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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Save your resources to get your next quarterback in the 2019 draft.

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      Winston has produced so the hype comment is silly… but the action makes a ton of football sense. If you can get Bridgewater for a 3rd or later pick (?), he represents a reasonable insurance policy against any more off-field incidents from Winston. Bridgewater appears to have recovered enough to at least get another chance to start. He’ll only get it here long term if Winston implodes but if he gets it somewhere else in 2019 we’ll likely get a compensatory pick to offset all/some of what it costs to get him. Insurance or a little more motivation for Winston to man up mentally off the field; and at a reasonable cost… why not? Go get him! Please.

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    Buc-n-Philly Fan

    Pile on haters. We have broad shoulders. This is going to galvanize this Team and make them better. This Team and Winston will step up and quiet the naysayers.

    1. 2.1


      +1 couldn’t put it better myself.

    2. 2.3


      4 years and counting and still waiting for Winston to quiet all us “naysayers”. Mariota led his Titans to the playoffs last year with a much less talented team. Winston leads the NFL in turnovers just like he did in college. How many more years are you stubborn Noles fans willing to allow the Buccaneers to be the laughing stock of the NFL waiting to prove us wrong? 5,6,7,8, -10 more years???? any day now I am sure!

      1. 2.3.1


        Mariota had a running game, oline, and defense though, and how well did he play last year?

      2. 2.3.2


        And the dumbest comment of this article goes to…….edster. Congratulations! You’ve reached a whole new level of stupid. First off Jameis Winston did NOT lead the NFL in TO’s last year. Secondly, Mariota led his team to the playoffs? He threw for a whopping 215 yards a game last year, with an amazing 62% comp perc, a staggering 7.1 YPA, a pro bowl worthy 79 QB Rating, with an incredible 13 TD’s vs 15 INT’s. Mariota might have had the worst season ever by a QB of a playoff team. So let’s see. In the 11 games JW played start to finish last year, let’s compare per game numbers. 307 y/g vs 215. 64.3% vs 62%. 8.2 YPA vs 7.1. A 95.6 QB Rating or a 79 QB Rating. A 1.73 TD/INT ratio vs a miserable 0.87. Marcus Mariota is your shining example of the NFL being a team sport. Top 5 running game, top 5 OLine, a league average defense, and a competent kicker, and you’re a playoff team no matter who your QB is. Last ranked defense, bottom 5 running game, horrendous kicker, and below average OLine, and you’re NOT a playoff team no matter who your QB is. You might be the most uneducated football fan I’ve ever seen. If it’s not you, it’s Mike Seven. But man is it close

  3. 3


    Yeah well i’d say that Mike Lombardi is more of a pandering idiot than an actual analyst. I mean really, Jameis missed 3&3/4 games and played several games while injured, yet still managed to be more productive than Both Marcus Mariota and Dak Prescott. He also did that with the worst defense in the NFL, an awful running game, and an O-line which was lousy for most of the 2017 season.

    If anything I see this incident as kind of a blessing in disguise. Because now while be able to get a discount when, not if, we resign Jameis to a long term deal. I’m thinking around 6-7 years at around 18 million per season, with incentives for reaching the playoffs/winning the Super Bowl.

    1. 3.2


      True…never really thought about it that way but the discount on Winston will help a lot with all the guys coming up on new contracts

  4. 5


    This is getting out of hand now. Come on now, when you have Adrian Peterson rushing for 2000 yards, you really don’t have to do much. They did even keep him in Minnesota, they signed Trevor Siemian, who is below average at best at QB. Teddy is no where near the player he used to be and that was obvious when he played in the last game.

  5. 6


    Well he was hyped as a winner coming out of college and has a losing record, so yeah he is more hype than producer.

    1. 6.1


      And Mariota was hyped as somebody who doesnt turn the all over pink, you think the titans should get rid of him, or does your “proffesional” analysis not count that?

      1. 6.1.1


        Well, Mariota got his team to the playoffs, and then won a playoff game …. 9-6 last year (15 starts) vs. 3-10 last year (13 starts) …. and better stats than Winston last year too (Total QBR of 54.9 vs. 51.9) and also rated far higher by PFF than Winston based on film analysis.

        Virtually the whole NFL world outside of Bucs and Noles homers rates Marcus Mariota as a significantly better quarterback and as a much better “face of the franchise” than Jameis Winston.

        And Winston automatically spots Mariota a minumum of three games this season. More if Winston continues to act in character as a misogynist abuser.

