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    I really enjoyed reading this scouting report on the team needs and comparisons between the RB prospects PR Team.

    WIth so much depth at the position the Bucs should be able to add to the room, but if they don’t I won’t fret. I like the stable of running backs they currently have rostered and know that if healthy, they could return to dominance…as is.

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    The draft can’t get here soon enough already. It should be held in March so the rooks can begin the off season work outs with their teams in April. The roller coaster ride you mention their draft stock is on is all media driven B.S.. As Licht mentioned yesterday scouts have been on these kids for years. The Bucs, like all other 31 teams draft boards have been set long ago. Only if a player gets busted, or injured doing another silly work out for some team will that change. Enjoy the best bets segment, but enough of the stock rising, or falling, this isn’t Wall Street.

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      One example…

      Last year I really liked OL Jack Conklin. I thought he would be perfect for the Bucs at #9. Bucs needed a replacement for Mankins. He was mocked anywhere from #10 to the 20’s. The more teams researched him though, the more his STOCK rose. Tennessee traded up to #8 to draft him ahead of the Bucs. Of course, Tampa then traded back two spots and took VH3 and said he was the target all along.

      So, in essence surferdudes, stocks do rise and fall just like wall street. That is what makes the draft so much fun to read about and mock

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        I’m still of the thought that the Bucs wanted Conklin all along and then Tennessee traded ahead of us to get him.

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      Also, NFL rules prevent college students to participate until their semester has ended. So having the draft in March wouldn’t help.

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      While it’s true that scouts have been on these players for years, however the scouts aren’t making the picks, the GM is with influence from the coaching staff. When you get the other people involved, you most definitely will see changes in preference of a player (stock up, stock down).

      So say SE Scout Brian Hudspeth really rates Marlon Mack highly, sees him as a first round value at RB and has been following him for years. Licht knows of Mack, among his many, many duties as GM and is aware of Brian’s glowing report, but then Dirk Koetter comes in and looks at his tape after the season has ended and both Koetter and RB coach Tim Spencer decide that they aren’t that fond of Mack for what they want to do and that they much, much prefer a couple of other backs. Will their involvement and Licht’s relative distance to the work affect Mack’s stock in the last few months? Absolutely.

      The groundwork is laid, but like anything else, once you send the report to the boss, and they consult with other people all bets are off on what happens with the information.

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    You said Mixon had other red flags, “among other things” exactly. What are those?
    This looks to be a great RB class. Still hoping for Cook just because it would be entertaining to watch a Jameis and Dalvin reunion.
    But you guys are right on with the Marlon Mack pick. Is our second pick to early do you think?

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      A reunion? They barely played together. And I shudder to think of how many fumbles those two would combine for. Bucs need to create takeaways, not giveaways. Draft defense for Mike Smith who stayed.

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        How ever short it is still a reunion, 2 Nole’s together again. And your right about the fumbles. It would be like kick ball out there. Still be fun to watch.
        GO BUCS



          Touche. I guess in the strictest sense of the word reunion, you would be correct sir.

          Go Bucs!

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        Winston had Cook in the backfield for half of his college career. How is that barely playing together?



          Jameis only played with cook in Cook’s freshman season, when they lost to Oregon

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    I would think the BUCs would have to use their 2nd pick to draft Mack. I don’t think he’ll be there in the 3rd.

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      Buc 1976

      I agree VT. I think M MACK has more upside than Cook the reason is the shoulder injuries to D Cook. Also if you compare combine stats they are very similar.

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    Another dumb rule Bucwild, kids having to wait till their class graduates. Tennessee had that guard rated on their board at #8, and that’s where they went up and got him. You wanted the Bucs to grab him at #9. Just because the “experts” had him going anywhere from 10, to 20, doesn’t mean his stock rose any. Obviously Tenn moved up because they felt other teams had him rated higher then where the “experts” thought he would go. Since none of us, media included get to see any teams draft boards, it’s all just a dog, and pony show for ESPN, and the NFL’s network to milk ratings.

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      Interesting take surferdudes…thanks for sharing.

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    I look forward to these articles every year. Even back in the printed BucMag days. I would sit with that issue every draft weekend.

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    This is the potential issue with one piece being split up and written by different parts of the staff – if it isn’t planned well, you get directly conflicting pieces of information from one paragraph to the next. On the first page, whoever wrote that had Dalvin at #3 among RBs, saying that it clearly looks like he’s going to go late, maybe even the second round. Then, on the “Best Bets” page, you’ve got that writer saying that all of Fournette, Cook, and McCaffrey are likely to be off the board by our pick at 19.

    Can’t have that both ways, guys.

    If these teamworked pieces are going to be a feature moving forward, there should be more done to make sure that the result is a cohesive piece of work. As an example, that first page needs to be done FIRST, before anyone else does their parts. And those that do those later parts need to be made to work while using the information from the stuff that gets done first as if it’s their own view. i.e. if Scott writes “Best Bets” and Trevor writes the first page stuff that ranks players and says where they’re likely to be taken, then Scott needs to accept that info as given and write his Best Bets accordingly. Can’t have directly conflicting info in the same piece, unless you want to break the piece up more definitively, i.e. put each author’s credit around their specific work and make the whole piece more conversational between the writers, rather than it being presented as one cohesive article.

    Not trying to attack you guys at all. I hope this is seen as what it’s intended to be – a friendly, inoffensive critique from a reader’s perspective, intended to be nothing but helpful.

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    My theory is that unless Cook or McCarffrey falls to #19, any RB we draft is going to be a younger replacement for Sims, who can’t stay healthy/on the field. I just have a feeling Doug is going to be part of the team next year. They’ll restructure his deal & it’ll be a 3 headed RB committee. In that scenario, most likely won’t draft a RB until the 4th or 5th round. Hunt, Joe Williams, Brian Hill, McNichols & Mack all potentially fit that bill. The draft can’t get here soon enough.

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    Ken Grant

    Please, please please, all I ask for in this draft is Kareem Hunt.

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