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  1. 1


    Another hot garbage draft… Woods and Gibson are good picks but the rest are awful. Just awful…

  2. 2


    Hello Brother Scott, I’m fairly new to letting my opinion be heard on this great site, so I figured I should introduce myself first.

    Now please somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I think if the draft materialized like this there would be a lot of upset Buc fans including myself.

  3. 3

    Julian Jordan

    Man I would be embarrassed to bring this draft class back to Tampa looking for an extension. #LichtTheWay.

  4. 4


    This is a tough draft to call. I like the Adoree Jackson pick as it addresses the need for a KR/PR as well as a player that can start out playing nickel and work behind Grimes. I have a hard time seeing KPass as a 2nd round pick though as most sites seem to have him as a solid 3rd rounder. If Willis is still on the board at that point, I’d rather have Willis. I like Hunt in the 3rd but not a fan of Roberts – if we are going to get a TE in the 4th, I’d hope that Kittle is still on the board. Frankly, in the 3rd I’d go with TE and try for Bucky Hodges and in the 4th try to get Jehu Chesson WR and then maybe look for Brian Hill RB in the 5th.

    Anyway, it’s all a shot in the dark. I really like a few of the guys, not so excited about others. Hopefully we can trade down in the 1st and pick up another 3rd round pick.

  5. 5


    Scott, come on man! The reason Brees, and Carr tore us up last year had more to do with them having all day to throw, not because coverage was a problem. Give those guys a clean pocket, I doubt Deon could cover that long. As far as kick returning, NFL kickers put it out of the end zone 99 percent of the time. Not only that, they kick higher, and the coverage guys are faster, and closer to begin with then college. Where’s he going to play? Grimes was our best cover corner last year, not our first round pick who looked lost at times. Grimes also didn’t look to be slowing down last year either. Put Jackson one, on one with J.Jones, give Ryan some time, it’s game over. Same with Cooper, and Carr. Instead of drafting corners, and trying to keep NFL receivers in check, we’d be better served trying to out score somebody for a change. Last game of the season against Carolina Grimes had six points, our offense had ten. If we were competing against a better offense that day, it wouldn’t have cut it.

    1. 5.1


      If you’re trying to say the bucs should draft a lineman, that’s incorrect. Also Brees doesnt really have a ton of time in the pocket, he is just better at getting the ball away faster than Jameis.

  6. 6


    This mock draft is as good as any – which is to say, not good. It’s all a guessing game this season, unlike prior drafts with Licht.

    They have their draft board ready to go, Licht says its been ready for months. Even the individual workouts and interviews seem to have produced no useful public/fan info that will help us understand who the Bucs have their eyes on this year.

    Dang, we actually have to wait for the draft to find out … who’d a ever thunk such a thing as that?

  7. 7


    Wow… That is a lot of small school love, Scott.

  8. 8


    First a disclaimer! I have no info or other confirming facts to justify my opinion here. It is pure conjecture coming from the lack of any consensus in this year’s draft For the Bucs. And the Bucs have done an excellent job of not playing its hand to the media. I’m admitting that I don’t have a clue, but that’s never stopped me from taking a wild a$$ guess. Lol.

    Up until 4 hours ago, I did not think the Bucs would draft an early round RB. Just heard that RB Adrian Peterson is signing with the Saints at 3.25 million. After Winston and Evans glowing appraisal of AP, hard to believe the Bucs would not be interested at that price. Maybe signals that they’re going to draft a perceived game changer RB early in the draft. Don’t anybody get upset, I’m just guessing. lol.

    I still think the Bucs trade down in the first round if they can and take BPA. They have scouted, worked out, had private visits with the gamut and have enough player info to sit back and let this deep draft come to them

    They may trade down several times and not be afraid to trade up to get a guy they like. This makes it almost impossible to nail a mock so I’m not going to try. I’ve been all over the place with the first 4 versions of the Bucs 7 round Mock and so has PR – and still I see no consensus!

    If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Then quit! There’s no point in being a damn fool about it. – W.C. Fields

    I’m taking WC’s advice – gonna sit this one out and let you guys have all the fun this time. Just 3 mo’ days. I can backstroke that distance, so see you there. Hope you get your guy. Good luck Scott! Go Bucs!

