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Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for PewterReport.com since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, surfing and family time at the beach. In addition, Cook can be found in front of a television or in Doak Campbell any time the FSU Seminoles are playing. Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at [email protected]

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    The Bucs needs: speedy WR, OT, DE, S….depth…kicker lol.

    1. 1.1


      ugh kicker…Braxton Miller (speedy WR) and Vonn Bell (Safety) were both on the board when we took Aguayo i tried to defend him before but I am beyond done

  2. 2


    The way our DT’s went down this year, McCoy’s not getting any younger, McDonald’s always hurt, DT should be a priority. You win up front. Speaking of players not preforming, how about D Smith?

    1. 2.1


      I think they should trade McCoy if they could get a first round pick for him. Like surfer said … he isn’t getting any younger and we are a few YEARS away from being a football team, Don’t know if he would carry that value but Bucs ae just mediocre at best.
      This team needs so much in draft and we keep giving away our first and second round picks. How are we going to get better doing that. Draft solid players… not on potential. Honestly, I don’t see a bright future anytime soon.

      1. 2.1.1


        I don’t think we should trade McCoy he has been very loyal to this team and the chances we draft a player as good as McCoy with the pick we get for him aren’t high

      2. 2.1.2


        Don’t draft on potential? What? And we haven’t let go any 1st or 2nd rounders from the Licht era have we? Yeah Dominik sucked at drafting but our recent rookies are definitely trending in the right direction

  3. 3


    As has been the case for most of the 40 seasons of following this team, we begin the Draft talk on Halloween. One day maybe we’ll make it to Thanksgiving.

    1. 3.1


      maybe we can get it to Christmas in a couple years

  4. 4


    Just a heads-up guys! The Bucs did not cut CB Johnthan Banks as has been reported. Instead, Bucs are trading Banks to Detroit for a conditional 2018 7th round pick. If past is prologue, the current administration will not be here then! lol. #irony

  5. 5


    Regarding the hype on Winston being a “winner” in college ball, I never bought into that .. it seems to have been an affliction mainly of diehard FSU fans, which I am certainly not. The short answer to the question of “where is that Jameis Winston, the Winner?”is “this ain’t college ball”. The power of one guy to lead and motivate 53, or 103 other guys on game day is limited in the NFL, where the guys are, well professionals, and generally a lot older (early 20s to late 30s), unlike college ball which is made entirely of kids in their teens, most under the age of 21, and not pros.

    The greatest pro quarterbacks aren’t necessarily great leaders … great “rah rah” guys. They just perform, do their jobs, work with their teammates to get better, and don’t expect to dominate either the lockerroom or the field. Some are noisier than others, some are quieter … some are more emotional on the field, and some are not. Any team that expects its quarterback to be their prime motivator to achieve victory is a team that isn’t very professional, or likely very good either.

    Jameis Winston may yet turn out to be the long awaited franchise quarterback who delivers Super Bowl championships to the Bucs. It generally takes at least four or five years for any pro quarterback to approach his peak performance, regardless of whether those first years produced championships or not. So we’re at least another two years or so from finding out what Winston’s upside really is. But he does need to get his head out of the clouds, turn off the emotions, and focus on improving what needs improving. And that means he has to improve his accuracy … which strangely enough, was touted endlessly by Seminole fans during the runup to last year’s draft as his greatest strength, including his ability to “put the ball into tight windows”. He’s been exactly the opposite of that so far. He’s got to get better on his accuracy or he will be relegated to bouncing back and forth between being a turnover machine, as at the beginning of this season, or a low-production dink’n dunker as he was on Sunday. Neither of those two versions of Jameis Winston will get us to the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl.

    The jury remains out.

