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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Love this mock! Only pick I am a bit shaky on is Perine from Oklahoma. I follow Matt Miller, a well known Bleacher Report draft scout, and he made a comment about Perine lacking traits and most people like him because of the stats he put up. While I do think he is talented, I think Miller has a valid point after I watched some Perine tape. I think Brian Hill from Wyoming would be a viable option or even Kareem Hunt from Toledo if they are still available. If either Cook or Fournette(highly doubtful) fall to us, I wouldn’t mind a 1st round pick on a huge-impact player like those two. But this is a very good class for RB’s so I am extremely hopeful that Licht can find the best option for us and get us a potential franchise back to pair with Winston, Evans, and Brate on a potentially lethal offense!

    1. 1.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you, BucsFanInIowa. I also like Brian Hill a lot. Followed him since his freshman year at Wyoming. My problem with Kareem Hunt is the lack of speed and big runs on his resume`. As for Samaje Perine, I do think he has the traits for the NFL. He reminds me a lot of Jonathan Stewart in his prime coming out of Oregon.

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    Ugh… I hate that its a weak line class. If a WR or RB are BPA in first 2 rounds for Bucs, so be it, I have very little knowledge of the players coming out of college so my opinion isn’t worth much but I look around the NFL and the toughest teams to play have stout lines on O or D. I don’t believe our offensive or defensive line is up to par, I realize WR isn’t either but if Winston had more time back there I have faith in him to make plays. Easier to address WR in FA and 4th or 5th round than to add impactful players up front. I like the flashy pick as much as the next guy and over the next few months as we learn more about these players I am sure I will be swayed… I just hope Sweezy can return at full force and our young players continue to improve.

    1. 2.1


      There’s a handful of offensive linemen projected to go in either the first or second rounds. “Weak” draft classes simply describe how many are available compared to numbers available in other years, it doesn’t meant that good ones aren’t to be had.

      The reality is that Jason and staff are going to do like every other team, they’ll assemble their own draft board with well over a hundred players on it, ranked in order of preference, and when our number comes up they’ll take whoever’s at the top of the board at that moment. If a player they strongly like is within trading distance, they’ll keep that in mind too.

      Teams don’t draft classes, they draft individual players.

      1. 2.1.1


        “Teams don’t draft classes, they draft individual players.”
        Yes, but position depth does influence which player they take if 2 candidates are considered relatively equal and one of them plays a position in which several good players will be available later in the draft. They will take the one where the position is not deep in talent.

    2. 2.2

      Scott Reynolds

      JR Sweezy returning and the young Bucs’ OL development is key, as you stated, especially if they take a year off from drafting O-linemen.

      1. 2.2.1


        Scott; where’s the OT? Pamphile should stay put unless Sweezy beats him out. What has OT Webster shown yet?

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    7 round mock drafts are an exercise in pure blue sky fantasy. Any projections beyond Day 2 are a waste of time.

    Taking a speedy WR makes obvious sense as a first or second round pick. Saying John Ross isn’t going to be available, however, is by no means a sound assumption. Indeed, Chris Burke at SI.com projects the Bucs taking him with our no. 19 pick. If Jason and his talent evaluators are impressed enough with him after all the pre-draft stuff that is going to make a big impact on impressions, I can certainly see the Bucs trading up to get their man at this extremely important position of need.

    A running back in the second round can make sense, but there are big red flags when proposed pick has seen steady reductions in carries and yards and missed several games in a short college season due to injury. I would never take such a player at anything other than a Day 3 pick. If you’re going to take a running back high (Day 2) he better damn well be an iron man candidate.

    Finally, as to a draft class being “weak” on offensive linemen as 2017 is said to be, it’s important to remember that you don’t draft a class – you draft an individual player. And if the individual player you like is at the top of your draft board and he’s still available at your pick, you simply take him and to heck with his “draft class”.

    1. 3.1

      Scott Reynolds

      I’m not concerned about Samaje’s Perine’s production decline as Joe Mixon is equally talented and they wanted to find a way to get him on the field. If anything it lessened Perine’s workload and added some mileage to his NFL career.

      I might take John Ross ahead of Corey Davis, but I’m just not sure he’s going to be there because his speed is so rare.

      That’s a fair point about the OL class, too.

  4. 4


    Love the Davis pick. Need WR to compliment Evans. Sleeper pick and possible best pick in your first draft is Tanoah Kpassagon. Guy is an absolute beast. Need to include OL in second or third round.

