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    Brate will get his recognition next year. keep grinding and getting better. He’ll get his. The guy simply just doesn’t drop passes.

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    Where are all those commenters who were whining a few months ago about Licht letting ASJ go? ASJ never played as well as Cameron Brate has this season. And being a UDFA, Brate didn’t cost us a draft pick or a trade either.

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    I know earlier in the year some posters said we needed to draft a TE this next draft. Thanks to Brate’s hard work and Great Hands we don’t need to waste a draft pick on a TE.

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      Never say never, it is said. As good at Cameron Brate has proved to be, like every other player in the NFL, he is one injury away from IR or retirement.

      We need to draft the best players available, while also considering need. If a great TE candidate is on the top of our draft board when we’re on the clock, draft him.

      I trust Jason Licht’s drafting prowess. He’s done very well, far above average.

      I do expect that wide receiver candidates, along with offensive linemen and defensive linemen and safeties are all needs that Licht is going to take account of in assessing the available talent.

      Here’s my steel-jawed lock of a draft prediction: the Bucs will select no kickers in the first two days of the draft! 🙂

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    It’s fortunate that Brate has offset the failure of ASJ. I still don’t see TE as a strong enough position to ignore completely. Brate is a good pass receiver. Stocker is a good blocker. Cross is a try hard guy and Myers is little more than a journeyman. Don’t know much about Westbrook, but apparently he isn’t god enough to unseat Cross. A more complete TE to compliment receiver Brate would be a nice addition. I suspect Brate will get better and better.

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    Yeah, Scubog, the way PR has talked about Westbrook in the past, it sounded like he had potential…?
    Brate has made some great catches- he’s getting noticed around the league

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    Fans wanted ASJ bc Jameis needed more weapons to keep the heat off Evans. Guess what, Jameis still needs more weapons to take the heat off Evans lol. Stop gloating about Brate being legit bc no one ever said he wasn’t. We however recognize the need for more weapons to open the offense up and keep people from keying on our big play guy. Congrats to Brate but some of you fans need to learn that comprehension is just as vital as the ability to read smh.

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      Sounds like you were one of the whiners complaining about Licht letting ASJ.


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      And it sounds like you are one of the fans that can read but can’t comprehend.

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