        These are facts.



          You’re facts are false. Mariota got carried to the playoffs in a year where he threw for more interceptions than touchdowns. He got dragged into the postseason kicking and screaming by a dominant O-line/Running game, and an over achieving defense inside of an easy division with 2 injured starting QB’s.

          Go be a Nashville fan.



            The facts I cited are incontrovertable facts. Lookem up … don’t take my word for it. The bottom line is the bottom line. Many more wins, better stats, better game film, more starts, and no suspensions for bad behavior. All facts that cannot be denied. And no, I have never been a Titand fan, and increasingly I have become less and less of a Bucs fan ever since the Baby Glazers took over from theur dad, made a series if very bad decisions, and mostly ruined the Bucs, making the franchise only slightly more competent over the lst decade than the Cleveland Browns, as measured by longest playoff droughts in the league.

            Oh, and take your Jameis fanboyism and stick it up your ass where it belongs.



            I’ve been a Buc Fan for 30 years and a season ticket holder and care a LOT about this team. stop telling fans to go elsewhere simply because you disagree. The truth is very close to what Naples said. Here are some facts from last last year, same roster, same bad D, same O-line. Fitz 2-1, Winston 3-10. IF Winston is REALLY that good, could he not win more than 3 fo 10??? Bottom line, his recklessness on and off the field cost us games. Whether or not you like Mariotta- here is an UNDENIABLE fact, Winston leads the NFL in TOTAL TO’s since he entered the league. Interceptions only tell PART of the story.



            BucNut2, dude I know you’re simple self from the toxic cesspool that is the JBF comment section, and that you’ve been biased against Winston from the get go.

            You know what other QB lead the league in total turnovers for years? I’ll give you a hint, by the end of his career he had won a Lombardi trophy and had his name next to every passing record in the book. I’ll save you the hassle of having to use your brain.

            That QB was Brett Favre. A QB Jameis has been compared to by numerous well respected analysts. And one that I consider to be pretty darn close. Regardless, Winston did not make this team go 5-11 last season. He had the team in position to win several games, enough for us to have gone 8-8 at least, only for the Defense to choke it away.

            Much like the President of the U.S. (not the current one specifically just in general), the NFL QB tends to get a disproportionate amount of credit when things are going well, and an equally disproportionate amount of blame when things are not. At least to the average simpleton such as yourself.

            Any Football fan worth his salt knows that a winning team doesn’t start and stop with one man. It takes a cohesive unit of men. Jameis Winston has done more in the NFL than any other QB at his Age. If he continues his trend of staying healthy (2 outta 3 years not missing a snap is pretty good), he could easily go down owning numerous passing record’s and at least 1 SB ring. Even Bill Polian thinks so.



          Sorry Naples, but no facts you cite can twist what Schwifty9 just said. Unless you think Mariota’s stat line last year was anywhere close to what a playoff caliber QB should be producing.

          Your cherry picking is incredibly obvious.



            not only that, but he’s also blatantly wrong about the actual numbers. there’s a long post in moderation where i debunk every single one of his points, but the links i provided to prove what i’m talking about flagged the moderation bot.



          Well said. You are about to get blasted by the homers you just called out. VERY few people outside of the Bay area consider Winston anything more that a mediocre on the field QB. ONLY Buc and Nole fans pull the B.S. stats card. Winston was sold as a winner whose off the field issues were trumped up charges by gold-digging haters. Well now, not so much. Hopefully CG and others will take off their Garnett colored glasses. Thank you for being a TRUE bucs fans and having get courage to speak the truth to the less informed.



          Don’t forget Winston’s turnovers! Mariota had very few turnovers in college while Winston had I believe the most! Nothing has changed! I’d much rather take an average QB like Bridgewater over a gun slinger who is just as likely to give the opposing team a touchdown interception as he is to score one.