    1. 4.1


      That guy as well as Xavier Woods from LA Tech had some fun film to watch. Definitely playmakers

  5. 5


    it isnt a sexy pick, and i do like this mock draft and would be very pleased with it, but i may take LSU C/G Ethan Pocic with the 1st pick depending on how he does at the combine and he needs to add a lil strength before then as well. I love the attitude and mentality that Joe Hawley brings to the Bucs o-line but he gets thrown around like a rag doll at times we need a crusher who can take double teams we draft this kid to play either center or move marpet to center and let this kid play guard opposite pamphile…
    I still do love this pick and would rather have Davis than Ross even thos Ross is faster i believe Davis will be the overall better WR for Jaboo and this offense opposite Mike Evans and i do love Perine in the 2nd round too but i got us trading up early in the 2nd to get D’onta Foreman lol i would still be happy with Perine tho. 1 safety??? I hope you have us grabbing a safety in free agency cause altho tandy has earned a starting spot, him and a rookie late round pick as our starting safeties gives me nightmares we need depth and a veteran presence(perhaps even starter) at that position. We can afford to do that at CB but not safety, outside of Tandy, we have zilch for starting caliber presence at this postion. STILL amazing 1st mockk draft! Im Sure it will change as time gets closer and free agency makes its course kudos pewter report and staff!

    1. 5.1

      Scott Reynolds

      I did some film study on Ethan Pocic and wanted to like him, but he’s so tall and sometimes shorter DTs would get underneath him and rock him back with their better leverage. Pocic is good, but usually you don’t see 6-foot-6 centers in the NFL for that reason.

      I did like safeties Budda Baker from Washington and Marcus Williams from Utah. But I love the big-play ability from Xavier Woods. If he’s in a Power 5 conference he’s probably a Round 2-3 guy.

  6. 6


    Sorry, Tanoh Kpassagnon. Love the pick, Hate the name.

  7. 7


    I must say I agree with Naplesfan, Davis and Perrine should not be the first 2 picks. We should only take an RB is someone special like Cook is on the board in the 1st. Otherwise I would get a penetrating DT, like Soloman Thomas, or one of the TEs with 1st round grades as they will have greater impact. I think what we get from Davis could be accomplished by signing Alshon Jeffrey. Ross is a game changer with his speed and should be considered but as I’ve said all year, we can get that production with a Desean Jackson type player also. Adding a TE like Howard from Bama would allow us to cut dead weight like Myers and Stocker as we would have a complete TE and a pass catching complement to him in Brate. I would let Spence walk as he does not make any impact when on the field and has not helped take the pressure of McCoy when he gets double teamed. If Carolina lets Short walk then he should also be an option which would take away the need for Thomas. I agree with Naplesfan that we only need one good OL to make the pick but I also think we should make Ron Leary a target as there’s no way Dallas can afford him and he will give us the flexibility to put the best 5 on the line even if it means moving Marpet to C. Enjoyed the mock draft though overall as nobody is ever right lol. Next time add in the Licht reach pick that he annually makes, there’s a long snapper somewhere that I’m sure we have our eye on.

    1. 7.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you, stlbucsfan. I like Solomon Thomas, but probably at DE rather than DT because he’s about 270-275. And if you draft him is that a duplication if you re-sign Will Gholston?

      As for TE, the Bucs do use some 2 TE sets, but with Cameron Brate being a starter, I could see more value in going with WR in Round 1 in terms of Corey Davis seeing more snaps on the field than OJ Howard. First-round picks really need to be Day 1 starters value-wise.

    2. 7.2


      I think Thomas is more explosive than Will and has experience playing DT like he did early on at Stanford. I think he is more of a Spence replacement than a Golston replacement as Will should be retained bc he brings different skillset that our DL needs. If Thomas could add about 10 pounds he would fall right into the Aaron Donald range who is listed at 285. That quickness inside next to McCoy would create havoc next season. I see your point on the TEs also but I honestly feel Howard would start over Brate due to his ability to block and run routes, which would free up Brate to do what he does best which is run routes. I’m of the opinion Desean or Alshon can be lured to Tampa this summer but if not then yes WR would trump TE.

  8. 8

    Buc 1976

    I have seen this kid play he is really really good hope we get him!!

  9. 9

    Buc 1976

    C Davis I like a lot!!
    2nd round Please get DT after that no more small CB.

