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    I can’t fault Scott for picking the Cowboys to win at home, but I still believe the Bucs are actually the better team today than are the Cowboys, despite their 11-2 record and all of the (undeserved MVP hype for their rookie quarterback and running back). In the last five weeks we’ve already faced up and soundly beaten four quarterbacks who are all demonstrably better than Prescott, including at least one sure first ballot Hall of Famer, while Prescott the unproven rookie has mostly benefited from the Cowgirls’ strong offensive line and talented RB.

    Our defense is better than the ‘Boys defense, and our quarterback is better than their quarterback. We have possibly the best wide receiver in the league, and other guys who have stood up and produced despite not being high draft picks, including our great tight end from Harvard. We have strong running backs too in Martin and Rodgers, and a very good receiving and third down back in Sims. All we need is for Coach Koetter to open up the play book and let’em go play toss and catch and run the ball.

    I pick the Bucs to beat the Cowboys in a hard fought close game, 28-24. Then on to the NFC South Division Championship and the playoffs next month.

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      Naples- I truly wish I could agree with you but just can’t. First, Dallas is a better team than we are. First, let’s talk qb. Prescott has only thrown 4 picks all year against 20 TD’s. He is also more mobile than JW. There is a reason DK doesn’t open it up more. When he did earlier this year Winston was a turnover machine. Next let’s talk O-line. They are much more solid with 3 consensus All-pro’s. We may have 1. Next let’s talk receivers, we basically have 1, ME. They are VERY solid and have at least 2 top caliber NFL receivers. Tight ends look about equal to me. On Offense, DALLAS clearly has the edge. Defense- our D-line is better than theirs. The LB’s are about equal, maybe SLIGHT advantage us. DB, clearly the edge goes to Dallas. So to me the Defenses are a toss up. Special teams, our punter and coverage are WAY better, our placekicker is inconsistent at best. We have the edge on ST. Long story short, we are very comparable teams except on offense where DALLAS is elite and we are average. I know the Dallas offense has been of for the last two road games but this is a different team at home. Sooo while I would love to agree, I can’t. Best,Bucnut

      1. 1.1.1


        We’ll soon see.

        We’ll agree to disagree.



          We will. I truly hope you are right.

      2. 1.1.2


        Last night Dallas O was elite and ours was average. The game played out much as I thought it would except that our O-line and Winston were worse than I thought they would be. We killed our Playoff chances last night.

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    23-20. It’s going to be a low scoring affair. The big trick here is for us to run effectively.
    The other big trick is to stop their running game.
    Those two items are easier said than done.
    I think in the end it’s all about which QB wants to win more.
    This will define Jamies Winston year and possibly his career. These huge games do that.
    Case in point. Eli Manning. I believe he is average at best, but when the big time game starts something happens to him. He squares his shoulders and wins the big ones.
    Let’s see if Winston has “IT”.
    I think he does.
    It’s a dog fight my friends.

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    I am sticking with what I said last week when I predicted the Bucs would beat the Saints at home, lose to Dallas and the Saints on the road and then beat the Panthers for a 9-7 season and miss the playoffs. The Bucs made a lots progress this year but are not yet a playoff ready team.

    1. 3.1


      How can the hottest team in the NFL in the month of December not be a “playoff ready team”?

      I mean, really. Until the Bucs prove otherwise they ARE the hottest team in football as of today.

      1. 3.1.1


        I think you should think about what I posted. Looks like I am correct and all the homers wrong,

  4. 4


    No comment on the “predictions” but I do think the young Buccaneers will be prepared and will play to win. I’m convinced they’ve learned how to practice to win games and take their job seriously every day of the week. It’s damn encouraging and I look to rooting for this reality football game to include a Buccaneer victory.

  5. 5


    Gee imagine that Bucnut2 down playing how good Winston is and being mr. negative about the bucs chance to make the playoffs. Very predictable, at least he’s consistent.

    1. 5.1


      Well- let’s see. DK is OUTPLAYING JW. Want to reconsider your post?

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    I believe the Bucs will win in a low scoring game. Find a way. Go Bucs!

  7. 7


    Surprisingly the pressure is on the Cowboys in spite of their league-best record. They, and in particular Dak Prescott, must know the reaction they’ll get from Jerry Jones should his team embarrass him on national TV by losing to the perceived “lowly” Bucs. Not to mention the all too fickle fans who will no doubt begin chanting for
    “Romo—-Romo” if the young rookie QB falters.