          The amount of morons that post in these articles is mind numbing. So really Naples? You literally picked the only stat on the planet that Mariota beat Winston in last year. Completion %, Winston. Yards per game, Winston. YPA, Winston. TD’s passes( in 3.5 less games) Winston. Int %, Winston. TD/INT ratio, Winston. QB Rating(the better metric to rate QB’s) Winston by almost 10 points. Marcus Mariota is absoltely horrible. There’s never been a better example of football being a team sport, than the 2017 Titans. They won all year despite him. And saying that every person In the world thinks Mariota is better, is so insane I don’t know what to do but laugh. Name names. Find me all these people that think MM is better. Don’t be the tool we know you are and say “oh everyone says he’s better”. List names and links. Because I’ve legit not heard anyone say that. Especially in the last year. All the MM supporters finally got to see what he really is last year. A league average game manager that can’t throw for shit. Put a spy out there for him, and that’s the end of that

      2. 6.1.2


        I laughed out loud cgmaster ! Yeah it must be all on JW that he has a losing record. Yeah it’s his fault that the first 2 years in the league he was throwing to a HOF pass catching group of Dantae Dye Jr, Freddy Martino, Cecil Shorts, Russell Shepard, Brandon Myers, Adam Humphries, Louis Murphy, Josh Huff, Alan Cross, And Luke Stocker. It must also be his fault that he had a bottom 5 running game 2 of his 3 seasons. It must also be his fault that he had one of the worst defenses I’ve ever seen last year, that kept JW constantly playing from behind, and constantly in predictable play calling mode. It must also be JW fault that the Bucs have had arguably the worst FG unit in the league in his 3 seasons. And it must Also be his fault that he’s had horrible play calling from his OC since he’s been in the league. Yeah all those things are all his fault. Yeah you’re right, what was I thinking



          Well said, NOT! How about Winston leading eh NFL in TOTAL TO’s since he entered the NFL. Please guys, just stop, the bottom line is the guy is a loser on and off the field. All of you defenders are making yourselves look really bad to objective observers. Are you smarter about football than Pat Kirwan, Bill Polian, etc?? I doubt it.



            He also led the NFL in turnovers! So his total TO’s are pointless if his pick sixes are also the heighest!



            You can’t fix stupid. Some of these fans must live in Pasco and obviously doing too much drugs it has deteriorated their brains. Winston was and always will be a liability in Turnovers and off the field issues! Period! If these fans insist on keeping him don’t cry when our Buccs continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL! Keep eating those imaginary “W’s” let me know how they taste!

  6. 7


    We will need an experienced replacement for Fitz eventually and I think if we could get Bridgewater at a reasonable price we should do so but it will take time for him to master our total offense. That way also if Jameis ever gets banned we can make Bridgewater our starter. Getting a QB in the draft will not give us a NFL ready QB. Look at Chicago’s Trubisky who was thrown into service his first year and he is still learning. He will be good once he gets more experience but our fans are not going to wait years for a rookie to turn into a top NFL QB! Fitz needs to start our first three games irregardless. Unless Jameis is so distracted by his drop in status that his performance falls off, I think he will perform a lot better this year with all the improvements to this year’s team, and we should offer him a long term contract with no guaranteed money and cheaper than other teams but with incentives but also a clause that if suspended by the NFL his contract is voided.

    1. 7.1


      Well stated owl,now when you out it that way, it makes more sense. Good to have a young security blanket for Jameis should something happen Including injury.

    2. 7.2


      Bridgewater seems a plausible option, but whether he is pursued by the Bucs is up to Licht and to a lesser extent Koetter. Possibly the baby Glazers may weigh in if they want to start hedging their bets on Winston. We’ll just have to wait and see. Also, it is not clear that Bridgewater will ever be the player he was anticipated to be when drafted. His gruesome injury could prevent that.

    3. 7.3


      Well said! Brining in competition is a no brainer

  7. 8


    Can I just say how nice it is not reading mikesevens babble anymore? Fake ass fan.

    1. 8.1



      Yes, he did it on every post, and he recycle the same line.

    2. 8.2


      But in his place we have the reincarnation of Naplesfan.

      1. 8.2.1

        Buc-n-Philly Fan

        They are probably the same person. Neither of them can spell and they both have the same lame takes. THEY are definitely not true Bucs fans!!

  8. 9


    I agree, Winston is consistently inconsistent on and off the field. Does anybody remeber the brawl He started in New Orleans or how bout flipping out on the sidleine in Carolina pushing staff members ? He shows flashes of greatness but then he always does something stupid. Jameis can not be trusted, Fathers would you trust him around you daughter ? I am sorry I dont trust him on a 3 and 3.

  9. 10


    Sikkema is just trolling Buc fans. Sure Winston may just be hype but Bridgewater? Give me a break Trevor. The guy was barely average before his injury. Now you want the Bucs to get him? Get out of here.

    1. 10.1


      +1 perfect. Even if you don’t believe in Winston, it’s hard to believe that anyone would think Bridgewater is the answer.

    2. 10.2


      Charlie on what basis do you think Winton is anything BUT average?

