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    Thanks, but I’ll take Jameis anytime over Cam. We will have to wait until both careers are complete before a full comparison, but I’ll take our guy. Oh, speaking of Mike Smith; If there is any silver lining to the recent playoff downturn… Hopefully, that means that we have another year of Smitty running the D.

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    SO Mccoy is saying we need an egotistical child who throws his towel over his head and puts when things don’t go his way? I’d be inclined to heavily disagree with Mccoy.

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    Newton is very full of himself and pouts when he screws up which is no motivator for the rest of his teammates. Winston is a leader and helps his players dig harder to find a way.

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    Newton is on Raheem’s “emotional roller coaster”. When everything is going his way he’s doing his Superman antics and when things go bad he pouts. I’ll take Jameis’ brand of passion.

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    McCoy loves everyone. He’s never said a bad word about anybody. He said this year has been special, really? Your star running back just got popped, and the team is on a 2 game skid that put you out of the playoffs. As long as Gerry’s having fun, and the check clears, I guess that’s special. I’d trade him for a starting wideout, and a second rounder. This kind of everythings hunky dory attitude by your star defensive lineman should be unacceptable in the locker room. Sometimes it looks like it took over another star L. David.

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      Your expectations are warped. You dislike great performers on the field who also appreciates the guys he competes against and who is an outstanding sportsman on and off the field. I’d trade you as a Bucs fan for just about anybody else.

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    The commenters here have whiffed on the meaning of this post and McCoys comments, which have exactly zilch, nada, nothing to do with any comparison between Cam Newton and Jameis Winston. That was not the point at all.

    This post is about Cam Newton, period … what it takes to defend against him, the respect that he had earned in multiple seasons in the league and as last years MVP of the league. The fact that he is an iconoclast is part of what Gerald McCoy likes and admires in Newton. Yes, we do need iconoclasts in the NFL – we need people who are outspoken, who are characters, who are not afraid to depart from the standard mold, and who earned the right to be that way by their performance on the field.

    Without characters like that in the league, it would be very boring. I remember exactly the same kinds of criticisms launched against Cam by fans of the teams he’s routinely beaten like a drum on the field – including Bucs fans here – being directed to other iconoclasts like Joe Namath, Ken Stabler, and Jim McMahon. Outside of the ranks or quarterbacks, there’s been others like Terrel Owens with his infamous sharpie-signed football; Richard Sherman with his loud mouth and in-your-face style.

    These are players whose fans love to love them, and the fans of the teams they routinely beat love to hate them. The NFL is full of all types, and the more diversity in style and personality the better. Especially when they back it up with performance on the field.

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    Buc 1976

    Cam is a great player but not so much a team guy! Where as Winston is such a team player. I think next year Jamis will show alot more as a franchise QB such as bringing team back in 4th Qt for wins!

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