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The NFL will be expanding its playoff format starting in this 2020 season after NFL owners voted on the topic, per Ian Rapoport. The possibility for the owners to vote for an extended postseason was part of the newly passed collective bargaining agreement. 

For the new format, each conference will have seven teams make the playoffs for a total of 14 teams. The difference here from years past is the addition of one extra wild card spot in each conference, and only the number one seeds will receive first-round byes. 

The two-seeds will play the seven, the three-seeds will play the sixth and the four will play against the five during the wild card weekend with those games starting on January 9th and 10th of 2021. 

The Bucs finished 7-9 last season and would not have qualified for the postseason with the new rule, but they would have made the playoffs in 2016 with that same 7-9 record.

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1 year ago

Anything for Buck. A team less than 500 deserves to go home watch playoffs on the Tube with the rest of us. I know the league luvs revenue. But you cheapen the sports standards by just allowing sub par teams to enter the playoffs. Hell, why don’t they just have a playoff for all the losers? Then they could crown the ultimate lose..King of all Losers!

1 year ago

Greed rules with NFL owners.
Can’t wait till we crown a 7-9 team a Super Bowl Champion.

1 year ago

Only one team with 7 wins went to a super bowl during the strike-shortened season. In brief research an 8-8 team has never won one and only one 9-7 team has ever won of the three that made it. Can’t imagine a 7-9 team playing 3 away games and a neutral super bowl site doing it.

1 year ago

So the last team to get in(#7) will be cannon fodder for the #2 seed. Its a huge advantage for the top seed, but it’s nice to keep the fans engaged right up until the end that their team can still make the playoffs and then anything goes! Tennessee was supposed to lose to Tom Brady at home until he threw a pick 6 for the 2nd week in a row and ended the Pats season. Tennessee was definitely gonna get killed by NFL MVP Lamar Jackson and the unstoppable #1 seeded Ravens until they got their asses kicked. I… Read more »

1 year ago

Put it like this:

I would rather teams be playing all starters until the end of the season because they’re all still fighting for position or a spot in the post season. Good teams can’t sit star players in weeks 16-17. Bad teams arent out of it until they’ve lost 10 games.

It’s good for competition and hey…less preseason games and MORE PLAYOFF FOOTBALL is what fans want!

1 year ago

I am really having a hard time getting excited about this Season. I think because I realize that the possibility of the Season being canceled is huge. Try to imagine the NFL having stadiums filled with 60 70 or 80K people rubbing up against each other and trying to get food and beer, and filing out of the stadium in long lines and coughing and breathing on each other. Now think about the PR nightmare there will be for the NFL (Tax Exempt) if one single NFL player dies or gets infected and they don’t shut down? And if you… Read more »

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Pats Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg