PlayerInjuryStatusGame Status
CB Carlton DavisKneeLimited ParticipationDOUBTFUL
T Demar DotsonHamstringFull ParticipationQUESTIONABLE
S Justin EvansToeDid Not ParticipateOUT
CB Brent GrimesKneeFull ParticipationQUESTIONABLE
WR DeSean JacksonThumbDid Not ParticipateOUT
S Isaiah JohnsonConcussionDid Not ParticipateOUT
DT Gerald McCoyAnkle/ShoulderLimited Participation-
DE Jason Pierre-PaulKneeFull ParticipationQUESTIONABLE
CB M.J. StewartFootFull ParticipationQUESTIONABLE


PlayerInjuryStatusGame Status
T Terron ArmsteadPectoralDid Not ParticipateOUT
FB Zach LineConcussionFull Participation-
DT David OnyemataHipFull Participation-
T Ryan RamczykShoulderFull Participation-
WR Michael ThomasAnkleFull Participation-

This PewterReport.com Tampa Bay Injury Report is sponsored by StretchPros. StretchPros is a premier health and wellness studio specializing in stretch therapy for active, injured and everyday people looking to improve their daily performance. Located in South Tampa, StretchPros provides an avenue of success to those in pursuit of improved performance, athleticism and endurance.

StretchPros uses a scientific methodology with each client. Our approach is called dynamic performance stretching or DPS* It combines several stretching techniques to improve ROM, function, strength and endurance. Techniques are based on individual needs that will be determined with an assessment on the first visit.

Our DPS technique involves:
• Stabilization of joint
• Isolation of target muscle
• Activation of agonist/antagonist muscle group
• Repetition of target muscle
• Integrated Breathing patterns

Each individual session is approximately 25-30 minutes in duration. We provide a comfortable setting with the highest quality tables and equipment to enhance the client’s StretchPros experience.

StretchPros is located at:
609 S. Armenia Ave.
Tampa, Fla. 33609

Call (813) 981-0386 or e-mail [email protected] or visit StretchPros.com for more information or to book your appointment.

Andrew Scavelli is the Digital Content Director and Fantasy Football Analyst for PewterReport.com. Scavelli, a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, first started as an intern with Pewter Report in 2009 and has been following the game of football for most of his life. When he’s not adjusting his fantasy lineups, Scavelli can be found enjoying nature and pursuing his passion for health and wellness. Scavelli can be reached at: [email protected]
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