The backup quarterback position is one a team hopes they never need to see what they have. If the backup starts it means one of two things – your starter is underperforming. or your starter is hurt. Both cases normally signals your team’s season is basically sunk.

Every once in a while a “Hollywood” type scenario plays out and the backup steps in and takes his team to the championship. In 2017 the Eagles Nick Foles proved to be a real life version of Johnathan Moxon in Varsity Blues, as Foles led Philadelphia to their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Those scenarios are few and far between however, but one that every team tries to prepare for. Tampa Bay included.

Bucs HC Dirk Koetter - Photo by: Trevor Sikkema/PR

Bucs HC Dirk Koetter – Photo by: Trevor Sikkema/PR

On Wednesday from Indianapolis, where the NFL Combine will take place beginning this week, Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter answered questions from the media at the podium, then met with some local writers, included, who traveled to the Combine.

Koetter said the Bucs will need to address the team’s backup needs, even if starter Jameis Winston is cleared by the NFL’s investigation into a groping accusation, and isn’t suspended by the league.

“You can lose your quarterback at any time,” Koetter said. “So you’re your backup quarterback is pretty important. We have been fortunate for the time that I have been in Tampa, we have had good backup quarterbacks. We went 2-1 with our backup quarterback last year, so I think there are a lot of good options out there for us this year, and something we are concerned with. Not because of the investigation so much, but because you are concerned in general.

“We also have Ryan Griffin under contract if you remember. We felt Ryan was playing pretty well up until the time he got hurt in the Cincinnati preseason game. I like Ryan’s skillset, he just doesn’t have experience. It is that old catch-22, ‘coach how do I get experience, if I don’t get experience?'”

Bucs general manager also talked with the media following his time at the podium and discussed some of the options the Bucs have.

“We like Ryan (Fitzaptrick) a lot,” Licht said. “We thought Ryan did a great job, obvious he had to play and did a nice job for us, overall in the locker room and in that quarterback room. He and Jameis… a really good bond. We would love to have Ryan back.

“There will be options for other quarterbacks as well. And I am not saying that we are going to be signing Ryan today to a contract. But any quarterback we bring in – with the investigation, whatever happens with that – we want a quarterback or quarterbacks we feel can step in and start.

“We’ve looked at everything and we have had some discussions with Fitz and we like Ryan. We like other quarterbacks as well.”

One of those other quarterbacks that might be a fit in Tampa Bay is former starter and third round draft pick Mike Glennon. The former N.C. Star star signed with the Bears in the offseason, but the team will release him next month the team’s general manager confirmed on Wednesday.

Reports have the Bucs interested in bringing Glennon back after he is released. Prior to Glennon signing with Chicago, the Bucs offered Glennon a new deal to serve as Winston’s backup, one that would have made him the highest paid backup in the league according to team sources. Glennon chose to sign with Chicago where he lost his starting job to Mitch Trubisky early in the season.

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About the Author: Mark Cook

Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, the beach and family time.Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at
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Will Moffatt
3 years ago

Mark what type of contract do you think we would be looking at for Mike Glennon to come back?

Feel bad for the guy, he never got a real shot there.

3 years ago

Licht was about to pay Glennon about 8 million a year, what a waste of money that would’ve been. Fitz won 2 out of three when Winston was sidelined. His scrabbling ability helped win those two games, I doubt Glennon could’ve done any better. There is no upside to Glennon. He got his shot, and failed, why bring him back? Bring Fitz back on a one year deal if the money makes sense, and both parties are willing, or ride the other Ryan, and bring in some young camp meat. Let the Glennon ship sail.

Reply to  surferdudes
3 years ago

Kind of with you on Glennon, who has a .273 win percentage at 6-16, right along the range of Colt McCoy, Weeden, Gabbert, etc. Fitz sits at .408 (48-70), funny enough just above Winston who’s at .400 (18-27). For the role of a backup, along with the just the wisdom and experience he cam impart, I like Fitz on a reasonable 1-yr deal (which I believe is all he’s looking for).

Reply to  surferdudes
3 years ago

He won the same two games Winston would have won. How did Fitz do against the next team he played? No to Glennon, too slow on his techniques. Is this going to be another lousey season? So far GM & HC are singing the same song from 20

3 years ago

Agree, bring Fitz back. Not Glennon.

3 years ago

I was a Glennon fan before he came to CHI…
He did get a Brief shot for the Bears, but when a team trades up to get another QB, you have to know the leash is gonna be short. I’d have to stay w/ Fitz at this point.
How much longer can RyanG be a viable option?? Bucs need a PROVEN backup

3 years ago

I have to wonder how smart Dirk Koetter is, at end of the year before last no meaning game for both Bucs and Saints Glazer comes out and says no matter what Dirk is our coach next year win or lose the last game wink wink. with loss Bucs get 3rd pick with win Bucs get the 7th pick, and only a moron could not understand Glazer giving him assurance. Now we fast forward to draft 2018 and with the third pick SAQUON BARKLEY who will probably be the best running back to enter NFL in 20 years will go… Read more »

Reply to  Mike.Seven
3 years ago

For everybody giving me a negative look at the Saquon Barkley youtube from combine and dream about what could have been
but no for these fools running this team

3 years ago

Do. Not. Bring. Glennon. Back.

Buc 1976
3 years ago

Just a thought the Bucs reportedly offered Gleenon 8 million why not see how much it would take to sign Casey K. If Jameis is guilty in the Uber case it maybe a smart move.

3 years ago

Glennon has proved that we can find a better backup QB than him. Please dont bring him back. GO BUCS!!!

Will Moffatt
3 years ago

Since you guys are at the combine, how bad was the Billy Price injury?

3 years ago

Definitely not a fan of bringing Glennon back unless he accepts a deal far less than Fitz. As far as Ryan Griffin, he hasn’t been able to show anything to prove he’s a viable backup. It may be time to cut ties

3 years ago

Ryan Griffin has played in many Preseason Games and does not hold a candle to Fitz, so go ahead and cut him. I knew Glennon was a BUST years ago and have warned about him ever since. His only skill is in the red zone but is a standing target because of his total lack of mobility. He has zero leadership ability and can only throw deep accurately straight down the field. Worse he fades at the end of most games and blows it trying to come back and win. His nerves show! Gets scared during rushes and throws way… Read more »