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    The RB situation at Tampa is beyond comical at this point. I’ve never seen anything like this when it comes to injuries. I can’t see Doug significantly contributing until at least game 11. An truthfully, who would care at that point? We needed him back 3 games ago, and he can’t get off the trainers table. Ridiculous. With Sims, Quizz, Doug, & Murphy likely being out for the next 4-6 games, I really can’t see us having any chance of finishing better than 5-11 or 6-10. The defense can’t stop anybody, and offense can’t score enough points. Disaster.

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      Vikings, Giants, Lions, Packers, Eagles, Panthers, Jags, Raiders, Bills, Bears, Chiefs, Chargers, Ravens, and Bucs have all lost their previous season’s leading rusher for most, if not all, of the year this year. Quit whining about how unbelievable it is that Doug got injured.

      1. 1.1.1


        Thanks for that informative response. I’m not whining about Doug being injured. Did those teams have their #1, #2, #3, & #4 RB go down with injuries in the first 8 games? No? Then shut up if you don’t understand the post. It shouldn’t be that difficult to understand the Bucs RB situation is ridiculous.

      2. 1.1.2


        Bucwild02, I dont know what your smoking but I want some. Of all those teams you just listed, only 3 of them have lost there leading rusher for more than 3 games this year. Vikings, Lions, and the Packers. All three of which are struggling this year. Of those 3 teams, only the Vikings had a leading rusher who topped 800 yards last season. 3 of the teams you listed haven’t even lost a RB this season (Eagles, Jags, and the Ravens). Giants lost Jennings for 3 games, Panthers lost Stewart for 3 games, Raiders lost Murry for 2 games, Bills lost McCoy for 1 game, Bears leading rusher was Forte last year, chiefs leading rusher was West who has missed 1 game, chargers leading rusher was Gordon who hasn’t missed a game. Its not that unbelievable that Martin is out when he is out every other season due to injuries. I’m sick of having a RB who can only rush for more than 600 yds in a season 50% of the time.

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    I’m sorry but this isn’t a contract year for Martin. He only plays the majority of his games in contract years. This is the year after the contract year, so we’ll be lucky to see him in 50% of this year games.

    1. 2.1


      honestly think we should get rid of Doug. I love Doug Martin when he plays but we cant count on him

    2. 2.2


      Injuries happen. It’s not Martin’s fault that he got hurt. I, for one, am really glad he re-upped with the Bucs. He’s part of the solution, not part of the problem.

      1. 2.2.1


        He is def part of the solution this year isn’t he. lol

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    Just ir him then try and trade him or cut him it’s just not worth it I mean we bagged luke stocker cuz he was always hurt and last year it was asj but I’m sick of peanut brittle Martin cuz he doesn’t have break away speed that elite backs have basically he was the second leading rusher cuz that’s what this offense is quizz was having success and he was a street free agent so that tells all u need to know cut Martin draft a difference maker

    1. 3.1
    2. 3.2


      What a wrong headed, short sighted comment. Martin has just as many TD’s this year than Mr. Durable, break away elite talent LEveon Bell. ANd Martin only played in 1 complete game.

  4. 4


    I say trade him for the upcoming draft to someone for some picks (he’s out way too much) and is more of a liability than an asset at this point. The way we are looking, we will be in position to draft Dalvin Cook, Fornette, a receiver like Mike Williams (Clemson) or Calvin Ridley even the defensive end from A&M and peppers from Michigan who can play LB or safety, grab a safety in free agency, draft a receiver, LB, and a DE as mentioned as well as another safety/corner. Chris Conte-see ya!, Mcdouglad-inconsistent so I’m gonna say no, Grimes is past his prime.

  5. 5


    Also, did anybody read we just signed Josh Huff (Receiver), those are the kind of signings that our GM makes. Dip shit ones!

    1. 5.1


      The first time he scores a TD or makes a real contribution, just remember what a dipshit move it was considering the large number of available free agents there are in the middle of the season.

      1. 5.1.1


        BucWild, I hope you are right on that one, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong.

  6. 6


    At this point, if it wasn’t for teams like the Browns and Niners, we’d have the top draft pick again. At least we’ll have a high enough position to fill some needs…time to start scouring the scouting reports

  7. 7


    Geez, you other commenters above me sound like a bunch of ninnies. Seriously. Hamstring injuries are extremely common in the NFL and anybody who knows anything about them – apparently not including you guys – knows that hamstring injuries are very difficult to get over.

    Doug Martin is bar none the best running back we’ve had for many many years on the Bucs, since Cadillac Williams before he blew out his knee. He got hurt. He’s trying to get back, but if you come back too soon you end up staying on the bench much longer. Running backs get hurt all the time. We’ve had four of them injured in games this season so far on the Bucs.

    Coach Koetter said he’s hopeful we’ll get Martin back in the lineup in time for the Bears game. Whether he practices publicly today is of no consequence.

    1. 7.1


      Agree with you on that one. Hamstring injuries can lag and linger. But Martin has been down and out so often in his time with the Bucs it’s turning into the rule not the exception.

      But hell, i’ve still got the flag waving in the yard and i’m still watching the games! Had to explain to my wife it’s still mathematically possible to make the playoffs…. keep the faith.

    2. 7.2


      Naplesfan……I respect all of your comments but if you want to disrespect that of other folks in this forum, feel free to go to an ESPN thread and then you can vent and name call all day and night if you want.

      1. 7.2.1


        When the commenters are blasting the best runner on the team for daring to be injured – which is exactly what they are doing – I’m going to call them all out by writing that they “sound like a bunch of ninnies”. If the shoe fits, wear it. It’s not name calling – it’s telling it like it is. If you want to go to ESPN and vent, fine, go there. I’m calling out the venting ninnies, and will continue to do so.