  10. 10


    I love the Corey Davis pick but would not be a big fan if the rest of the draft played out like this. Davis would really shore up the receiving core and should be a monster pro. He has the size, skill, and production. As for a RB in the second round, I don’t get the point when you can pick up a Jacquizz Rodgers off the street and have him average 4.3 YPC. Unless we’re talking a Dalvin Cook skill set, there is no need to draft a RB high. Defensive Line, Offensive Line, or Safety would be much more helpful in the second round. As for the third round, the last thing the defensive backs need is another 5′ 10″ corner. I hope the Bucs don’t wait until the fourth round to take a safety. Don’t want to end on a bunch of negative notes, so I love the work you guys do PR 🙂

    1. 10.1

      Scott Reynolds

      I like a good 6-foot CB as much as the next guy, but the smaller, quicker guys are better system fits due to their ability to backpedal and break on the ball.

      1. 10.1.1


        Thanks for the reply Scott! You guys are the best in the biz.

      2. 10.1.2

        Buc 1976

        Scott I’m sure their are 6′ CB that can backpedal. VH 3rd got abused in red zone by 6’5 calvin B.

    2. 10.2


      I agree with the others about RB. Unless an AP type is there, they are a dime a dozen. Get one late.

  11. 11


    Bucs have had three good drafts in a row. If we can have another, and pick up some starters on offense at the skill positions and a couple of guys in the secondary and hopefully at least one maybe two DL, we could make a run against Atlanta, and see a Playoff win or two.
    Hoping against all odds we are not starting with another Defensive coach this year. One of our problems is we get a system installed and the guys have to learn another one every year.
    Please Bucs be patient. Let the draft come to you. Stop moving up and wasting picks reaching for players who end up being one year wonders or busts. No more TE’s we waste multiple picks on who get cut or end up injured every year. No more second round kickers. This is a Defensive draft. I would be surprised to see us take 4 our of 7 players on offense.

    1. 11.1

      Scott Reynolds

      I actually think it’s slightly more of an offensive draft, especially with the RBs, WRs and TEs that are available. It’s really deep at those positions, too.

      1. 11.1.1


        I like your mock, I just wonder if Bucs should pass up on so much quality Defensive players until the 3rd round. I know they have to get a Receiver and they will probably have to take him early if they want him to start. I hope they pick up at least two defensive lineman and two secondary players. I like taking a TE late but think that they could get a running back in 3rd or 4th round. I guess it just depends on what happens to Martin and if Bucs are active in free agency.

  12. 12


    For those who like the idea of taking a running back high in the draft, I’ve commented elsewhere on PR on the fact that not a single running back taken in the first round has put together two quality seasons in a row since 2010. Well, I took a look at this season’s rushing leaders in total yards rushed, and found the following interesting data points on the performance of running backs as compared to where they were taken in the draft, if drafted at all.

    In order, this season’s regular season rushing leaders with their yards, draft round, and pick number:

    1 – Elliott – 1,631 yd/1/4
    2 – Howard – 1,313 yd/5/150
    3 – Murray – 1,287 yd/3/71
    4 – Ajayi – 1,272 yd/5/149
    5 – Bell – 1,268 yd/2/48
    6 – McCoy – 1,267 yd/2/53
    7 – Johnson – 1,239 yd/3/86
    8 – Blount – 1,161 td/UDFA
    9 – Freeman – 1,079 yd/4/103
    10 – Miller – 1,073 yd/4/97

    So the average top ten rusher this year was drafted in the 3rd round, at somewhere around pick no. 85 to 85, or later (not being able to assign round or pick numbers to a UDFA).

    1. 12.1


      correction…. should read “… at somewhere around pick no. 84 or 85”.

      Getting a thousand yard rusher doesn’t require a first round pick running back – only one of the top ten is a first rounder, and even he is operating behind the best offensive line in the league. Getting a quality running back on Day 2 or Day 3 seems to be very plausible.

    2. 12.2

      Scott Reynolds

      I hear you, but as I pointed out in last week’s SR’s Fab 5 column, 7 out of the top 10 rushers in NFL history were first-round picks, and 19 out of the top 25 all-time rushers were first-rounders. There are always some diamonds in the rough that can be found later in the draft, especially at the RB position, but there’s an awful lot of RBs that have had success taken early, too.

      1. 12.2.1


        NFL history is relevant, certainly, Scott, but only up to a point, and only if it’s “recent” history.

