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Another re-signing for the Bucs occurred just about an hour before Episode 306 got going as defensive lineman Rakeem Nunez-Roches is returning on a two-year deal and a pay increase. Jon and Mark get into the return of Nacho, plus some of the other recent free agent signings that the Bucs have made. Hear it all on the Pewter Report Podcast, energized by CELSIUS.

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1 month ago

If I was Lenny, I think I’d have every reason to sign here, but for big money this year. Not only would I have the SB opportunity, but also because I might be able to refresh my body by sharing the load for another year. I agree he has been used half to death the years at LSU and Jacksonville. Why not get another year of split carries to heal up, yet showcase your talents, win another ring, and then go for the last big contract? Yes, I know he would be a year older. But maybe another year with… Read more »