    1. 8.1


      I strongly suspect it’s Dalvin Cook if he’s available. Maybe the character concerns are too much and he slip slides his way to Rd 2,but you know what? PR has a tendency to miss on Rd 1 projections from the Bucs outside of Winston. Last year, despite a general consensus for Hargreaves SR and Co thought he was too small for the Bucs who preferred taller CB’s and had them taking Rankins. In 2014, despite general consensus that the Bucs would take Mike Evans SR stuck with Derek Carr throughout his projections. While so much can happen at 19, Dalvin Cook, like Hargreaves, Evans and Winston before them is the player most linked to the Bucs at their pick. It makes too much sense, we’ll just have to see if the Bucs really aren’t interested or if they are just playing a game of poker.

      1. 8.1.1


        You could be right devasher,

        I went through a legal pad of paper over the weekend doing mocks. I finally gave up and penned this post. The only redeeming fact about this draft is that I haven’t seen a single player slated for the 1st round save a QB that wouldn’t help the Bucs in one way or another. Whoever you like, i hope you get that guy. Pretty sure I’ll be happy with him too! Go Bucs!

  9. 9


    OK, this final mock has Tanoh Kpassagnon as our 2nd round pick, but the Best Bet says Jordan Willis is our guy at DE in the first 3 rounds… I know one is Scott’s and the other one is Trevor’s… Couldn’t you guys come to a consensus or did you see no reason to sync up your projections? Just curious. Personally, I like the sound of Willis more, but maybe we can’t get him if the Bucs are zeroing on AJax in round 1.

    1. 9.1



      After reading your post referencing AJax, I got thinking! Vincent Jackson said he is not ready to retire and could re-join the Bucs during training camp at some modest price. The Bucs are slated to do HBO Hard Knocks. We could showcase AJax, VJax, and Djax. That’s made for TV stuff, dontcha think? I’m going to put the bottle down right after I hit the comment button. Lol. Good luck in the draft and have fun no matter what! Go Bucs!

      1. 9.1.1


        I’ll say AJAX would be a great nickname. Who was tougher than AJAX, no one, maybe Achilles.
        GO BUCS

    2. 9.2


      buccaneerNW, They have always stated that they do not sync up their projections. I, for one, kind of like it that way. I like to see multiple opinions that I can take into account when I am trying to decide what my final opinion will be. I really love a couple of these picks, but am not a fan of others, just like I am with who the Bucs actually pick each year. I learned a long time ago to just hope for a couple of guys that I like, and hope we avoid a couple that I dislike. But in the end, I try to leave it up to the experts at One Buc Place.

  10. 10


    Well, I liked the fourth round pick. So this mock has that going for it

  11. 11


    Woods is 5’11 200 pounds and a free safety. He also won’t be around in round 6.

  12. 12


    That draft is almost as good as the 2011 draft.

  13. 13


    First I’ll put my disclaimer out there, Like macabee. I don’t profess to be a draft guru, but c’mon Scott. You hype up players for months and for your 1st selection you throw a curve and take Adoree Jackson. That pick would only make people with a VJax jersy happy. Now if you slated him in the second I’d be on board. What happen to all the Budda Baker love? If we take a secondary player 1st maybe it should be first round grade. Jackson is just not worthy of a first round grade.

    My take on this whole thing is this, Beef up the lines. If Marpet is going to be a center draft Lamp to replace him. If we want a defensive end draft Willis, Harris, Barrnet or McKinley. The 19 pick has traditionally been a good place to get a long term starter.
    Licht will let this draft come to him, I hope, and take the best player available. Hell. Peppers might fall all the way to the third round after failing a drug test. You can’t fix stupid. At least he hasn’t clock a girl, I think.

  14. 14

    Alldaway 2.0

    Unlike many others I like this mock draft. But I can’t see the Bucs taking a two down LDE prospect in the 2nd round when they just re-signed their very own.

    This draft is good in that it provides the Bucs with players that fit the Bucs schemes on defense and offense. Solid B mock draft in my book.

  15. 15


    God I hope PR is wrong about the first two picks!

  16. 16


    I agree on safety being a later priority and I could also go for Jackson as long as RB Cook, CB White and CB Conley are off the board.

    Thats an ugly looking draft but sometimes those workout best but I would be seevry underwhelmed with this.

