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    I don’t doubt that Winston will continue to improve. But he needs help! Besides a dependable right and left tackle, a reliable RB might help more than anything. Koetter’s entire offense is built around successfully running the ball!

    Per Jenna Laine, Jaquizz Rodgers remains in a walking boot and has yet to resume practicing. Doug Martin (hamstring) didn’t practice Monday and is also looking doubtful for Week 10.This is where Jason Licht should make bold but not risky moves to salvage the season or we may be headed for another 6-10 season or worst yet 3-13.

    We’re playing with a stable of UDFAs and probably not much production can be expected from this group. IMO, this is nothing from nothing time when raiding a practice squad or two in the dead of night might yield some much needed help. Winston’s former FSU RB Karlos Williams is current rehabbing his career on the Steelers PS and according to rumor had regained his form (released from Bills out of shape and PED suspension).

    A fifth-round pick last season, Williams 6-1, 230, 4.48/40, played in 11 games, starting three. He gained 517 yards on 93 carries and scored seven rushing touchdowns in addition to two receiving touchdowns. No doubt in my mind he’s better than our current stable of emergency roughriders called into duty. Below is the latest info I could find on Williams.

    Go get’im Licht!


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      I agree i think Karlos Williams would be better than what we have now

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      I always like that kid. Worth a shot.

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      There’s little we can do about the roster midway through the season that will make much difference, other than to pick up a guy or two here or there to provide mediocre depth.

      The best we can hope for on the roster is that some of the key guys that are banged up can get back in the lineup – specifically Doug Martin and Jacquizz Rodgers and Russell Shephard on offense, and Clinton McDonald on defense. That isn’t going to be enough to propel us to the playoffs, likely, but we could still end up at or a little above .500 on the season, which would be progress especially if the trendlines in the back half are mostly positive.

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    Macabee, you are spot on. Take some shots at other teams PS. We’re going no where on Defense until we get a pass rush, but we are capable on the Offense in scoring 35-40 points a game with another RB and WR. Go Bucs!

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    We’re at that point in the season where we should be looking at getting better for next year. Had we given Pamphile some of Mankins playing time, we would’ve known we didn’t need a FA RG, who’s yet to see the field.

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      I want to see what Pamphlet can do at LT, anyone but Donovan please

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        ugh auto correct Pamphile

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    macabee, good to see you back with such good intel as usual.
    If the guy is healthy and ready to run I agree with you.

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    Brand G

    I agree with the sentiment to not only raid practice squads but to also sign Karlos Williams. I try to see the reasoning behind each decision made and often convince myself that the front office will supply an abundance of talent for the coaches to develop.
    Winston needs a TE in order to take the offense the next level. I think we should be considering drafting a TE in the early rounds of this years draft.

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      I agree with the need for a quality tight end after losing ASJ, but there are so many personnel needs that are greater needs, it seems unlikely we’ll take one in the first or second day of the 2017 draft. Higher ranked needs include defensive line, both DT and DE; safety (at least one, two more likely); WR, to replace VJ, and at least one speedly slot receiver; and LT all rank higher in need than TE. If Doug Martin doesn’t make a full recovery from his hamstring injury this season, then RB is also going to be very high on the list of urgent needs.

      It may be we could pick up a good TE in free agency, but that’s strictly opportunistic, hit or miss.

      The bottom line is we are still a long way from being an obvious playoff caliber team in terms of roster.

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    What Winston needs most is to improve his accuracy. It doesn’t matter how good your weapons are, if your QB can’t hit them, it doesn’t matter.

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    The Arizona game is completely changing the narrative of Winston’s year. Those 5 turnovers look so much worse than they are. Without those numbers dragging him down, we’d be talking about his progression. Out of the 8 INT’s the first four games, only four are truly on Winston. Let’s break them down:

    1) VJax runs the wrong wroute
    2) Ball bounces off Sims hands
    3) Hail Mary at end of the game
    4) Ball bounces off Sims hands

    So, 17 TD 5 INT looks a helluva lot better in retrospect. That’s why I believe Winston is playing better than his rookie year. I’m not saying he’s made a huge jump, but he’s not as terrible as some people on here want to make it out to be. Yes, he can improve his accuracy. Yes, he needs to start faster. Yes, he heeds to make more clutch throws. But, he’s getting there. Five games above 60% completion rate. Last time I checked 5 > 3. Dirk has also dialed back from throwing 40+ times a game. Winston, the OL and WR can’t handle that high volume. I really hope Dirk continues to roll Winston out of the pocket. Because right now he’s seeing ghosts in the pocket and it’s affecting his accuracy. Taking 5 and 7 step drops with this WR core, is not great.

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      Roots – you’re minimizing Jameis’s two very, very bad games and cherry picking. The truth be told, he performed miserably against both Arizona and Denver, with passer ratings of 39 and 40 points, less than half what most people would consider to be even a half-assed decent performance in the NFL. Of all the quarterbacks those two defenses faced this season – and both are obviously very good defenses – Jameis Winston performed the worst of all, by quite a margin (he produced about 15-20 passer rating points below the average of all quarterbacks those two teams have faced this season to date).

      Now, Jameis’s good games have been very good and should not be minimized either. But to be an elite quarterback Jameis has to eliminate all those very, very, very, very bad games, and while he cannot be expected to produce at better than 100 PR points every game, he ought to be expected to vary between great (110 points or better) and OK (85 points or better). Not between great and horrible.

      That is the essence of the “inconsistency” problem that the writers on this site have noted in Jameis’ second year performance.

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        I’m not minimizing those games. He played very poorly against two of the best defenses in the league. Which was disappointing. I’m just looking at his turnovers & comp %, since that is what EVERYONE harps about as to why he’s terrible. I’ve told you before, Jameis will likely have 1-2 absolute stinkers a year. Just like Favre. Unfortunately, not everyone is Brady.

        And to your point of being consistent, he’s had more good games than bad at the halfway mark. Could he be better? Absolutely. Has that been difficult with what the offense has had to work with and the defenses we faced in the first 4 weeks? Absolutely. Believe me, I’m not minimizing his stinkers. They drive me crazy, because I know he is better than that. He had one against UF in 14. Then he came back and had a brilliant game in the ACC Champ a week later. Point is, he’s been more good than bad this season. I’m just tired of seeing so much negative crap heaped on him. I’ll criticize Jameis when he deserves it. But, I’ll also look at the factors in why he had a bad game. I won’t just automatically praise or criticize him. I like your posts. They are reasonable.



          Personally, I think his timing has been off, in particular with some of the deep balls to Evans which could have been home run plays but he has also thrown some ropes that were just dropped by multiple receivers.



            I truly believe he’s seeing ghosts. Dot & Hawley have allowed so much pressure in his face, that he’s rushing his mechanics. Causing high balls. Coupled with the fact that Dirk has a vertical passing game that calls for 5 & 7 step drops, disaster. OL has to be shored up.



            This reply is actually to Roots.

            It’s apparently not the pressures that are the cause of Jameis’s inaccuracy. He is actually a much more accurate passer this season when he is pressured, as evidenced in the stat splits. It’s really odd, because most quarterbacks are better when they have plenty of time in the pocket. This has been a head scratcher this season with Jameis.

            Is it that when Jameis has a clean pocket and plenty of time, he feels entitled to just chuck it out there and play hero-ball? It’s got to be mental rather than physical. He knows it’s an issue.

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    No doubt Winston needs more help. Our O line needs improvement. LT,center,RT.

    I wonder if his accuracy will contnue to be issue if we get great speed WR on deep routes?

    Anyways Agree on more reliable RB too. Love Martin healthy but it’s getting old never available….

    If you would told me before season started:
    Jackson would suck then get lost for season,ASJ get cut,practically whole D line hurt, lose 4 RB’s,etc I would said that’s not even possible it’s so crazy!!!!

    Oh the life of a Bucs fan…..

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      Agree fredster! You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken spit!

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    Ever tried to throw a football with accuracy with abnormally large men hanging on your legs? You’d throw the ball a little high too! I think the high throws come from Jamesis having to throw the ball before he is ready too. He is trying to make something out of nothing. He doesn’t need to try to win the game on every throw. Also, it appears he continues to take 5-7 step drops. Why not mix in some slant routes and quick throws that draw the DBs up close and perhaps enables them(WRs) to get some separation. Jamesis will be fine. Playing QB in NFL is one of the hardest jobs in professional sports. Give him some more time and surround him with better athletes and protection and I bet we get different results… I’m just saying!

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