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    We have to score more than 30 points to win this game. I see no proof we can score anything higher than 16 points with our wounded OL. Just look at the last few games. The Saints and Panthers are in an up swing mode and we aren’t. I hope we can find a way, but I believe the Saints will beat us badly in their stadium. They have reviewed the tapes and saw what they did wrong and how weak our OL has become.

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      Horse- I believe you are correct. I predict we get blown out.

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    Well, us Bucs homers are out in force again this week predicting victory for the good guys (‘cept for Eric). I can’t argue with any pick on this game, it can go any which way, including a low scoring defensive struggle like two weeks ago, or a shoot out. I like our chances much better in a defensive struggle, given that our offense has been struggling most of the season.

    But, Jameis and the running backs and the offensive linemen simply have to step up their game against a defense that could be weaker than Dallas’s was … which Dallas defense nobody seemed to think highly of until they played the Bucs last sunday.

    Being the Bucs homer that I am, I’ll take the Bucs 28-24. We really have to win this game if we’re going to make anything special out of this season.

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      Have to agree with you Naples as this one could go any way. I don’t think we keep them out of the end zone that’s for sure and our offensive line scares the crap out of me. I don’t make predictions as we lose every time I do. Our running game needs to show up this week and keep Brees off of the field. As for Dallas’ defens last week, they are the definition of n=bend but don’t break. They are 12th in total yards but 4th in the NFL in scoring defense, which matters way more.

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        Yup – wins and losses are measured only in points for and points against … the rest are just stats.

        The Saints defense is ranked no. 30 in PA, so that gives us some hope that if our offensive stars show up we can outscore a damned good offense going up against our pretty darned good defense.



          Problem with that scenario is that we didn’t do well against the Saints defense in our house. I am very sure that we lose this one.



            The home game offensive performance was limited by extremely conservative playcalling by Dirk Koetter, who readily admitted his fault in that game. He’s been in the league a long time and is capable of making adjustments, so I expect that he will not call the same plays this time. Watching tape from a single game only tells one how things worked out in that specific game with the specific personnel and the specific plays called. Tape from a single game doesn’t tell you what a team is likely to do the next week.

            In fact, the most successful team of the last two decades, the New England Patriots, are famous for reinventing their offense and their defense for every single game, including multiple games against the same divisional opponent. Bill Belichick is called a “wizard” for his ability to do that, and of course he has a tremendously capable and experienced quarterback in Tom Brady who is also capable of playing the chameleon. So that doesn’t mean Koetter and Winston are necessarily going to replicate that.

            But it helps that our GM came out of the Patriots system and he likely is whispering in Dirk’s ear about the importance of not being too predictable. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

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    If the Bucs lose it will be disappointing and almost eliminate any chance at the playoffs. Regardless, the team has shown progress this year. Especially the defense, they are playing well enough to beat anybody. My concern is the offensive line and Jameis still not at the maturity level to handle an elimination game. I know sooner or later Jameis will get there but this will be another very tough game for him mentally. But these are the type of games that a #1 overall pick is supposed to step up and lead his team to victory.

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      Really great post!! I agree with everything you said.

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        Shocking that you would agree with a negative comment about Jameis.



          Scu- Here is our QB, so I HAVE to root for him. Bottom line- he’s just not very good. Best, Buc

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      Nah, it’s mostly the RT injury; Dotson is missed.

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      Jameis is still only 22 years old and he admits that his head-butt in last week’s game was unacceptable. He has a number of weaknesses as well as obviously a number of strengths. One strength of Winston that we have seen is that he is coachable and readily admits his mistakes. High draft picks and college stars are actually all too often uncoachable – see Johny Manziel – so this is an important strength that Jameis brings to the table.

      Consequently, I expect Jameis will NOT let his emotions get the better of him against the Saints tonight. That by itself isn’t enough to produce a win – the other 10 offensive teammates, plus defense and special teams players all get a vote too – but it will help, because a calm hand at the tiller is important.

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    This is the scariest game of the season, particularly when you consider it’s ramifications. You know the young Buccaneers will be fired up and give it everything they’ve got. Sometimes Jameis tries to do too much, gets too amped up and overthrows or takes too many chances. If he plays within himself and if the Buccaneers can run the ball, something that has not happened since Quizz was starting, the Bucs have a good chance.

    But the Saints are healthier than they were in Tampa 12 days ago and have nothing to lose. A playoff game for the Buccaneers and face it, ALL playoff games are tough, especially on the road.

    GO BUCS!! I “predict” they give it their best shot and I hope it will be enough to win the game.

    1. 4.1


      You’re almost there, Garv … c’mon, go ahead and inch yourself out onto that plank and predict a Bucs win. Go on, it’ll make you feel good!


      1. 4.1.1


        The ONLY thing that will make me feel good, GREAT in fact, is a real Buccaneer win today. But to type I’m not worried would be a lie. Guessing they might win or lose won’t make me feel better or worse, trust me.

        Maybe the diversion of Payton possibly coaching in LA next season will hurt the Saints, help the Bucs? Hope so. Can you imagine the Ray Jay on New Year’s Day coming off a win today? That I can do until kick-off. Imagine.

