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Legendary sports columnist Gary Shelton returns to PewterReport.com for his second season of providing post-game commentary on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers like no one else can. No one has won more sports writing awards than Shelton, who has covered Tampa Bay area sports for decades with his unique brand of humor and insight. Bucs fans can Shelton daily on GarySheltonSports.com and follow him on Twitter at @Gary_Shelton

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    As always your reporting makes me smile. Has for years, I’m glad you have a forum to let ‘er rip.
    Cool Beans

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    Great article as always Shelton.

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    Really good stuff here. Well written article. Not a Tamp native, so I’ve never seen your work until you came to Pewter report and started doing your weekly article. Very well written stuff here.

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    Loved this post. I’m driving to Miami from Tennessee on Tuesday, on my way back up on Sunday I’ll be attending the game against Seattle! I’ve had these tickets all season long and I can’t believe it’s going to be meaningful for our season to play hard! Let’s go Bucs!

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    Good Article Gary; you made up for the previous Pewter Reporting.

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    Yes, we all love to trash certain players. Some of them deserve it. But the truth is that we fans want to love the players more than we want to trash them. I was so happy for Conte last week. You could see him amped up on the sidelines after his pick-6. You could just see some weight come off of his shoulders. I was also so happy to see him and Doug Martin embracing and jumping up and down together after the Chiefs win. Conte knew he was a big reason for that win. He may still be a questionable safety. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not super happy for him……for now.

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    I get the impression that the team is starting to believe in itself. I no longer see the “Oh no, here we go again”, head down funk when something goes wrong. That’s a big step.

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    Are these the real Bucs? Phil Simms made a good point on inside the NFL. He said it’s taken to this point in the season for the players to be in real football shape, and being comfortable in what they’re doing. He said with the CBA limiting practices, it’s taken this long to see real football. Smitty said it would take till week four for the defense to really know what they’re doing. So it took till week eight. Hopefully now we’re seeing what we’re going to be.

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    Conte may not b a great safety, but he isn’t as bad as a lot of the ignorant Tampa Bay fans think he is.
    He has been left in one on one coverage of the other teams fastest WR a few times this season and has been beaten.
    Guess what ignorant Tampa Bay fans, almost every safety in the league is going to get beaten in one on one coverage by the other teams best or fastest WR. When that happens its not the players fault, it’s the schemes.
    Still, Tampa Bay fans are famous for needing a whipping boy so the ignorant fools can blame the teams woes on them.
    Conte may not be the best safety in the league, but he has been head and shoulders above the others we have had here since John Lynch. He has made more TD saving tackles this season than any other player and he did so again on Sunday when he tackled a KC running back after he had just finished running over the “All Pro” Lavonae David and I mean he literally ran him over.

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    drdneast, I guess if Conte hadn’t made the interception then you would be saying “how ignorant” the fans were for not calling Conte out. One play does not make a player go from average to above average in the NFL. Obviously i was happy he made the interception because just maybe this team is ready to compete.

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    Didn’t say it did, Horse. But I don’t see you disputing anything I said, either. So what’s your point.

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      My point is Conte is an average player at best. Take away the interception and he played below average as many times he was almost there but not quite to make a break up or interception.

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    Well Horse, that is your opinion which is based on what facts other than he doesn’t meet your lofty standards.
    I’m not sure where your opinions originate from, but I can tell from your first original post about the writing on Pewter Report, that they appear to be pretty negative. I’m sure they spill into other avenues and perceptions of yours as well.
    Your comment about “almost there but not quite” can describe almost every play or player in the NFL.
    To funny.
    BTW, how much are you paying PR to justify your criticisms of the writing here.
    People who complain about something they get for free should either not use it or recognize they are ingrates.

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    Drdneast. Pretty negative. Let me make you happy so you will feel positive about me. We have a fantastic team and Conte is just fantastic. We’re going to the Superbowl!

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