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    Damn I hate “predictions”….. wrong as much as right, they are simply guesses based on feelings and absolutely meaningless. But the Buccaneers SHOULD win this one, MUST win this one had BETTER win this one and I don’t care WHAT the score is. Win and we have ourselves three straight meaningful games at home and if things go right, a playoff push. I know the Buccaneers stink at home in recent years (12-30 since 2010) but that too COULD change. But lose this one? Disaster in the order of Lovie’s last four games as HC. Panther win becomes meaningless and the stadium is 2/3 full the rest of the season with more than half of the “fans” supporting visiting teams. SICK AND TIRED OF THAT CRAP!

    So SCREW the “predictions” and as Al Davis used to say, write and type…… JUST WIN BABY!

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    Who would have thought that this game would be a MUST win? I’d see how are first defensive stand went before putting McCoy in. Rest him up for the rest of the season. The fill ins should be able to handle these BUMS. The culture change starts
    on Sunday. RUN,RUN,RUN. I don’t care if we have to use Roberto A to RUN the ball, just keep ramming it down their throats.
    It is a great thing that Stocker is back. Jacquizz can just grab him by the behind and RUN. I know some people think Stocker is just a warm body, but I think his RUN blocking is tantamount to the BUCS being able to RUN the ball.
    So what do you think? Maybe we should RUN the ball.
    So I’ll make my prediction.
    The BUCS will RUN the ball and win this game by RUNNING the ball with great play action passes thrown in.
    Jacquizz Rodgers will have a big day with over a hundred yards when he RUNS the ball.
    Either Grimes or Hargraves will get a pick and RUN it back for a TD.
    It’s a good thing that I am not making this game plan up, the other team might think I like to RUN the ball.
    31 to 17

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      OK…… I’ll run with that idea.

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    This game worries me. They should win but….it’s the Bucs. They don’t travel well to west coast. Never have. Hope they get some guys back and pull it off. Not sure about this team. Looked as bad as last years team at times. Will see I guess.

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    Who are we kidding here? The Bucs seem to always stoop to the perceived level of the competition. Our team isn’t exactly a juggernaut with 3/4 of the anticipated defensive line out as well as our anticipated # 1A TE Jet-tisoned , with our # 2 WR, # 1 and # 2 RB’s in the infirmary. This is the NFL. Any team is talented enough to “shock the world.” Yet here we think victory is all but assured. Granted, this is a winnable game and as always I’ll predict a Bucs win. I just don’t think it will be as easy as many think. Keep the 49ers in the cesspool that the Bills shoved them into.

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