  17. 17


    I will admit that Tanoh Kpassagnon has been one of my favorite prospects all offseason. However in lieu increased information on Harris, Willis, Walker and Charlton plus a few others my opinion has changed. Possibly in the 4th or fifth round and that’s simply based on the lack of enthusiasm concerning him. Hunt would be a good mid-round pick although I also like Donate Forman. As for the rest especially Adoree Jackson that is real whip lash three days before the draft. Versitle player but I am more in the Buda, Obi camp. I want the best safety we can get. Ironically I have advocated all offseason that this is one year where we really can’t lose in the draft. With the depth and availability of so many players that meet our few needs I really feel this one will be fun to watch instead of stressful. With all due respect Scott I think if we took your mock, I would be a little stressed.

  18. 18


    I will have to give this draft an F. You didn’t even trade all the picks for a RB. smh.

  19. 19


    All these mocks have been to fun to dissect and talk about. Thanks for putting in the time and effort, Scott.

    Now, to the mock. I’m not a huge fan on this final version. We need a corner, but Adoree just feels like a huge reach at 19. He’s got tons of talent, but he’s still very raw at corner. If Grimes can give us another solid year, maybe the pick would work if Adoree develops. I feel more impact players will be there in the first. Tonah and Hunt are also down on my want list. Especially in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. But more so Tonah in the 2nd.

    The good part of this mock is all 4-6. I really like Roberts game and it addresses a huge need at TE. Gibson is an interesting pickup, because of his blazing speed and big play ability. He could replace DJax whenever his time is up. Or at least be a dangerous slot receiver. Xavier Woods would be an absolute steal in the 6th, but I can’t see him lasting that long. I’d be happy with us grabbing him in the 4th or 5th. I think he can really ball and would solidify our backend. If one or two players are different in the first 3 rounds, and I’d love the haul for the Bucs.

    Fingers crossed the best players land in our laps. Let us pray it all works out in our favor. Go Bucs.

  20. 20


    I like this draft, I think Kpassagnon will be one of the 5 best pass rushers from this draft, with the better ones probably being off the board in round 1.

  21. 21

    Reynaldo Viera

    If this draft plays out this way I will be highly disappointed. In a draft so deep with talent, we are reaching for a corner in the 1st round with suspect coverage skills because he’s fast and can return kicks. That my friend is why we’ve sucked for so long. You can’t draft this way expect to be contenders. The only pick I can agree with is Michael Roberts in the 4th then again I’m hoping for Jake Butt. I would rather trade every single draft in this years draft for one of the top guys then to end with this mess. Licht needs nail this draft, this draft class can set us over the hump to finally reach the playoffs but if we end up with this I don’t see us in the playoffs.

  22. 22


    This has to be the worst mock draft I have seen for our beloved Bucs. In years past you have done well. Our first round pick is slated as a second rounder, second round pick is a project and is probably a 3rd or Maybe a 4th round prospect. WTF, expect better from the PR staff. We will get miserable draft day grades from all prognosticators and deservedly so.

  23. 23


    No safety? We only have 3 on the roster. Who is going to be our fourth safety let alone our starting Free Safety? Not answering that question…. I like the rest of the picks except the qb. Find someone who can play on special teams with that pick.

  24. 24


    Love the Adoree Jackson pick. Fills a huge need. I like Conley a little more as a pure corner, but why split hairs. I would be happy if the draft went like this.

  25. 25


    Love the 1st pick but to go reach, reach, reach consecutively in rounds 2, 3, and 4 would be very disappointing. I’m not a Kareem Hunt fan at all. I like Roberts but I see him as a day 3 player and I like KPass but in the 2nd round just sounds like really bad value. We really need a safety and while I do like Woods, he is a developmental player.

    1. 25.1

      Ken Grant

      Hunt is not a reach in the 3rd and neither is Roberts in the 4th.

  26. 26


    Doug Martin $7.5 mil/Adrian Petersen $3.25 mil. — From the beginning I said Martin’s Contract was a waste of money. He gave the Bucs a gift to void his contract. Do it. Move on.

    I do not understand this infatuation with small DBs, RBs and WRs.
    First DBs – Look at the WRs in our division. Kelvin Benjamin 6′ 5″, Julio Jones 6′ 3″, Mike Thomas 6′ 3″. How does 5′ 10″ DBs defend these guys? Let me answer that…. They Can’t. I did not like the Hargreaves pick (and still don’t).

