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Hollywood star Matt Damon is still a huge Tom Brady fan even though the star quarterback now plays for the Tampa Bay Bucs. In an interview with Dan Patrick, Damon, who hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts outside of Boston and is a New England Patriots fan, said he would root for Brady (and the Bucs) over the Patriots in a Super Bowl match-up.

Damon even ended the interview with Patrick by saying, “Go Bucs.”

Brady retweeted the clip posted by the Dan Patrick Show on Twitter with a GIF of Damon saying from a movie, “How You Like Them Apples?”

The Bucs actually play the Patriots in New England in Week 4 of the 2021 regular season in the return of Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski to face their former team. Brady played 20 years for the Patriots, winning six Super Bowls with the organization. Gronkowski played nine years in New England and won three Super Bowls before retiring in 2019.

When Brady joined the Bucs in free agency in 2020, he was able to lure Gronkowski out of retirement and Tampa Bay was able to trade for the five-time Pro Bowler. Together they won another Super Bowl in their first season with the Bucs last February. Brady was the MVP of Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium, throwing three touchdown passes. Gronkowski caught Brady’s first two scoring strikes.

This isn’t the first time Damon, who is personal friends with Brady, has sided with the seven-time Super Bowl champion over head coach Bill Belichick and Damon’s hometown Patriots. Damon recently went on the Bill Simmons podcast.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady Photo by: USA Today

“It’s not even a bandwagon. I love Tom,” Damon said on The Bill Simmons Podcast, noting that he watched every Bucs game last season. “I love him. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime athlete for all of us who were lucky enough to be able to follow his entire career. I’m riding it all the way to the end. It’s not a bandwagon. I’m all in on that guy. I don’t, you know, the Patriots … I don’t … I’m following Tommy. Like I just, I want to see — I’m just so … the fact that he did that last year on a torn MCL? I mean just stop it, you know what I mean? It’s just awesome. It’s such a great story.”

“I was always a believer — you know, everybody does the ‘Was it Belichick or was it Brady?’ Belichick’s an amazing coach, but I never doubted that it wasn’t Brady. Yeah, because he’s on the field playing the game.”

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1 month ago

That’s because he’s a putz, a true Fairweather fan. I don’t root for anyone but my Bucs through thick and thin.

Reply to  76bucsfan46
1 month ago

Wife and I are going to the Bucs-Patriots game in Foxborough. It will be interesting to see how many Patriot fans are wearing Bucs Brady or Gronk jerseys. We’ll be wearing ours just to shove it up their asses.

I remember the time we actually had Bucs season ticket holders rooting for the Redskins (before they couldn’t come up with a new name) at a preseason game because former Gator Steve Spurrier was the head coach.

1 month ago

That’s hilarious. I would never root for anyone but my Bucs as well but we’ve also never had anyone homegrown like Brady that would test the loyalty. The difference also is that Damon and Brady are friends, like good friends, so you can’t fault him for wanting to stick with his Buddy who got mistreated by his former team. I worked with a guy at the fire Dept here in Tampa that will never be a Bucs fan again because he played Semi-Pro football previously and had a ton of friends on the Bucs in the Culverhouse days that got… Read more »

Reply to  Spitfire
1 month ago

Well, unlike Matt, we don’t know any of the Bucs players personally or hang with them in our off hours either. That changes the scope of things but as a regular fan I agree with the two of you. I root for the Bucs as a whole, not just one player.

1 month ago

I don’t even watch other teams and games not involving the Bucs! Who has that kind of time. I watch the Bucs, all 20 now 21 games. I might watch a Monday night or Thursday night game once in a while but I’m strictly a long time Buc fan. Would rather spend time with the fam than watching other games, at least until playoffs come around. About the heat, it’s been here forever. Every Bucs team has had to deal with it. Some coaches and teams dealt with it better than others. I recall Ray Perkins and his 3x a… Read more »

Reply to  bucballer
1 month ago

Don’t forget when Perkins moved the team to the east side facing the sun so he could demonstrate their toughness. Didn’t Charlie almost kick his ass?

1 month ago

When Brooks worked out for the Saints…when Sapp left to Oakland…When Lynch left to Denver…When Jamie’s went to N.O.( ok, that last one was a joke). Never failed to ONLY root for the Bucs. Whether it’s business or personal, any player that leaves isnt more important than the ship.

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg