The Bucs practice schedule had a bit of a change today, but things opened up nice with some Christmas music blaring as the players hit the field. It followed up with even more good fortune, CB Carlton Davis was practicing for the first time since his knee injury that was suffered in the 49ers game.

Normally last on the docket, today Dirk Koetter was first up to speak with the media. Before the x’s and o’s of football were brought up, Koetter was asked about Gerald McCoy, who was just named as the Bucs nominee for the Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award.

Koetter was asked plenty about the rookie group from the class of 2018, namely Ronald Jones. It’s not a secret to many the this hasn’t been the ideal season to start a career, and Koetter said that it’s not all on Jones for the way things have went for him.

Another player that has had eyes on him for other reasons is Donovan Smith. The left tackle is in a contract year, so each block that he makes or misses is under a microscope, and the results are inconsistent. Koetter supported Smith, given that he believes Smith is one of the better tackles in this league, and if they were to get rid of him that not many replacements would be better.

Next, we headed on over to the locker room, where Mike Evans was found. Plenty has been asked to other coaches about why Mike Evans has done so well this year, and now we got hear it straight from the source.

Fighting for their playoff lives, Evans has stayed level headed despite a year with drastic swings and changes for the team. He brought up the each year has its ups and downs.

Up next was the new Bucs nominee for the Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award. He may have already spoke on Wednesday, but today was about honoring Gerald McCoy and asking him about this nomination. McCoy gave his response

McCoy then further discussed why it means so much to help others in need, particularly families around the holiday times. He then went into a story about helping a family that only wanted a Christmas tree for Christmas, not presents and toys, just a tree, because they have never had one before. McCoy is always creating ways to help the community.

After the locker room portion was done, Jameis Winston then was at the podium. Winston was not on the field when the Bucs last took on the Saints, nor was he on the sideline. He recalled what it was like watching that high scoring game from home while serving his suspension.

Once Winston came back to being the starter two weeks ago after his benching, he has played more poised than ever seen before. Even at the podium, he’s carrying himself in a different way. It’s led to better play, and Winston discussed if his demeanor has changed at all.

In part of going along with that attitude, something had to of changed right? Well, when asked about what Winston does to get himself ready for these games, we learned that he meditates everyday. Maybe that explains more of a subdued Winston.

Winston’s career has been analyzed more times than you can count. When it comes to on the field play, some have compared his early career numbers with the numbers of a young Drew Brees entering the league. Winston has always admired Brees, mentioning he got the first Brees autograph when he became a member of the Saints. Jameis was happy to just to be brought up in the same sentence as him.

Another noticed topic of discussion for Jameis is some new gear on his helmet. In the Giants game he wore a visor, and has ever since. In that time he has thrown six touchdowns with a 2-0 record, earning the social media hashtag #VisorJameis. His improved performance on the field is noticeable with the visor on, and Winston said that he put on the visor to have some more swag.

If the Bucs were to upset the Saints on Sunday, be sure to buy your visor Visor Jameis stock quickly. First it was Fitz Magic, now it’s Visor Jameis.

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  1. I know this is a minor complaint, but could you guys at PR do anything to boost the volume up on the videos? I have to jack my speakers up just to get mumblings.

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  2. I think Koetter’s loyalty to Rodgers has hurt RoJo’s development this year. Then if we factor in our pass-heavy offensive scheme, the opportunities for RoJo are even more minimal. If RoJo doesn’t get a chance to shine this year, then I hope the organization doesn’t sour on him too early enough to waste draft capital or cap money on another RB this offseason. To me, the offensive line should be a much bigger priority this offseason.

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    • Ron, I don’t necessary think it’s the OL. I think it’s the coach. Warhop has sucked since coming here. We need a new coach and scheme because zone blocking isn’t cutting it.

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      • I certainly agree that’s an additional factor and that Warhop needs to go, especially if Koetter is retained for another year.

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  3. I think it’s RoJo himself. Been tough on Koetter this year, but his eval of RoJo seems the most genuine. Not coach speak.

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