    1. 5.1


      True the Jury remains out, so why don’t you give it some time? He is only 22 and FSU fans were touting his accuracy because He was accurate. 66% completion % in 2 years of college, that’s what we call accurate. I love how fellow Bucs fans try to dig on FSU Bucs fans, because we all wanted Jameis. These tight window throws were made in college, watch the film. They ran a vertical offense and he flourished outside of his turnovers, which no Nole fan denied. Jameis has been off, no one, including FSU fans have denied that and these inaccuracies in the late games are as big a surprise to us as they are you. Noles fans can only go off of what they see as any other fans do, so please stop acting like Noles fans owe fellow Bucs fans an apology or something.

      1. 5.1.1


        I clearly stated that the jury is still out, so obviously I think he deserves a lot more time to prove his upside, which so far has not been apparent this, his second season.

        Accuracy is not completion percentage. Accuracy is putting the ball in the right place at the right time so that his receivers can catch the ball and also make YAC.

        Most quarterbacks can complete a high percentage of throws in the under 10 yard range. But dinking and dunking is not what Jameis was drafted to do. He was drafted to throw all distances up to long range throws (plus 20 yards), and he hasn’t done that as a Buc.

        This season, for passes thrown behind the LOS, Jameis completes 76.5% … that’s fine … but he drops off a cliff thereafter … 1-10 yards – 68.3% (good, but still dinking’n dunking) … 11-20 yards – 51.3% ( not good) … 21-30 yards – 37.% (bad) … 31-40 yards – 20% (terrible) … 41+ yards – 20% (still terrible).

        Effectively, we don’t have the medium or long ball in our offense … and again, that’s what the FSU fans told everybody was his long suit.

        By comparison, let’s look at a really good, but not great veteran quarterback – Matt Ryan. His splits are:

        Behind LOS – 88.9% (very good .. plus 12.4% over Jameis)
        1-10 yards – 71.0% (good … plus 2.7% over Jameis)
        11-20 yards – 54.4% (good … plus 3.1% over Jameis)
        21-30 yards – 56.3% (very good … plus 19.7% over Jameis)
        31-40 yards – 28.6% (OK … plus 8.6% over Jameis)
        41+ yards – 75% (!!) (great! … plus 55% over Jameis!!!)

        The Falcons definitely have the long ball in their game. Ryan has a QBR this season of 81.9, which for the moment puts him near the top of the league. But last year he did only 67.9, making him 9th best in the league.

        Now this is a QB with a lot of experience and is known as a good, if not great passer. But most people don’t usually include Ryan as a top tier QB either, not in the same breath with Brady or Rodgers … most would put him in second tier or perhaps worse. So it’s a fair bar to set for Jameis to do something similar. He doesn’t have to get there this year. But so far this year, Jameis ranks slightly higher in QBR this year (17th) compared to last year. (18th). He’s not progressing.

        To get better Jameis has got to improve his accuracy … not just completion percentage, but especially completion percentage on longer balls (over 10 yards). Without a threatening long ball, it makes it way too easy for defenses to both load up the box to stop the run game, and to tightly cover our receivers in a shallow field of play. I hope he can do it.



          So you compare a guy whose been in the league ten years to a guy whose been in it 2? And then say jameis’ 51% from 10-20yards is bad and then compliment ryan on his 54%. That makes sense. As for weapons, it’s not even close Jamie’s is working with Evans and a bunch of undrafted guys. These guys are great Bucs as a fan but there’s a reason they were u drafted. As for ball placement that was also not a problem, take it from someone whose watched every single snap he’s thrown.



            I’m not comparing Jameis to Tom Brady here, but to Ryan and said specifically that Ryan’s performance as a passer is a reasonable bar for Jameis to clear.

            Given that the Jameis fanboys all said he was the greatest quarterback who ever lived and would be getting fitted for his yellow HOF jacket withina couple of seasons, because he was “NFL ready” (wish I had a nickel for every dozen times that phrase was used during the runup to the draft), it is definitely not asking too much to have him deliver comparable performance to a so-so veteran, one who would never see his name printed in any sentence including “HOF” let alone “all time greatest NFL quarterback” as the Noles clearly predicted a year and a half ago.

            And note I did not write that Jameis even has to perform as well as a mediocre veteran passer this year, but that the mediocre veteran passer’s performance at least makes a reasonable bar to clear for the “all time greatest NFL quarterback ever”.

            If I sound sarcastic in recounting all the BS that was uttered and written about how superfantastic unbelievably awesome Winston was going to be, instantanously, as soon as he entered the league, it is because that was what the rest of us skeptics had to listen to for months on end.

            Bottom line is Jameis either throws it long and is a turnover machine, which his coaches cannot tolerate … or he dinks and dunks it out of fear of the big TO. That combo is intolerable for any quarterback, let alone one who was advertised as the quarterback for the ages.



            Show me one instance Naples of ANYONE saying he was going to the hall of fame. Just one. I’ll be checking on here for your zero response. And no, it’s not comparable to compare a guy with that much experience to a guy in his second year, no matter how you try to spin it. And I find it funny you say Ryan is a mediocre veteran as he leads the NFL in most comparable categories. You’re trying to hard too hard to be a smart ass here and looking like a dumbass.

  6. 6


    Jameis will b fine he is in his second year and has no weapons I mean teams double Mike our head coach needs to scheme better the reason you our qb pass completion percentage is so bleak is because for our offensive philosophyou. We don’t have a quick pass horizontal offense where u spread ppl out and force u to cover recievers with lbs or safeties. We run then run again then on 3 and 8 we pass for 5 yds or we play action deep to Mike and hope he catches it or gets pi if we r gonna run this type of system Kotter runs then we need an effective rb two really good tight ends who can do both pass catch and block and a speed reciever. All which are available in the draft. We also need to play ppl in their best position cuz we have 5 nickle corners but no boundary guys so I guess good luck with that lol.

    1. 6.1


      One thing I would like to see more is stacked formations. We are athletically inept at the receiver position so use more stack sets to make the defense think a little. And I’m with you as I’ve been saying for the last two weeks, stop running on first and second down, 90% of the time and then hope we complete 3rd and long. It doesn’t work that way. When we do play action Jameis is MUCH more effective.

    2. 6.2


      Not true at all that Winston “doesn’t have any weapons” – he has Evans who is having a Pro Bowl season, a lot of people in the league think highly of Adam Humphries and Cameron Brate. .Until he was injured, Charles Sims was considered a very effective receiving back.

      It is plain as day that Winston is missing on most of his longer passes (over 20 yards). We have no long ball.. Whether it is his coach telling him not to throw long to reduce INTs, or Jameis is limiting himself to shorter passes for the same reason, we don’t know … but we’ve become a short ball dink’n dunk offense this season. That makes us far too predictable.

      1. 6.2.1


        Love ya Naples, but to say Humphries and Brate (both undrafted free agents in their 2nd year) are weapons in the same class as Gronkowsky and Wes Welker is a bit of a stretch. He has but one weapon (Evans) that concerns DC’s. Had another with Martin last season but now with guys off the street. The big difference here is that Jameis, who at 22 should be concluding his senior year at FSU, is being looked at to lead a NFL team because there is no one else to take the reins. He’s still finding his way ………………by himself.



          I did not say as you say I said that Humpries and Brate are weapons in the same class as Gronkowski and Welker … nice bit of misdirection there, Scubog. I’m sure debate tactics like that would work very well for Donald Trump, But it doesn’t work here.

          Just as it is incorrect to state that Jameis “doesn’t have any weapons”, as in “none”, “nada”, “zip”, etc. etc. He clearly has one Pro Bowl caliber WR and several other capable receivers to back him up.

          If you wanna talk about not having receivers, how about Russell Wilson not having any in his two trips to the Super Bowl and one ring to show for it, as well as multiple trips to the Pro Bowl. RW would’ve killed to have a target like Mike Evans in either of his two Super Bowls.

          It is long past time to be making excuses for Jameis not being able to hit the broad side of a barn with his passes much beyond the line of scrimmage. Everybody can see with their own eyes what is happening. Jameis used to be able to pass with decent accuracy and without a ton of INTs, at least in his redshirt freshman year when he led the Seminoles to a national championship. But that was several years ago. We’ve heard ad infinitum about what a great football mind he has, his dedication to the game, his hard work, his getting in better shape physically this season, his being a big leader in the lockerroom. All of that is great, but I’d give up every single one of those things if he could throw the long ball a half dozen times a game and not give up more than 1 INT, and take our offense from boringly predictable to top ten.



            Yes lets talk Russel wilson, how’s he doing this year? And for the record, the two years they went to the Superbowl, their defense was ranked number 1 in the nfl in just about every category, along with a top 5 run game. I think it’s cute that we have capable weapons outside of mike considering the two guys you are talking about were UNDRAFTED. And for the record our offense was top ten last year. I mean do you do any research or just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind?



            Also with your non-sensicle Trump quote says all I need to know about you. Must be a killary fan, which gives you the IQ of a brick wall.

    3. 6.3


      #3 had great receiver in Evans, Great Tight End with Cameron Brate, and Humphries is a very good Receiver better than average
      Combined the 3 were huge weapon ,
      Jacquizz Rodgers 9 games 485 yards way above average
      The Defence held there opponents during win streak average 12 points a game

      #3 was 87 QB rating the bottom end of league and number 2 in NFL interceptions

      He needs go to QB technical coach and learn set feet correctly for NFL
      No he has not delivered what is needed to be starting QB
      Take off FSU blinders

  7. 7


    I am new to being Bucs Fan, I grew up in Denver and followed Broncos for many years , however after my first visit to Raymond James I felt drawn to Bucs ,
    I love the theme and orr of the Bucs , please forgive me for my newness.
    As a new fan looking in from the outside I developed questions !
    I came after the Glazers Hired Lovie and will not dive into what caused that choice.
    Lovie made choice to spend first round pick on Winston offer him more money than the Broncos paid Manning !
    Winston was a kid that had not played one down in NFL, that ran a 5.0 40 yard dash awkward throwing arm and they called him a franchise.
    After disappointing season they fire Lovie, Hire head coach that was offence coordinator for a team that only one 6 games , reason given they wanted him to work with
    Winston who now is rated in bottom 5 of all NFL starting QB, also they used a second round draft pick for a kicker!
    Already at 3-4 soon to be 3-5 there is talk about playing for low draft pick in 2017.
    I read others talk about how stupid people who question that Winston is not a franchise.
    Franchise QB win a tie game when they have several chances,
    The Cardinals laughed in locker room after game making fun of Bucs fans calling WINSTON franchise.
    The veterans on the Bucs have made comments there tired of kid rated at bottom of league raw rawing them with loud mouthpiece of BS.
    Winners keep there mouth shut and go out and help there team win.
    Do you see the pattern ?
    Hire there OC coach because he already worked with Winston , draft a Kicker 2nd round to help TO lower the amount of money to stay under the cap because you spent so much on Winston .

    The mistakes pile on top of each other, you can spend years to figure out Winston is bust or clean house end of this year
    Hire coach who as OC won 15-16 games and some playoff games this year
    use high 1st round for offensive weapon
    2nd round for solid QB
    And move the team forward !
    My view from outside the madness ,
    please feel free to comment and tell me how stupid I am

    1. 7.1


      Ok I’ll take a stab at your stupidity. Winston is just a 2nd year player. Franchise. Maybe, BUCS fans sure hope so.
      I’ll ask you this, were you in these locker rooms to hear them laughing at Winston not being franchise?
      That’s the first time we’ve heard that around here.
      Sure he has F’d up some but give a guy a chance. OK
      GO BUCS

      1. 7.1.1


        Maybe NFL stats are wrong and he not rated at 89.1 34th in NFL , only top 10 rating is in interceptions



          Mike – unlike a couple others here who insist on juvenile namecalling in place of mounting an actual debate, I will respond to you.