    RBs – The Bucs have average, at best, finesse backs. They need a bigger back that is also decent in pass protection. I know the Bucs say they like their OL but be serious, they really only have 2 tackles. And the Left Tackle is better on the Right Side and the other is better at Guard. If Jamies Winston is the most important player…..PROTECT HIM. If they trade down and get an early 2nd round pick, get Joe Mixon. I also like D’Onta Foreman but he seems to be moving up the draft boards and will probably require a late 2nd or early 3rd (at that point, there is no value).

    WR – Since the OL can’t hold their blocks very long, fast WRs are useless. Notice the Patriots have 3 slot receivers, WHY because little guys get hurt. Give Winston Big Targets. If Corey Davis, OJ Howard or David Njoku are available at #19, pick one (else trade down). If we do not not get a TE in round 1, pick an excellent pass catcher (ie Bucky Hodgers rd 3) and another that can block and catch in the Red Zone (ie Michael Roberts rd 5).

    Licht needs to take advantage when a player falls to the Bucs. I (and many Buc Fans) wanted the Bucs to draft La’el Collins. But Licht said he would only sign with Dallas. SOOOOO – draft him and make Dallas pay up or make him sit out. Instead, we draft an FB from Hawaii – DUH.

    Last year I wanted the Bucs to draft Larry Tunsil. If the Bucs drafted both of these guys, then EVERYONE would agree they would have a good OL.

    Lastly, stop drafting a player because of Punt or Kick Off Return ability.

    1. 26.1


      You really hit on something magoobee, last year PR was banging the drum for taller DB’s because of all the tall receivers in the division and used it as rationale as why they wouldn’t go after Hargreaves, one year later Scott is trying to decide between 5′ 11 Adoree Jackson or 5′ 10 Budda Baker as top 20 picks in the defensive backfield. I guess PR threw last year’s theory out the window.

  27. 27

    Ken Grant

    Love 3-7 but not a fan of the first two.

  28. 28


    Sorry Scott, I have to take issue with you in regards to wasting another No. 1 draft pick on a CB.
    All of those QB’s you mentioned racked up big yardage on the Buc last year due to an inconsistent pass rush, not because our CB’s couldn’t cover. Well. maybe in the Rams game that was the case.
    Our pass rush was killer with Sapp and Rice, and the CB’s feasted on INT’s. We need to get back to that.

  29. 29


    I am surprised there is not a QB in there somewhere. I don’t want to be an alarmist, but we are one good sack away from not having a QB to step in and play at NFL level. I suspect as long as Bucs are patient, there will be at least one superstar player on offense at 19. I gotta believe they will take whoever that is. They need weapons. Jackson alone will not solve their problems. I could see them taking a Safety or Corner with the first pick, But if they pass on Howard, Cook or Ross or even Njoku or McCaffrey or Davis, they are nuts. One of those guys will be there at 19. Be patient and take him.

  30. 30


    IT appears from a lot of chatter out their in NFL world that there might be a run on some of the offensive players in the first round and that could drop some very good quality Defensive players to us. IF we take a top DE or Corner or Safety at 19 I will be thrilled as long as we come right back in 2nd and 3rd and 4th and pick quality receivers, running backs and TE’s.

  31. 31


    Scott, thanks for the mock. However I believe it was lacking in impact. I would like to see the Bucs trade down…

    The Houston Texans are in need of a QB and at #19 could they could get their QB. The Bucs trade down and receive the Texans #25 and # 57…The Bucs give #19 and #84

    Bucs draft:
    #25 Obi Melofonwu S or Budda Baker S
    # 50 Kareem Hunt RB
    # 57 Zay Jones WR
    # 126 Adam Shaheen TE
    # 162 Samaje Perrine RB
    # 204 Trey Henderson ER
    # 237 Marquel Lee LB (excellent special team player to replace Shepherd)

    I don.t think that Doug Martin will be back, and Sims is a question mark. By adding Hunt and Perrine to go with Rodgers the backfield would be strong and versitile.

    1. 31.1


      Like your picks dude.
      Swap the 2 and 3. Jones #2 and Hunt #3. That would work. Zay Jones might be gone before our 2nd pick.
      But the rest is solid.
      GO BUCS

  32. 32


    Well I personally hope the draft doesn’t play out this way & find it hard to believe Licht is going to reach when Scott said clean & safe, not experimental.

