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    I will say this again; if you take a knee while the National Anthem is being played, you are disrespecting our Fallen. This is not the time to try to make a point. Any other time I’ll take a knee with you.

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      I’ll say this again: that’s not true. It’s completely unrelated to “our Fallen”. Whether or not it’s the appropriate time to make a point is an opinion and, as is happening in the NFL, some people agree with the expression and the cause, some agree with the cause but not the expression, and some agree with neither. That’s all fine. But it’s arrogant and presumptive on your part to declare the meaning of the protest in such stark terms when many officers of the law and members of the military have specifically said that they don’t see it the same way you do at all.

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        spank- I would have respected your reply except for the last sentence. Perhaps all beliefs to you are arrogant. People like you throw around words they don’t fully understand to often. Quantify your BS on “many” officers and military. I have been in oh, 50 precincts (give or take a few) in the past 6 years with my business, also a vet and been active with military personnel consistently. Sometimes these discussion arise and I can’t remember any that do not have pride in our flag or nation. Some more than others, but your idiotic statement regarding many is ludicrous to me. I get that people don’t have to stand and I can respect it in terms of why I love the flag; Liberty and Freedom. Hopefully when people who do not want to go to or watch teams or games because of it are given the same respect. That is what America is all about.

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    I’m not sure why the national anthem is so sacred that sitting during it is an insult to military people. Maybe it’s so deeply embedded in the consciousness in association with the families of those who have died in military service that it’s unavoidable. I can understand why it’s emotional in that case. But, the reason that people fight and die is for peace and justice… And let’s be honest, that just doesn’t exist for many POC… and all these white people would rather get butthurt over a national anthem protest than get upset about unarmed black men routinely getting shot, to go along with arrest, conviction, and sentencing inequities… The institutions of government have failed to promote justice for too many, and these kind of protests are intended to bring attention to these problems. Being more concerned about national anthem protests than about egregious racial inequalities is a special kind of blindness.

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    I’m just curious as to whether the same people complaining about the players kneeling or sitting during the Anthem are actually splayed out on their own couches and lazyboys during the performance? I think that Kap will eventually be signed by someone and I do think that he is talented enough to be a starting QB in the NFL. I would take him over, say, Michael Vick in his prime. I personally would rather see him as our backup over Fitzy. I hope that we don’t have to endure the trauma of him starting for us at any point during the season. He is a wise player and good guy, but an interception machine. I also hope that Dirt makes the the team this year as well.

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    It takes a lot of courage as a young black man in the NFL to put your career on the line and take a knee to make a statement about Racism in America. I will not criticize anyone who is willing to stand or to kneel. To each his own. I am just proud of our Nation either way. I wish we had more courage in this Country. And thank god we can still protest.

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    I think that either standing or kneeling can be justified. Personally, I stand for the anthem because our soldiers do. there is too much history in the stars and stripes//anthem for me to refuse to acknowledge it. Unified whites and blacks have fought and died together under the veil of the American flag.

    Racism isn’t just an issue in America – this is a global problem and it’s not new. Even though I don’t necessarily like the fact that others kneel during the anthem, I will never disrespect them b/c they are drawing attention to problems that simply cannot be ignored any longer.. Just my two-cents anyways..

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    For over a hundred years Graves Registration Mortuary Affairs, handle our fallen from the battlefields to Burial. Whatever it takes to retrieve our Fallen we will do even at the risk of our own lives. This is how much respect we have for the sacrifice what are Fallen have done. The beat of the drum starts when our Fallen are retrieved. We are with them until the last shovel of dirt is laid upon. Very few have had this honor in handling our Fallen. By taking a knee it is disrespectful not just for the Fallen, but also for the families friends and their fellow soldiers. I’m sorry but this is not the place and time to take a knee for a silly football game in protest any type of cause. The ones who disagree,disagree, I’m just telling you how disrespectful it is whether you agree or not.

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    I’d like to extend a big thanks to Austin DeWitt and Pewterreport for covering this without bias or opinion.

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    I truly don’t understand how anyone can think that someone protesting is somehow unamerican or is disrespecting the flag or our troops. If it wasn’t for a long standing tradition of protests like the Boston Tea Party all Americans would probably be pledging our allegiance to the Queen of England. Was the Boston Tea Party Unamerican? Protesting an injustice is the right of all Americans. No, protesting a wrong is our obligation as Americans. Those troops who came home with the American flag draped on their coffins would be the first ones to say they fought and gave their lives protecting our right to peaceful protest. This is supposed to be a country “Of the people by the people and for the people”. Unfortunately, this country is now for the billionaires, not the people. And the billionaires own the media so they put together stories like the one above to make people think protesting is bad. But it is only bad for the billionaires. It is good for us, the American people. So if you’re an American don’t let the propaganda of the billionaires brainwash you into being an obedient worker and just accept what the rich do to you. If you see an injustice perform your American duty and speak up and protest. And protest it loudly and proudly as is the long standing American tradition. Up with the PEOPLE!

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      You are right you don’t understand. You can protest without having to protest our flag or our national anthem to get your point across.

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