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    I watched the Bears/Minnesota game and the Bears played like they had no respect for the Vikings running game.
    If we can get Martin back in and get him started, that will take a lot of pressure off of Winston and the offensive line.
    People can complain about Donovan Smith’s blocking last week, but the Falcons pretty much played us like the Bears played the Vikings for the same reason.
    Makes for a long day at the office when you have a guy not playing the run lined up against you the whole game.

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    The Must Game. This team has to get much tougher on defense. It’s up to the coaches to help them.

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    This is more like a “if we don’t win this Sunday, it’s really time to start looking at the draft” game. I thought the “must win” was last week against the falcons but we screwed the pooch on that one to keep it consistent with our wonderful record at home. I say this because the next sets on our schedule include:Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers, Cowboys, Saints (twice in 3 weeks) and the Panthers. Seahawks are playing good ball and everyone knows what the Cowboys are doing. The Chiefs 6-2, Chargers are no slouch. Saints are playing well as of late 4-4 and the Panthers will have Cam Newton playing in our next contest with them. Other than the Bears, does anyone see anyone on this schedule we would outscore based on how the defense has been playing?

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    It’s a must win. No way around it. Lose this game, and even getting to 6 wins is a lot more difficult. Lose this game and it’s likely a 5-11 year. Lose this game and it’s 3 straight home losses. Lose this game and the fans will be completely done. I’m so tired of the Bucs losing. I know we’re not a good team. Injuries haven’t helped obviously, but we absolutely have to win games against other bad teams. I remember thinking about two weeks ago “this game should put us at 5-4. Maybe 6-3!” LOL. I hope the D comes to play and the offense does enough to win. God we need this W.

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    The mood is getting less and less down in the dumps after the home losses pile up. I used to be upset until Wednesdays, now I’m over it by the next day. The community is becoming more and more apathetic. Sad when Scubog, after 40 years of never missing a home game or leaving early, looks less and less forward to going to the game. My always upbeat mood goes through the typical cycle.

    1.)There’s always an initial optimism even in the face of overwhelming odds.
    2.) Lately the Bucs have played well in the first half which causes my excitement to build albeit somewhat reserved.
    3.) In the third quarter the mood swings to the opponent as their fans sense a resurgence and begin taking over our home turf. Scubog knows all too well what is on the horizon. The excitement wanes.
    4.) The Bucs then make an attempt to right the ship which ignites those of us still left in the stands wearing red. A smile of hope returns.
    5.) The words to an old song, “he builds you up just to let you down” come to mind when the dagger of defeat is inserted into our hearts. The end is near. Just get it over with.
    6.) Now in full death spiral Scubog is subjected to the enemy dancing in the streets while chanting, in this case, “Let’s go Bears!” The “In stadium experience” , which is so surreal that an “out of body experience” will be rather ordinary.

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    I haven’t had much fun at a home game in 3 years really. Go there expecting to lose and they do. What used to be high point of my week is just now excuse to get out of the house and use seats I paid over 10K for. Lol.

    Its a must win for sure. Looking at rest of the schedule and the way this team has played so far this is best chance to not only win at home, but to win period.

    Sound negative? Don’t really care it’s how I see it. Hope I’m wrong. If I didn’t care I’d just sell my tickets to Bears fans. Lol.

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    And yes Scubog when we come out second half it’s just an ass whipping and not even close.

    Honestly I would been lot better off if I left most of these games this year at halftime when we were actually in the game still. Lol.

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