  5. 5


    I’ll stick with prediction I made 5 weeks ago. Bucs beat Charges, then lose to Dallas and NO on the road. Then finish the season by beating the Panthers. Lots of progress, but the Bucs are not yet a playoff team

  6. 6


    I’m just wondering how the season would have played out, had we re-signed Connor Barth and used the 2 picks we spent on RA to draft a WR and safety??? Just saying.

    1. 6.1


      I think you are right on Bucnut2. I predicted same thing. 9-7 is a BIG stepping stone for this team. RA will be OK though.

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    The Bucs could really use a 100 yard rusher for this game. I’m just wondering if it’s Quizz…

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    We beat NO in our House where we rarely won this year. Now we play them away where we have won all but two games all season. Also Jameis will definitely rebound from a bad game and will the Bucs to get into the playoffs. Bucs win by a cat’s whisker, I predict.

    1. 8.1


      Orly- sorry to say but I was right

  9. 9


    New Orleans is a mediocre team with a great but egotistic QB and HC. All Drew Brees wants to do is pass, pass, pass and pass some more. Then the over-rated HC rides the coat tail of Brees’ accomplishments like Dungy did with Manning. Oh, they’ll run a few times and catch a defense focusing too much on defending the pass, and gain a few yards, then go right back to Brees rearing back, often without a line of sight, and letting it fly. For that reason the loss of Gholston will be a non factor.

    What likely will be a factor is the return of center, Max Unger, who was out two weeks ago. His absence allowed our interior pass rush to disrupt Brees enough to make him mortal. Then his ego took over and he threw it to the opportunistic Bucs trying to hard to make a play. (Guess that makes Brees immature like some here call Jameis)

    I believe in the game the Bucs won two weeks ago, albeit with a Naples imposed asterisk, Koetter dialed back the offense seeing that his defense had control of the game. No need to take a chance. Bucs had as much misfortune as the Saints did.

    Every week is different in the NFL. What the Saints offense did against JonnyG’s Cardinals and what the Bucs defense was unable to do against the Cowboys will have no bearing.

    Brees rarely attempts to run up the middle to avoid edge pass rushers. He likes to move sideways in an effort to find a passing lane. I suspect we’ll see a lot of Noah Spence. The key once again will be GMC getting that pressure in Brees’ face forcing him into the arms of the DE’s or throwing an ill-advised pass. I think our Defense can keep the Saints in check enough to keep the game from being one where both teams score in the 40’s. Anger can keep them backed up. No more than 24 points.

    Our offense can’t get too conservative. I think we have to score into the 30’s to win this one. Two weeks ago the Saints’ pass rush was fairly effective putting pressure up the middle. And that was without Rankins. Combine that with our RT situation and things might get tough for Jameis holding the ball until someone gets open deep. Short, quick passes to keep the chains moving and an occasional shot and just enough running plays to see if one breaks might work best.

    Hopefully we can get “lucky” and get another W, even if it’s with an asterisk.

    1. 9.1


      You aren’t going to give up your asterisk meme,apparently, Scubog.

      Oh well, other than that you actually agree with me that the very conservative playcalling against the Saints two weeks ago is probably not going to work in today’s game in New Orleans. Brees is unlikely to be held to 11 points on the board, meaning 16 points by our offense isn’t going to be enough. Which is all the point I’ve been making.

      I believe that our skill players – Winston, Evans, Brate, Martin, Sims, Rodgers – are up to the task of an aggressive offensive game plan. But with our first and second team right tackles out of the game, success will hinge on the ability of a re-shuffled offensive line and a new kid with just a handful of NFL snaps at RT to get the job done. Optimistically speaking, I believe there is a decent probability they will get the job done. And there is likely a higher probability that the offensive line won’t get it done, as happened last weekend.

      That’s why they play the games.

  10. 10

    David DeLeon

    As bad as we looked against the Cowboys, we had a chance to win on the last drive. I think we have the plays work our way again. Couple timely sacks we win 28 – 21

  11. 11


    I think we find a way to win this game, in any case, we will see the direction forward this team going and whether the culture is shifting towards not just laying down but coming back from a loss and beating a team you are supposed to beat. The games that make me grind my teeth in particular this year right now are the Rams and Raider games….Imagine those 2 being W’s and not L’s. It’s amazing we gave up 30 plus points to that Rams offense which seems like last season when we played them. I still think the Lions lose both of their last 2 games, Redskins already lost, Giants “could” lose another and who knows if Carolina does us a solid by beating the Falcons today. Anything can happen around the Bucs but nothing happens without taking care of business in New Orleans. Tandy had some great reads in that first game and I say we pick off breese a couple of times with some sacks today and Mike Evans / Huff “comes out” in this game and we get the Win!

  12. 12


    No long winded comments from me. I like Bucs winning a tough gritty game. I’ll go about 24-20. McCoy, Ayers,Spence all need big games and I think they deliver.

    Don’t think we will run ball over 70-80 yards. This O line is not good at all. Winston will have to scramble a lot.

    I love Jameis but if he doesn’t learn how to coral his emotions he will never be great. I’ve said it before too but Koetter needs to game plan some easy completion stuff for first qtr to get him calmed down and in a groove passing.

    Go Bucs!

    Backs against the wall for sure. Win or lose we made some great progress this year. We need another great draft and maybe a key free agent or two signing and this is a playoff team.

    Injuries showed a serious lack of depth this year. Which wasn’t a surprise to anyone I don’t think.

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