        We know that the NFL game has changed dramatically in the last 10 to 20 years of play, which tends to nullify the statistical relevance of past players. Even ten years ago very few snaps were played in the shotgun, while in the last several years the shotgun has become the predominant snap position in the league. Ten years ago there was no such thing as “spread offense” in the NFL – today most NFL offenses play some version of the spread at least part of the time, with bubble screens and read-options and other plays out of the college playbook that did not exist in the NFL a decade ago. Quarterbacks are passing more today, and it is now a rarity for a NFL team to run the ball as often as they pass it (usually less than a handful do so each season). Back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s a 4,000 yard season for a QB was unheard of or extremely unusual … today we’ve got rookie and sophomore quarterbacks getting 4,000 yards, and top passers getting 5,000 or more yards a season.

        As for running backs, 20 years ago the running game consisted of a fullback (yeah, remember those?) blocking for half backs, which made it easier for “bell cow” running backs to take more snaps and have longer careers. Now the fullback position is nearly non-existent, and when they’re used on the rare occasion, it’s usually in the offensive “heavy package” where the FB actually carries the rock, with additional linemen to assist. Nowadays, the most common backfield consists of no full back, one or two halfbacks, and the running backs handle much of the blocking for the quarterback. Plus, since the invention of the “West Coast Offense” in the 1980s, teams often as not substitute the short passing game for the running game.

        The rules of the game have obviously changed a great deal too, mostly designed to protect receivers and to hamper defenses.

        What are the effects of these and many other changes to the offensive game in the last couple of decades on where you can get effective running backs? It’s too complex for anyone to say with confidence.

        What we DO know, however, is that using draft history going back more than a decade simply does not describe what brings success on the field today. The game is constantly changing.

        And we also know that few running backs are taken high anymore … such that there was a tremendous amount of second guessing and tongue-wagging over the Cowboys taking Elliott with their no. 4 pick last year.



          Good points Naples. As you noted the new NFL rules make it easier to complete the more frequent passes. Back in Doug Willliams’ day a 50 % completion rate was fairly standard. Now even 60% is often viewed as sub-par.

          Easy to make a case for either side of the debate. I don’t think I’d ever want to draft a RB in the top ten these days for the reasons you cited. It’s typically going to end up a short term and costly investment. But if Dalvin Cook is sitting there at 19, I’m on it.

  13. 13


    Nothing for the O-line? We must remember that Glennon will be gone as well, so looking at a mid-round QB will be necessity. I know it’s early, so it’s fun to throw names around… As far as this year’s ‘Canes talent hitting the draft, I really like CB Corn Elder in the mid rounds and TE David Njoku is a solid prospect. If the Bucs don’t get a shot at Cook in the first round, his best bud in high school, RB Joe Yearby would be a nice late round pick up. I’d stay away from QB Brad Kaaya. He’s got an arm, but wary of his heart & leadership.

    1. 13.1


      I love corn elder. I think he would be great as a second round pick for us. He was a stud this year. He would be ranked much higher if he wasn’t playing for that God awful defensive coordinator we had under the golden era. As far as njoku, I told my brother that I think he will be a gem in he NFL. He’s built for it. I would be happy with those two as the first two picks for sure. Yes, I’m a canes homer but these two are studs in the makkng

  14. 14


    Well, I have said several times in my posts that the BUCS are several successful drafts away from being were they need to be talent & depth wise to be a scary consistent team. The lack of elite talent but more importantly depth caused the team to sputter in 2016.

    We need a #2 WR and would argue that we are need 2 better WR’s than we have on the roster now. We need DE to eventually take Ayers spot, a starting CB to replace Grimes/Verner, Safety to play opposite Tandy, another TE, Tackle, center, DT, and oh yeah RB. We need….! I think the only thing we are set at is QB & LB, and we could use a young back-up for Jameis if Glennon leaves. We need!!

    I don’t see us really getting better next year (outside of current player improvement) without hitting WR in Free agency. Rookies take time, and the BUCS need a few more veterans to plug holes to get us through a few drafts.

    In Licht we Trust!!

    1. 14.1

      Scott Reynolds

      There aren’t many good WRs in free agency this year. I doubt Alshon Jeffrey leaves Chicago, and DeSean Jackson seems interested in going back to Philly.

  15. 15

    Alldaway 2.0

    I would like this drat a lot if it unfolded in a similar way in April.

