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    The way I see the QB situationbased on our present draft order, Iwould acquire another QB via free agency after the draft. We need DE, WR, RB, TE, S, CB, OL in no particular order. Go Bucs!

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      You forgot LB Horse. Who is the starter at SLB for the 40% of the time the Bucs are in base defense? So you think the Bucs need everything, and in no particular order?

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    QB no earlier than the 4th round. My choice would be Dobbs. This guy is pretty tough. Having to go through a childhood with ears like that, he has to be tough. I say draft wingnut and watch him go. Beside the smart remarks he is a pretty good QB.

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    I love these articles and glad they are back. Go Bucs!

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    Bucs Brass will get a pass if Winston gets injured. No sense using a draft pick on a QB this year.

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    Buc 1976

    I am really surprised DOBBS is not rated higher. He maybe the biggest sleeper in this QB class! If he were to slip to the fourth round the Bucs would be wise to consider him.

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      Absolutely agree 1976. He is under the radar for sure. Reminds me of Jameis himself. Size and the way he operates.
      GO BUCS

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        Buc 1976

        Also he has something that you can’t coach INTELLIGENCE and GREAT ATTITUDE!

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    Honey Bear

    I think taking Dobbs in the 6th would be a very smart pick if he were to somehow fall to us. If not, Chad Kelly in the 7th if he makes it that far. After that I agree with you on Torgersen.

    I think the Bucs are okay with Ryan Griffin as their backup for now. He has two years in the system and has received praise from the coaching staff. I don’t think any rookie QB they draft would usurp him as the backup this season.

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      I like Chad Kelly in the 7th also. The kid has talent and potential. Had he not got hurt he would have been at least a 4-5th rounder.

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        Buc 1976

        Kelly may end up not being drafted? If he grows up and stop acting like a brat he very well could be A NFL QB. His uncle Jim needs to sit him down and have a GOOD TALK with him.

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    Who was the kid that just had wrist surgery? That could be someone who falls, or doesn’t get drafted since he can’t throw for three months. This could be work out for us signing him, then putting him on IR. This way he can develop behind the scenes, without taking up a roster spot, or having to carry 3 Q.B.’s again.

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    I’m just thankful we’re no longer seeking a legitimate starting QB. No more trading for the likes of Steve Spurrier, Jack Thompson or Chris Chandler. No more seeking journeyman free agents like Steve DeBerg, Jeff Garcia or Brad Johnson (he wasn’t too bad). No more top of the first round saviors who fail like Josh Freeman, Vinny Testaverde or Trent Dilfer. No more flashes in the pan like Jerry Golsteyn, Casey Weldon or my favorite, Randy “Why not Minot?” Hedberg.

    It’s good to be a Bucs fan these days.

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    Drafting a QB? We might as well just draft another kicker… I continue to struggle with the near universally held belief that if JW goes down we are screwed combined with the willingness to believe (especially PR’s oft repeated mantra that Licht & Co have invested plenty into OL) that our OL quality and depth is sufficient to minimize the chances of that happening.

    Meet our starting five…

    LT – The 69th rated T by PFF last season (and worst T overall in Football Outsiders Almanac the year prior) who gave up 57 pressures and 14 penalties last yr. Yes, he was a high 2nd round pick. Is that a positive?

    LG – 5th round pick who gave up 32 pressures and a dozen penalties in 14 games last season. Maybe he improves this season. Maybe not.

    C – D3 player – and yes a 2nd rounder and yes the one OL we are THRILLED to have and should be a mainstay for the next 8 years.

    RG – 7th round pick the Seahawks converted to OL who is coming off back surgery.

    RT – 31 yr old UDFA

    While a game changing weapon at RB/TE/WR would be hard to pass up in the 1st, the folks at One Buc have been vocal about being content with the OL, so much so that I suspect we’ll go OL within the first few rounds (and it would not shock me if we used our 1st on the #1 or #2 OT available).

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      Interesting take on the smoke screen Matador. It makes sense and the best of the class will be there according to most mock drafts. I would rather grab a CB or top TE in round 1, but shoring up the O Line is the tide that raises all ships. : )

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      I don’t agree. Quarterbacks are obviously far more significant than any kicker will ever be. Having a decent backup can be critical (see my comment below) and a season-saver.

      Whether Jason thinks there are any decent vets available who would be a fit with our offense and could get us a win or two if needed, or if he thinks a later round rookie QB makes better sense, only he can say, and do.

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      Buc 1976

      I suppose Jamis is NEVER going to get INJURED.
      New England still draft QB’S and get good play from them or a draft pick!
      THEY ARE ALWAYS LOOKING AHEAD. I AM NOT SAYING SPEND A 2-3 round pick but 5-7 is just SMART.

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    It’s not a lock that we’ll draft a QB this year, nor is it a lock that we won’t.

    I don’t agree that the existing two players are the best we can do, and that who cares if Jameis Winston goes out with injury, we’re screwed anyway. A quarterback can get injured for only one or a few games in a season – just look at guys like Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton or Marcus Mariota or Derek Carr, all of whom lost from one to a few games for injuries of varying severity during, or at the end of, their seasons in the last one or two years. Having a decent backup who can get us a win or two could easily make the difference between a lost season (no playoffs) or a good season (playoffs).

    When Cam Newton was in a car accident in December of 2014, Derek Anderson stepped in and won the game (against our Bucs!) and saved their season, allowing CAR to go on and win the NFC South and a trip to the playoffs. The following week Newton was back, and the Panthers finished only half a game ahead of second place New Orleans.

    So having a decent backup QB can be important in a league where every win is precious.

    Whether its a drafted rookie, or a quality vet (as was Derek Anderson) – that is up to Jason Licht to make the call. We clearly don’t have that guy on the roster now.

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      Not to mention that if our Bucs do extremely well in the regular season, clinching a division title and a high playof seed, then having a decent backup QB could allow us to rest Winston and keep him healthy for the playoffs.

      You may laugh at that as an unlikely scenario – but that is exactly what our team plays for and strives for, to be able to rest key players in the last game or two of a regular season.

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    I don’t disagree that a quality backup QB would be a ‘nice to have’. But so would…

    … a top flight TE (to fill the hole from our prior draft mistake), a better option at RB (to make up for reaching for Sims and getting half the productivity plannednfrom Martin), a starting caliber LT (to make up for reaching for Smith), another edge rusher (in case Spence wears down), another corner (since it’s not entirely clear what we have in VH3) etc.

    We can’t afford luxury picks right now. One day, but we’re not there yet.

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