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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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  1. 1


    And here I thought it was the kicking competition with Roberto

  2. 2


    This Matt Dissinger guy has Mark Dominik hair. I don’t trust him.

    1. 2.1


      and they both have initials M.D.!!! HE’S A SABATUER!!!!

    2. 2.2


      As long as he doesn’t draft like Dominick, I think we’re good. It’s sort of a hybrid Dominick-Kiper.

      1. 2.2.1


        The author of this article, a Mr Trevor Malory Sikkema, has stated on the the PR podcast, that Mark Dominik was the greatest draft GM the Bucs have ever had, possible in the NFL, and he Always, ALWAYS, makes the best picks. : )

  3. 3


    Didn’t volunteer, forced, 8th youngest team, good reality TV, and likely exempt next year (maybe if hard knocks doesn’t cripple them out of the gates).

    Selfishly we all want our team front & center, and see our team/players. IF they r too young for this (especially with the Dougie drama) 1 step back and not on the rise after all. Worry about the rookies.

    Poor Koetter

    1. 3.1


      The word is charismatic. You guys need a spell checker.

  4. 4


    $5.95 per month, that’s the cheapest way I found to watch Hard Knocks on HBO without having to stream crappy stuff off the internet. been a long time since I’ve had HBO and forgot how good their shows were. As a bonus I get to re-watch the Wire, the best cops and robbers show ever, and the Soprano’s, forget about it!!
    I don’t know how this will turn out but I’m watching it.

  5. 5


    I did not say where I bought this, free advertising is not my gig.

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