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    Very impressive numbers for his size, but LB is the last position we need to worry about at 19. AT least in my opinion. No need to take someone for a position that’ll be on the field about 30% of the time.

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      Why couldn’t he blitz?

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        He could blitz, but are you willing to draft a guy with the 19th overall pick that is literally going to spend a good chunk of every game on the sideline, based just on how much nickle we run? We have Devonte Bond for that role I would assume next year.

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    Hank Scorpio

    Whoever picks Davis is getting a hell of a player and locker room leader. I could see him going to the Dolphins at 22.

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    Indianapolis at 15? Pittsburgh at 30? Does he last until day 2?

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    I have a Draft strategy that I would like to propose.

    This Draft is strong and deep. I believe with a strategy like what I am proposing Bucs could pick up a couple extra players and still pick at 19 or close to it. Basically Bucs should pick the top `10 players that they like that they think might be available around the 19th pick. And then break them up into two groups A group would be Cook, Howard, Davis, Ross and McCaffrey. Group B would be Taco Charlton, Marlon Humphrey, David Njoku, Alivin Kamara, Tre Davius White. ( You don’t have to agree with my choices) My strategy would be after the 17th pick is chosen the Bucs would scan to see how many of Group A are left. If there are three left they would wait until the 18th pick is made and then offer to trade with the Lions knowing that no matter what they would get at one of the players at 21 and pick up an extra 2nd round player. IF by some bizarre chance that all of the players are gone, They would pick who they like out of group B. If all 5 are left, they would try the same strategy with anyone within 4 picks from 18. knowing that they will definitely get one of the second group. They would then try the same strategy with the 2nd round.

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      seat26 – I imagine that Jason Licht probably has developed his own strategy that quite possibly is similar to what you describe.

      The Bucs’ advantage in this draft is that (1) we have no emergency position needs today, and (2) the draft is so deep in so many different positions that going with a near-pure BPA approach really can’t lose, as long as Licht has done his homework on those on his list, which I expect that he has done.

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        As long as the BPA is not a linebacker or QB.



          I doubt that any of the QB’s rate that high. Actually if it weren’t for need, I wonder if any of this QB crop would go in the first round. Linebacker has plenty of good players to choose but we really could go without one. But with all the receivers, Tight ends, and running backs we could get two of each and still pick a DE in there somewhere.

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    Buc 1976

    In our division all teams score alot so if Bucs go Defence in rd one IMO not a bad move. Second Rd will still have many WR,RB and TE’S. The backup situations​ are thin in some areas and injuries happen, so if we do trade down for more picks it should help in the long run.

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    Davis’s numbers are pretty good, except the for the 23 reps on the bench. That’s weak, especially for a linebacker his size. This tells me he’s a finesse player, and someone who relies on speed and quickness and not necessarily his strength. We need some bull rushers on defense. Some guys who can knock a blocker off his feet on his way to sacking the QB.

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    Depending on how the picks fall you never know when “Best available,” may be your best call. I’ve seen some weird things happen over the years. This Davis kid may be the Buc’s best pick in Rd 2 or he may fall to Rd 3 and be a great value investment. We won’t know until we are on the clock in less than a month from now.

    Not to change the subject, but has anyone heard anything about J Smiths visit to the 49’ers?
    That may have a real impact on what we do in the draft.

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