    S is a big issue & offensive help. Offensive help coming in the late rounds is a crap shoot. CB is not dire, and a reach at 19.

    I hope we trade back & back & back some more.

    I agree w mac, this thing could go any direction & this draft will be a critical judgement on Licht/BUCS.

    Do not love this mock at all, this will not sell tickets or enthuse the fans base in the least, but as good as guess as any.

  33. 33

    David DeLeon

    You know way more about football and the Bucs than me about but I don’t like this mock draft. I wouldn’t mind AJax so much only if we trade back about 10 spots. And the Villanova DE I don’t think he will produce in the NFL.
    Come Sunday, I just hope it turns out a little different than this.
    I hope we end up with Cook in the first, even Evan Ingram in the second, D Walker in the fourth

  34. 34


    I like the idea of taking defense with the first two picks but these guys? Maybe in other draft classes but not this one. There’s so much defensive talent this year, to reach in my opinion for these 2 is a waste. There’s cornerstone guys to be had in the first two rounds.

  35. 35


    I literally just read the other day that you believe Licht wants to play it safe… these guys aren’t that.

  36. 36


    Well Scott, your latest Mock Draft sure has made the children act as if they woke up Christmas morning, scurried from their beds to open the seven presents under the tree and uttered the word, “yuck” after opening each one. Absolutely hysterical how people get so worked up over something that is pure speculation.

    Relax fellow Bucs fans. Mock Drafts aren’t real. They’re as fake as the hooters at Hooters. For entertainment purposes only.

    Out of the seven listed players, I suspect maybe one will actually become a Buccaneer. With two players from Toledo and another who began his college career as a Rocket, the headline in the Times would surely be “Holy Toledo”. Licht would change his nickname from “Meathead” to Rocket Man.

    I try to focus on what I can actually control. I can no way control or even influence who Jason Licht will select or who Scott or anyone else, names in these endless Mock Drafts. I just read or watch them knowing they are meaningless.

    One of the things my dad used to say, “Most of what people worry about never happens”. That has proved to be true throughout my life. I certainly am not going to fret over a Mock Draft that has us selecting a player I don’t particularly favor.

    Now, this weekend I just might get religious and scream, OMG, Geez Us Cryest, Holy $hit or maybe even Holy Toledo!

    1. 36.1


      Scrub- you are right, however…I think the majority of the readers feel like PR is closer to the BUCS and have more of an inside read than national pundits. So when they put out a final mock like this it scares them.

      If this was kiper’s mock I think most would just roll their eyes, when Scott does it they go OMG

      1. 36.1.1


        Scott and the PR gang might be granted a lot more access to the inside of One Buc Palace, but in no way is Jason Licht letting them anywhere near their Draft Board. We all know the team’s “needs” but what we don’t know is how the staff is evaluating the current roster or ranking the available players to determine BPA.

        Richie McKay often remarked about purposely giving out false tidbits to the media and even admitted that everyone lies this time of year. I still contend he started the rumor about Sapp causing the best player in the 1995 Draft to fall to us at #12 after trading down and getting the extra choices to get that “too small” hybrid Safety/ LB named Brooks.

  37. 37


    C’mon man!
    Excuse me while I get my Mark Barron draft pick Air Bag.

  38. 38


    HORRIBLE DRAFT!!! i would be highly upset if this were to be the outcome good thing you write up these and aren’t in the war room

  39. 39

    Buc 1976

    After two BAD SECOND rd. picks JL needs to nail this draft!!
    So this pre draft don’t cut it. JU Ju is ranked late first or early second rd. The kid from Villanova is rated third rd.

  40. 40


    2 more days for the real thing!!

    Jason, may the force be with you!

  41. 41


    Yes, he’s versatile, but I find that a reach at#19, which is how I felt w/ the previous version w/ [email protected] …The rest of the position needs are addressed along the way –
    Hunt being associated w/’ball security’ that Koetter talks [email protected]; TK having the size that coach Hayes likes on the DLine…
    TE, Safety, WR are all picked. May not be the ideal names we all want to see, but it’d be sweet if some of the names we WANT to see fall to those spots… Backup QB competition will be addressed as well, I’m sure.
    I Have Faith in the staff to pull it off!

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