  10. 11


    what has bridgewater done in this league to be so coveted? like jameis or not, trade or get another QB or not – Bridgewater and his injury history is not the answer. i would darn near give freebase a try before bridgewater

  11. 12


    Wouldn’t waste a pick on Teddy, even though I loved the guy in MN. Vikes know him best and let him go. Jets saw enough that they drafted Darnell and resigned McCowan. In Tampa he’s at best a third stringer. And he does nothing but distract the team by starting an unnecessary QB controversy with a guy that won’t be able to play for another year or so. Building insurance into the roster at this point is a fool’s errand. Best bet for the Bucs is to see where things shake out at the end of the season. And if we need to make a change, then I’d go get a veteran in a trade or free agency, no interest in drafting a guy that will take years to prove out if he does at all.

    1. 13.1


      Not what Schlerreth said….

  12. 14


    Naples fan, what stats are you looking at?
    3,232 yards, 13 TDS, 15 ints, 79.3 rating
    3,504 yards, 19 TDS, 11 ints, 92.2 rating
    Sorry dude but nice try.

    1. 14.1


      Thank you. Even when you factor in Rushing yards and Rushing TD’s Winston still comes out on top by about 100 over-all yards and 2 TD’s.

    2. 14.2


      How about TOTAL TOs? PLEASE, Winston is a TO machine.

    3. 14.3


      Skipper, Naples is a clown. There’s nothing else that needs to be said. He looked through both their stats and found the ONLY stat that Mariota was better than Jameis in…….QBR lol well there ya have it folks. Mariota beat Winston in the one stat nobody cares about, QBR. You can’t make this stuff up

  13. 15


    I wonder how Bridgewater’s knee is these days. I think he’s a good young QB that would be an asset on the Buc’s roster, for the right price. Nothing wrong with depth at the most important position on the field.

  14. 16

    Mike Wright

    Peior to his injury, Bridgewater has proven he can play consistently in the NFL. I’d even go as far to say..Yes, he’s a better player than Jameis. But he is..damaged goods and nobody knows if he’s yet fully recovered. I would inquire about him though. Jameis needs to be pushed. He’s going into his 5th season. Gotta play better.

    1. 16.1


      Well said and spot on Mike

      1. 16.1.1


        Well said, spot on? Lol yeah that’s not a biased person talking. Bridgewater sucks. He has about as much upside as my 3 year old. In 30 career games, he has 28 TD vs 22 INT’s. A whopping 205 yards/game. 7.2 YPA, and an 86 QB Rating. The only stats TB beats Jameis in is completion percentage, and barely beats him in INT%. Oh yeah, he’s just a flat out stud Teddy B. Lol yeah let’s cut Jameis and pick up a league average QB, who is one of the most brittle players in the league. They’re all coming out of the wood works now

  15. 17


    Teddy Bridge water? Are [email protected]#$ing kidding me? The guy might be useful as backup but he less of a franchise solution than Winston. Michael Lombardi needs a hobby if he’s serious.

    I’m not a Winston fan at this point but there is no point downgrading at the position over this. We should have traded or drafted one before this season but that time has passed. We will need to act at the end of this season unless Winston knocks it out the park and brings his turnovers to something close to average.

  16. 18


    Teddy has played two years of average football with a good team around him, statistically Winston is much more impressive. I would also suggest that there is no QB Former or present that could have led the Bucs to the playoffs last season. Teams do not win with poor offensive line play, no running game and probably the worst defense in the NFL.

  17. 19


    bucs …please honor the season tkt holders along with the team … cut Winston

    1. 19.1


      You have to be a special kind of ignorant fan to actively want to get rid of the best QB this franchise has ever had. Any informed Bucs fan should remember exactly what happened when we got rid of Doug Williams and Steve Young.

      1. 19.1.1


        So far Winston is only an average qb ,not the best qb the bucs ever had . That may change but with all the weapons ,not so far. (why the name calling ? )



          No dude. Throwing for 4k Yards and 20 plus Touchdowns in your Rookie and Sophmore seasons, as well as missing the playoffs due to a tiebreaker in 2016 are not average.

          Jameis certainly hasn’t reached the status of Elite QB, but without question he is above average. Steve Young wasn’t the player here that he became in SF, nor was Doug Williams. And if you honestly think that Brad Johnson was a better QB than Jameis, you’re wrong.

          If Jameis had the Defense and Running game that Johnson had, he’d prolly have 2-3 rings by now.



