No need to brace yourselves Bucs fans, there’s nothing going on with Jameis Winston’s knees.

The third-year quarterback spent Day 2 of training camp sporting a brace on his left knee after being brace-free Friday morning.

Any time a franchise player is seen wearing something that could be associated with an injury or some sort, interest will be piqued.

Gerald McCoy bumped Winston on the knee on Friday, but Winston shook it off and was able to finish practice. Winston didn’t show any noticeable limp or problems on Saturday.

It was and head coach Dirk Koetter made sure to squash the speculation as best he could following Saturday’s rainy morning session.

“Don’t go crazy on it,” Koetter said. “This isn’t the story of the day that Jameis had a knee brace on.”

“Jameis was going to start wearing that brace yesterday. The brace they sent didn’t fit right so they had to get a new one sent in. We’re demoing it out. A lot of quarterbacks in the league wear knee braces on one leg. That’s the latest and greatest technology. He’s demoing it out to see how it goes. He doesn’t have any injury; there’s nothing there. It’s all preventative and precautionary.”

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4 years ago

My first reaction was “Whaaaaat?”, then a relieved “Oh I get it”, then a big “Phew!!!!” , and finally “Thank you baby Jesus”! lol.

4 years ago

Yeah, he’s practiced didn’t he? Overreaction but understandable given the player and the thirst of ANY news after the long offseason. LOL

4 years ago

Embrace the brace.