    The mighty Buccaneers, on the other hand, should be relaxed and eager to take on another highly favored foe. In a few short weeks the culture has changed dramatically for both the team and we fans. I often say that in the NFL it’s more mental than physical. It’s that old saying about the size of the fight in the dog meaning more than the size of the dog in the fight.

    Things have been going well for the Cowboys; almost as if they could do no wrong. But I always say, “what you do when the “spit” goes bad” is more important. “Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” The sun don’t shine on one dog’s ass forever. Let’s see what Prescott can do when he is not only facing pressure from Gerald but now also from Jerry.

    Maybe with a little “luck” the “good guys” can score at least one more point and get the “W”. In the end that’s all that counts.

  8. 8


    Beer are on ice and wings have been marinating. Now just waiting for the game to start. We finally get to see a game that really means something in mid-December.

    I have the utmost confidence in the defense. I think they will hold Dak and Elliot to one of their worst performances of the year. The question is, will the offense show up for the entire game or just the first quarter? I think that all depends on the maturity level of Jameis. Is he ready to win a road game of this level? I hope so.

    Go Bucs!

    1. 8.1


      That’s about it. Sit back and finally enjoy a meaningful December game. Could be fun. Go Buc;s.

    2. 8.2


      I don’t have that much confidence in our D

  9. 9


    I don’t know if we are a “better” team than Dallas, but Dallas is not as good as their record. Easy schedule and caught teams like Packers at “right” time.

    Anyways if we stop run I say we win, that simple. Dak isn’t good without that run. That option crap never works forever and eventually teams figure out ways to stop you. Just very hard to stop that O line and run. Will need some run blitzes and get creative because we aren’t big enough to stuff them often. Force Dak into 3rd and longs where he actually has to read defenses and go through progressions and he sucks.

    I say Bucs win like 24-20. Go Bucs!!!!

  10. 10


    It’s more about match ups than who is better or better record. Dallas has struggled against good defenses. I like the match up even though our O line isn’t running ball great. I think we can pass on them and open run game. Good chance for Bucs if we play smart.

  11. 11


    You know Dallas really only has one good receiver, that’s Dez, and he’s not that good this year because of on going injuries. The other guys, Beasley, and Williams are really just role players, not much different that our WR2 & WR3. I believe Mike Evans is better than Dez Bryant, even when Bryant at a 100%. I would take Jameis over Prescot any day of the week. I believe that Jameis is better QB with a lot more upside. I would give the edge to Elliot over Martin in the running game because of Martin still coming back from his injury, and Dallas’ O-Line. Imagine if Martin ran behind that line at a 100% what he would do? Probably about the same as Elliot. So the only thing offensively that Dallas has over the Bucs is a better O-Line, and a slight edge with running the ball. Our defense is slightly better all the way around in my opinion.

    So when you add it all up, I truly believe that the Bucs have a slight edge overall. A lot of people don’t think about the fact that Dallas has played an easier schedule than what the Bucs have this year. If Dallas played the Bucs schedule I doubt they would be 11-2. It will all come down to who will commits the least amount of turnovers, and do what they need to do to win. It will be a great game, and very enjoyable to watch.

    I pick Tampa 27-24. I see Evans having a big home coming game in Texas, with Jameis having a career night on national television.

    1. 11.1


      Dude- Dallas receivers are much better than ours.And although I agree that JW has more upside that doesn’t matter. All that matters is who plays better tonight and right now Prescott is better.

  12. 13


    I cant watch this anymore. Winston SUCKS

    1. 13.1


      Get a life already dude. Don’t watch again for all we care. You try to throw it with 3 dudes in your face every play. Yeah he had some bad throws but our offensive line was garbage. But you being the boring troll you are, you couldn’t probably wait to type your BS after the game.

      1. 13.1.1


        But don’t worry we all know you were hiding when we came back after half time under your bridge.

  13. 14


    Ok yea Winston sucked? Our d was awesome. Couldn’t even sniff Dak. Couldn’t stop run. O line gave Winston great time to throw? opened holes for Martin? Not. Your a nut alright if you think Winston was the biggest issue Bucnut2.

    1. 14.1


      Our line couldn’t even block a screen right tonight.

  14. 15


    Bucs o line sucked bad. They sucked against saints too. They haven’t run blocked for shot all year. Pass protection been inconsistent too. Our defense been carrying this team. Need to address O line in draft. Starts up front period, and now Naplesbucsfan can tell me how the o line didn’t stink and it doesn’t start up front on offense or defense…..same old same old.

  15. 16


    OL sucks balls. Have been saying this all season long. Only one quality starter on the team, the best of the rest are no more than quality depth. Emphasize it in the draft or suffer the consequeness indefinitely.

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