The first day of Bucs mandatory mini-camp meant it was the first chance the media — and even current Buccaneer players — got a look at defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in a Bucs uniform.

Before practice, Pierre-Paul addressed the media for the first time and answered the question that was on everyone’s mind: Why did he skip out on OTA practices with his new teammates?

Sounds like Pierre-Paul had some off-the-field things he had to take care of since being traded for back in March. He assured everyone that all of that is now situated and he is in Tampa to stay, for mini-camp and training camp.

Pierre-Paul was asked about a few of his new teammates on Tuesday, too. The first question was about his quarterback, Jameis Winston, and if he had the chance to talk to him yet.

From that quote, it appears Winston and Pierre-Paul got off to the right start as two focal points on their sides of the ball.

The next question was about the player Pierre-Paul will be lining up next to form time to time, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. Pierre-Paul, as a nine-year veteran in the NFL, was asked if he would be will to take a backseat in terms of leadership since he’s coming into team that McCoy has been the face of for a long time.

Pierre-Paul said that he has no problem letting this be McCoy’s team, but added that they’ll lead together in how they play. Pierre-Paul said that he’s not as much of a vocal leader as he is a lead-by-example kind of player.

Finally, Pierre-Paul sounded very excited to get to play next to linebacker Lavonte David again — the two both played junior college together before the NFL.

In one of the last questions he answered on the day, Pierre-Paul was asked what his expectations were, or what the team’s expectations should be, knowing what happened to this team last year in 2017.

His answer was simple: The goal is — still and always — to win a Super Bowl.


  1. I think we can lay off the guy now until the season starts. The dude is the best pass rusher this team has had in 10 years, he is making a major relocation of his entire life unexpectedly, but his saving grace for me was that the goal is to “Win the Super Bowl” nothing less, there doesn’t seem to be any watered down bullshit with him. He’ll be just fine.

  2. We must have quite a few Idiots as members of Buc Nation. What part of..non-mandatory OTA’s do you not understand? Its his money..not yours!! With the salary he makes thats like..vacation money people. Hard for you to understand when you are taking home maybe 1500 to 2 grand every 2 weeks huh? And thats if you are one of the lucky ones. He can give any excuse he wants. Trust me JPP will be ready come gameday. Thats all I..or you..should care about. Buc fans are so use to losing, we nit-pick every little scenerio there is. Winning as the great Lombadi once said is all that matters. The garbage!!! Time for us to get off the snyd and WIN…Period!

    • Can I borrow $250,000 from you? I’ve never met a multimillionaire who refused $250,000 for just showing up for a day. I think you got this wrong; it was never his money until he showed up, but you are correct he does have the right to choose to not show up.