            He’s not above average he’s average. When you factor in the Bucs have one the best receiving offenses in the league you could even argue he’s below average.

            Is he better than Bridgewater, sure but that’s not saying much either.



            He’s easily above average when you factor in that he’s had a bottom 3 running game 2 outta 3 years, and bottom 3 defense 2 outta 3 years, as well as a below average offensive line.



            Btw, the only year you could even argue we had an elite group of pass catchers was last season. That also happened to be the year where his throwing shoulder was injured, as well as the year we had THE worst defense in the league.

            Idk how people like you can just ignore stuff like that.



          Jlog, he’s had exactly ONE season with a great pass catching group. Last year. And shocking he played very well when he was healthy. If you take the 11 games he played start to finish, he was on a 16 game pace for the following numbers: 4900 yards, 64.3 %, 8.2 YPA, 28 TD’s vs 16 INT, and a 95.6 QB Rating. Which is elite territory. The first 2 seasons he had a HOF pass catching group of: Mike Evans, Freddy Martino, Dontae Dye Jr, Cecil Shorts, Josh Huff, Russell Shepard, Louis Murphy, Adam Humphries, Brandon Myers, Luke Stocker, and Alan Cross. There are division 1 college teams with a better pass catching group than Winston had to throw to his first 2 seasons. Yet Jameis was expected to perform miracles. Last year he finally had weapons, and when healthy, he absolutely produced at an elite level. The stats I just listed prove that

  18. 20


    There is no question Winston is the best selection for the Bucs this point in time. I’m willing to give him another chance and he has this season to make it happen. Go Bucs!

  19. 21


    I love this team and I understand staying positive but lets be honest.

    This team, nay,this organization does NOT handle adversity well. To say that this whole Winston thing is gonna pull this team together and fuel them to greatness is blowing rainbows up your own ass. When things get bad in Tampa, they get WORSE. Am I the only one that’s been watching this team the last 15 years?

    I say, get Bridgewater. Not to put Jameis on notice. I wouldn’t even start him over Fitz unless Tedy lights it up in camp. I say get him because its low risk for us, and could help us down the road. Its the kind of insurance move that the good teams make. You know, franchises that win,and know what it takes?

    Stay committed to Winston but make him earn his pay after all this nonsense.

    Start Fitz for 3 games.

    Sign Bridgewater and just let him ride the pine unless he throws 40 TDs in the preseason.

    Ride Rojo and a nasty Defensive line to a 2-1 record, then plug jameis back in and start forgetting all this shit ever happened.

    1. 21.1


      Forget the 2-1 start. Even with Winston, we get DESTROYED the first 3 games. I’m jus hoping the games are competitive

  20. 22


    Yeah Mariota took the titans to the playoffs. Lol. He was the QB but his stats and play wasn’t that great at all. Titans had much better run game and defense but you want to say the qb does it all Naples? Nonsense.

    Also If Bridgewater was so great and his knee is healthy now why let him go????? Give me a break. Just like Mariota, RG111, Teddy will be another mobile QB that cant stay healthy or do much. Russell Wilson is only exception to me.

  21. 23

    Freeman Strickland

    As Bridgewater has not faced contact since his injury, do not spend anything over a late round draft pick for him; the risk is too great. If he makes it to the waiver wire, by all means, pick him up for free and give him a try.

  22. 24

    Honey Bear

    What’s the asking price for Teddy B? Would the Jets be willing to take Winston for TB5 straight up? Winston in NYC, what can go wrong???

    It’s time to move on from Winston. If we can get TB5 for a 4th rd pick, do it. That’s a low price and at worst he’s a depth piece for whatever FA we acquire or QB we draft next year.

  23. 26


    You would think that JW committed murder. He didn’t, at worst his ‘grazed’ over Kate. There is no evidence, no proof, no Kate pictures. Something tells me there’s a reason for that, and its not in Kate’s favor.
    All we have is her BS and heir Roger Goodell saying ‘kate was ‘consistent and credible’ – coming froma guy who is an idiot, and not consistent nor credible.

    Its a nothing burger. I was not in favor of drafting JW – I wanted D lineman. We went for JW and we have the WORST D ranked by far in the league. No pass rush, fewest sacks, most yds allowed etc… Oh and piss poor OL; along with no running game.