          Jameis Winston is not performing anywhere near as advertised as the number one overall pick in last year’s draft. I make that argument here in this thread, so I am not on the same page with the Nole boosters here who continuously make excuses for Winston’s under performance.

          At the same time, it is far too early to pronounce Winston a bust. His performance is not as you suggest at the bottom of the league’s quarterbacks. Per ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating system, Jameis as of this week at a QBR of 59.2 ranks 17th in the league – solidly in the middle. That is not bad for a second year quarterback as a general rule, but it’s mediocre for someone who was a no. 1 overall pick and proclaimed great by his fans.

          For comparison, at the top of the league is Brady at 91.6, and at the bottom is Keenum at 41.0. Winston is closer to the bottom than he is to the top in terms of QBR.

          In terms of passer rating, Winston ranks lower as of today, at 81.9 he is ranked 25th in the league. Again, that’s worse than mediocre, it’s “bad”, despite what his avid fans proclaim here in this thread. But QBR is a better overall measure of a quarterback, since it takes into account other factors such as his running game and ability to avoid sacks, which are also important performance factors.

          Whether opposing teams mock Winston in the lockerroom or not is of no concern to Bucs fans. Winston will be measured by his absolute performance on the field, and by his progress as a young quarterback. His actual performance this year is mediocre. In terms of progress, he’s effectively made little to none based on his QBR rankings in 2015 (18th) and 2016 (17th). As Mr. Reynolds has written elsewhere in various posts this season, in his thinking, a sophomore quarterback must be better than his rookie self, or he is technically in a “sophomore slump”. By that definition, and especially given that he’s got the same coaches and playbook as his rookie season, Winston ain’t gettin’ it done.

          I am not prepared to write off Winston as a bust. He still has at least two more years to show that he is capable of learning, adjusting, accepting his coaching, and getting better. Even if Winston does not ever develop into an elite quarterback, that doesn’t make him a bust. It DOES make him a disappointment compared to all the pre-draft hype.

      2. 7.1.2


        Can you not reply to another commenter without calling him “stupid”?

        I mean, disagree with him all you like, but knock it off with the juvenile namecalling.



          Or we can type what we want Naples. I mean if we have to listen to your garbage posts, you can deal with the name calling. Or does that offend you? Either way ,don’t care, If you don’t like the posts, don’t read or respond to them.

    2. 7.2


      The great John Elway and Peyton Manning didn’t start out so well Mike. When drafted that high they go to the worst team. Makes it tough. Right now your former Broncos are starting a 2015 7th round pick over their 2016 1st round draft pick QB. Does that make him a “bust”?

      1. 7.2.1


        I did not follow Manning when he started , I do remember Elway look bad a few times in his first year , but also remember flashes of greatness that left you jaw dropped I do not think anyone want compare Winston to Elway
        Elway had a arm not seen since and ran a 4.5 40 yard dash. I do not ever remember a losing season with Elway
        they were 9-7 first year 11-5 second season with Elway . Broncos won 2 games the year before Elway came
        Bucs looking at a 10 loss season again.
        Both of the Denver QB are playing well , I wish Bucs had one of them .

      2. 7.2.2


        Scubog – you’re comparing a first overall pick in the draft who was proclaimed by his fans as the greatest quarterback of all time, ready to fit out his yellow HOF jacket just by showing up, with a draft pick taken near the bottom of the first round (pick no. 26 – the third qb taken in the draft) who wasn’t proclaimed anything by anybody but as a project rookie quarterback to work behind Trevor Siemian.



          There you go with that HOF crap, show me one post of anyone saying that. Please back up your bullshit.

    3. 7.3


      Mike you’re tryin too hard to be a deuschbag. No one on the Bucs is saying these magical things you’re spewing out of your pie hole. Try harder troll. Or better yet pick a new team because reading your stupidity week ina me week out is getting redundant.

      1. 7.3.1


        Again, stop it with the juvenile namecalling. Are you, what, eleven years old? Or do you only write like an 11 year old?



          Nope I’m just not afraid to tell someone like you they are a dumbass.

