The Bucs will attempt to improve to 3-3 on the season and get back to a .500 wining percentage. It is their first home game in almost an entire month.

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2 years ago

We have to win this game!

2 years ago

Let’s hope Cleveland decides to run the ball a lot this Sunday, Bucs defense starts playing with more creativity and less predictability, or both.

Reply to  EricNV
2 years ago

…and the offense puts up 34+ points.

2 years ago

I don’t think it was a bad call at all. Because it almost worked. Jackson dropped it. Otherwise, we would have won the game.