    Despite that and playing injured and missing 3/4 games JW had a Very Good season. And people want to get rid of him? Media is a joke.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  24. 27

    Mr. Incredible

    I don’t know that Bridgewater is the answer, but I do know that I’ve had a very hard time being a Bucs fan since we drafted JW. I always thought he would end up in trouble again, but beyond that, he’s just very hard to take seriously. Even if he somehow recovers his dignity after this latest fiasco, I just don’t like him as our QB. Give me Teddy or, say, Russel Wilson.. the sooner we move on the better.

  25. 28


    Apparently the Pewter Report folks have cut Mike Seven and replaced him/her with the former, “refused to report”, Naplesfan. Good grief! The bias from folks under the guise of “realism” and their twist and cherry-picking of statistics to suit their agenda, is nauseating. Sometimes I wonder if the people writing comments have even witnessed a game or even know what they are seeing between beers.

    I just can’t believe there are actually Bucs fans still trying to cite their preference for Mariota. Who cares? So now they point out how he took the Titans to the playoffs with total disregard to the Tennessee team’s far superior running game, defense and kicking. Then fail to consider comparing the dominant NFC South to the weak AFC South in which MM resides. It’s a team game, not a pitchers duel.

    In my mind BOTH have too many turnovers. The difference is the team surrounding MM has the means to overcome his mistakes. Sadly, when Winston puts his team in a position to win, the kicker misses the FG or the defense retreats.

    Get over it guys, MM is a Titan and Winston is here…….and for a long time. Tennessee is a nice place. Go ahead, pack up the U-Haul. Stay away from banjo picking in the woods. Y’all come back now! Oh, and “Bless your heart.”

    1. 28.1


      After all these comments finally some real sense. 2 and a half years ago he made a mistake while drinking. Simply put, if he screw up again, he won’t be here any more. MM doesn’t play here. Who cares now. Now it’s all on Winston going forward with his career.

  26. 29


    Did any one notice Michael Lombardi got 1,440. likes to his post get new QB in Tampa
    Maybe the 5 die hard Winston fans here on Pewter have there head in the sand

  27. 30


    Character and dependability were the main reasons I lobbied for Mariota over Winston. Sorry to be proven right.

  28. 31


    Yeah a qb in his third year has more interceptions than touchdowns. And didn’t even average a touchdown a game. Yet he is better than Jameis Winston. Some of you guys are idiots. It is a team game. The titans went to the playoffs despite Mariota. Just like the bucs had a losing record despite Jameis Winston. Is it annoying that he does some bone headed plays and turns the ball over yes. But when he gets in the two minute drill it is magical. I have Sunday ticket and I watched titans games. If you think winston has accuracy issues watch a titans game. Mariota was constantly sailing balls over receivers head on simple out routes were they were by nfl standards wide open. They are both average at best qbs right now. But any body who actually watches the titans games instead of looking at stats can see jameis is the far superior talent to Mariota. Mariota will always be a 3500 yards 15 tds qb. Winston has the capability of 5000 and 30 year in and year out. You guys all forget how young jameis is. These are his learning years. This year or next it will all click and the league is in trouble. And all you haters will be the guys screaming at the tunnel for jameis to throw you his jock strap. And bragging g on every nfl site how great he is. And you never doubted him.

  29. 32


    So PM of Canada is ACCUSED of groping – denies it but admits what he did may have made victim uncomfortable.
    – And he’s still standing – not leaving – not suspended

    YET Chicken Little heir Roger Goodell needs to make an example of a no evidence, no proof, BS story by some Uber driver that in her first text was ‘he grazed his fingers’ for 3-5 seconds – and stopped when requested – IF YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT
    I don’t. So heir Roger Goodell suspends instead of acts strong and says – no evidence, no criminal charges – nothing to go on – instead he has a federal investigation into nothing and suspends on nothings – what a court jester idiot.

    JW was rail roaded.

  30. 34


    A parting message for CGmaster
    If ever I am down in the dumps sad and need something to brighten my mood to
    make me laugh and smile and be full of cheer!
    I watch the You tube video
    Sound of silence of Hillary Clinton supporters crying election night.


  31. 35


    More hype then producer? He played in 11 games last year. Really it was 13 but he was injured in two of them and didnt finish the games. Of those two injured games he went 7 of 13 for 67 yards against the saints no int no tds and 5 of 10 61 yards no tds no ints against the cardinals. So scrap those two games. Of the other 11 games he played he threw for 3376 with 19 touchdowns and 11 INTs for a passer rating of 92.2. His passer rating has improved by every year and those numbers in 11 games are pretty damn good especially considering he was dealing with the shoulder injury throughout the year. I believe in the producer here

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