  8. 8


    No your not stupid. Get rid of Winston his second year and call him a bust? Your a total moron. Lol. 4500 yards and a pro bowl last year now struggling on a team that’s got injuries galore and time to move on. Beyond stupid……

    1. 8.1


      Maybe NFL stats are wrong and he not rated at 89.1 34th in NFL , only top 10 rating is in interceptions

      1. 8.1.1


        Actually he’s 17th in qbr, try again genius.

      2. 8.1.2


        As for stats , since you swear by them, Winston has the best qbr in the NFL when blitzed and is top 10 in td passes. Look at all the stats troll, not just the ones you cherry pick.



          By QBR Winston is only 17th in the league. You can split out all the special situations you like, but I’d rather have a quarterback whose bottom line is top tier than someone with a cherrypicked stat – as you just picked while complaining that the other guy cherry picked – is high but his bottom line is low.

          If you want to rate Winston as a passer – which was proclaimed to be his strongest suit by far, because nobody ever thought that Winston was athletic or a dual threat QB – his passer rating is even significantly worse, being ranked 25th in the league at 81.9. His passer rating is actually several points worse this season than in his rookie season (84.2).

          By further comparison, Russell Wilson, a third round pick quarterback that most fans and media analysis would consider maybe upper middle tier and not considered an elite passer, had a passer rating of 100.0 in his rookie season, and even higher at 101.2 in his sophomore season.

          Winston is most definitely under-performing compared to expectations.

    2. 8.2


      You too, fredster. Sure, you’re a Winston fan. But juvenile namecalling is always wrong. Deal with his points, make an argument. This isn’t the sixth grade – this is an adult site.

  9. 9


    Even the most casual fan that knows nothing about football knows you don’t send the first pick overall packing early in his second year. Go troll somewhere else.

  10. 10


    How is he 34th overall when 32 teams? Lol

    1. 10.1



      Not asking send him packing , make plans for next year now if slump does not end , Quit think you can build team around him , Just build best team
      I would like see more Bucs fans than the team Bucs play in Raymond James

      1. 10.1.1


        Yes draft another qb, because they just grow in trees according to you. You’d see how many teams don’t have a qb? Yes don’t build around him, that makes plenty of sense. You say you just started being a Bucs fan. Did you just recently begin watching football?



          So how has hiring coach who was OC for team that lost 10 games because he worked with him rather than go out hire coach that as OC won 12-13 games and some playoffs
          How is that working for the Bucs this year
          Drafted any kickers second round lately
          To clear it up Winston signed four year deal for a lot of money , he will not be going anywhere
          Even if Bucs wanted no one would take him with his salary and cap , Sure would not hurt to have a QB other than Winston in the system .
          I do not like Denver but look at the QB they found late in 2015 draft , So I guess if you know what you lookin for you can find one in the trees

    2. 10.2


      Some teams have played more than one QB on there team in same season , simple go stats look up QB rating 89.1 puts you 34 place against QB that have played in NFL this year
      This is from NFL.com

      NFL- MLB- NBA- live and die on stats sorry if NFL rating does not match your emotions


  11. 11


    Some of us need to get off the emotional rollercoaster… Winston HAS been bad in his first couple seasons w/ the long ball, but it’s hardly time to call his NFL career a bust.

  12. 12


    There are 19 QB starting in NFL with better QB rating 87.2
    There are 27 QB starting with better pass completion 60.2%
    There are only 4 QB’s with more interceptions!!!!!

    Bucs are showing great Defence in last 5 games the Defence has played like a playoff team
    The offence has underperformed even with good running back and 2 really good receivers
    Winston does not have it ….He will not be able to lead team to wins against playoff caliber teams
    You can wish all you want , the Defence is making the team right now , if they had a better than average QB they would be looking Playoffs , with Winston that will not happen , His feet do not set correctly when he throws and he is slow . Ray Charles could see this bust coming a mile away !
    Sorry FSU is is not collage

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