          No one said “daring” to be injured, speaking about my comment specifically, I said he has been out an awful lot and not just this year so he seems to be more of a liability than an asset. Not sure if that was even the comment you were referring to or not. In any case, the shoe doesn’t fit me, I wear combat boots.

  8. 8


    Its not a surprise to anyone that the only real productive seasons out of Martin were his rookie season and his contract season.

    2012 16 games and 1454 yards
    2013 6 games for 456 yards
    2014 11 games 494 yards
    2015 16 games for 1402
    2016 ~1.5 games for 85 yards.

    There is not doubting the skills when he plays. But what good is he on the bench?

    I’m sure the front office will do something brilliant like send him to the Patriots for a long snapper and a 6th round pick. He’ll meet up with ASJ there and win a Superbowl.

    1. 8.1


      and the award for best post of the day goes to…

      This gave me a good laugh, sometimes that’s all u can do. Hoping for the best but like other posters have said, we don’t want him coming back TOO early and going back on the shelf even longer

  9. 9


    Naplesfan, you sound much more knowledgeable than those who are posting above you.
    I particularly like the guys who say Martin doesn’t have breakaway speed like a lot of RB’s.
    I watch NFL games every Sunday and watch countless backs get caught from behind by CB’s because they are faster hands down.
    Other than Adrian Peterson, I’d like to know what RB’s are out there that can’t get caught from behind by a CB who isn’t having to dodge tacklers.
    Comments like that are what drive me bonkers about all of these wannabe GM’s.
    You are absolutely right about the hammy. If nor taken care of properly, the injury can linger the whole season.
    What is the proper rehabilitation. Rest.. Not rubbing some dirt on it and bandaging up like another reader said should be done on another post.
    Just cause you can type doesn’t make you the next Bill Polian.
    Also, can’t figure out what was wrong with the WR pickup.
    Who is out there at the moment who would be worth a damn. I don;t know of anyone.
    This guy is supposed to have some speed to his game and god knows we could sure use some of that at the WR position.

    1. 9.1


      The problem is drd, is not Martins talent, or the length of a hamstring injuries. It’s more the fact that some players are just injury prone, and that’s a fact of football. Doug Martin has played 2 full seasons in 6. That’s terrible no matter how good he is. As for the breakaway speed, I watched Ezekial Elliot do it this week, David Johnson, Le’veon Bell, Darren Sproles, AP, Jamal Charles, guys like that. Doug simply doesn’t have break away speed., he’s a damn physical runner , which is great , but for his accident proneness, if that’s a word, doesn’t bode well for him. guys like Dalvin Cook, that’s break away speed.
      As for ASJ, I agree with you 100% the dudes a bum. He’s injured now I believe and hasn’t really even played since going to NEw York. He is just another wasted talent.

      1. 9.1.1


        The average length of an NFL career for running backs is 3 seasons. Many of the very best, most productive running backs in the league have spent a lot of game weeks on the bench or sent to IR … including such luminaries as Adrian Peterson, Todd Gurley, Derrick Henry, Eddy Lacy, Tevin Coleman, Jamaal Charles, and yes, Charles Sims and Doug Martin. A total of 34 NFL running backs are out on injury or on IR as of today, just halfway through the season.

        The problem is getting worse as the years go on. The defensive linemen keep getting bigger and faster, and the RB is subjected to more tackles in the trenches than any other position in football. That is the reason why few GMs will spend really big money (> $10-15M) on any running back given the injury potential.

        As for breakaway speed, that’s only way way to gain yards. Martin does it through shedding tackles – last year he was by far the best running back in the league in making yards after contact, and second best in the league in total yards.



          Of those luminaries you mentioned only four of them I would consider to be productive (AP, Gurley, Lacy, and Charles). What do I consider productive? Rushing for more than 1000 yards in any season. AP has missed more than 2 games in a season for 30% of his career (3 of 10). That means AP has played 14 of 16 games a season for 7 of his 10 seasons Lacy has missed more than 1 game a season for 25% of his career (1 0f 4). Charles has missed more than 1 game in a season for 33% of his career (3 of 9). That means 6 of his 9 years he has played 15 of 16 games Gurley has only missed 3 games his whole NFL career. I like Doug Martin and when healthy he is a top back in the league but Martin has missed at least 5 games a season for 60% of his career. Your right that all RBs get hurt but not many starting RBs miss more than 5 games a season for over half there career. I dont know any RBs that has missed that many games a season there first 5 seasons in the league and still making top 5 money.

  10. 10


    Oh, one more thing.
    I am so tired of ASJ and his relatives posting out her, especially the last one.
    You lampoon Martin for being injured and then you cry about ASJ not being on the team.
    ASJ lived on the bench with his malingering injuries and his drinking problem.
    Such a hypocrite you are.
    BTW, I don’t think ASJ has played a regular season down for the Jets because of an injury. Another one.

    1. 10.1


      I don’t think anyone cried about ASJ not being on the team. It’s called a joke.

  11. 11


    How about Licht scanning the wire and other PS teams for some defensive players?

  12. 12


    Martin not healthy yet? Wow big surprise. Guy just been so frustrating with the injuries. Couple good years and bunch of crap. He’s healthy 1400 yards every year easy. Just can’t stay healthy. Not saying he’s not hurt either just saying he’s not done much except 2 years.

    Dr. d your comets are so condescending at times. Everyone is GM wannabes here? Wtf are you then? Lol.

    Your tired of ASJ relatives? I got tired of Lovie relatives (you) posting here last year. ASJ was a jackass and I said so last year. Got blasted here by so many saying oh he’s just young lighten up Fred. Lol. I knew something was seriously wrong with the guy but didn’t know he was an Alcoholic.

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