  16. 16


    I like your picks. A tall WR and a bruising RB is also what I think would help the offense the most. On offense I like to see the battering ram type of approach. It wears down the opposing defense and keeps our defense off the field.

  17. 17


    First, kudos Scott for attempting the January mock…notoriously tough at this stage to know.

    The issue I have with this mock is that I see no clear and obvious upgrade for 2017. Yes, a big new WR would look good next to Mike Evans, but the rookie WR that can step in and have an impact (especially as a #2 WR) is a rarity. Perine had nice stats but I don’t see him stepping in as a special back (like Cook or Fournette would be) and upgrading much over the gaggle of RBs we have now. After that, as with all drafts, it’s mostly backups and potential guys anyway. So, how are we going to win more games with this?

    I would rather see us – given that we are so close to being a playoff team – use our top 2 picks on guys that will see the field regularly (not have to work their way in) – even if they have a few growing pains – and provide clear upgrades in doing so. I agree with the notion of Howard as a TE in the 1st and showing more 2 TE sets…that also helps our “meh” Oline out too. Or going Oline in Rnd 1/2 with a guy like Elflien ( a clear upgrade over Hawley). Or seeking an upgrade at DT over McDonald/Spence with maybe a guy like Qualls in Rnd2. Or, while I would be concerned with him as an every down RB, McCaffery as a third down back over Sims and as a punt/kick returner over anyone we have are clear upgrades.

    Clearly we can’t get all of those guys, but each of them represents an improved 2017 Bucs on day 1 with guys that will actually be touching the ball. I know we need a new #2 WR, but using our 1st pick on a guy that’s going to catch maybe 50 balls all year long (and yes take some attention away from Mike), doesn’t seem like the best way to get value for our team in Rnd1…IMO.

  18. 18


    Scott: I know it’s your job to present something to us Pewter Report fans and I think you have provided us a well thought out mock draft . Right now I’m still trying to figure out what we have and don’t have? I hope Sweezy, Martin are back and Gottschalk becomes a legit Center to consider. I know we need WR’s, but we also need another DT, DE, CB, OT, Center, TE. I believe those are real needs until the initial free agency before the draft has been completed. You, Mark, and your Staff do a great job!

    1. 18.1


      Horse: Just what is behind your infatuation with Ben Gottschalk? Virtually every one of your posts mentions his name. Look, I hope the youngster proves himself to be better than Hawley and Smith, but so far he has done virtually nothing to show that he is capable of unseating either one of them. Playing in a pre-season game against other borderline players is not enough evidence. Let’s wait to see what he can do this Training Camp before inserting him in the lineup.

      1. 18.1.1


        Scubog: just what is behind your infatuation with calling out Horse on his “infatuation” with Ben Gottschalk?

        Virtually every one of your replies to Horse mentions his name.




          Probably true. LOL. He used to harp on Gerald McCoy.

      2. 18.1.2


        Scubog, no infatuation; I have never met the guy. I just think he’s the type of Center we are looking for. We have to have improvement from our Center and I don’t see it in Hawley; Smith could be a Center/Guard back up. If not Gottschalk then I hope we draft a Center. I don’t see what the big deal in naming a player multiple times as it’s done all the time. Right now the subject is about the 2017 season so expect for me to also bring up other players too. I bring up J. Smith DE as too small and the LB Smith too slow several times.



          We all tend to repeat things when we get to be our age. Me too.

  19. 19


    Scott, I forgot to say that I do open and look at the advertising ads and I have used some of their products and services.

  20. 20


    I know that nationally Corey Davis is projected to last until the latter half of the 1st round, but as the draft approaches and more film is watched by the coaches other guys will move down the draft and C. Davis will move up. Davis won’t be there if we stay at the #19 spot; he’ll get drafted no lower than the #10 spot. In fact, I believe he’ll go in the top 5. At this time last year E. Elliott was projected to go in the latter half of the 1st round to Houston and how did that turn out?

    Also, I hate S. Perine in the 2nd round. I don’t like guys who are less productive as time goes on. I’m also not ready to give up on Dougie yet and using a 2nd round pick on a RB when we have so many other needs is giving up on Dougie.

    I do love the 5th round pick of Josh Reynolds if he’s still available in that round.

    1. 20.1


      Always like your insight Pink.

    2. 20.2


      Perine’s production only fell off because of the emergence of Joe Mixon. When Samaje was the horse, he got the job done. Don’t sleep on him too much. I will say, however, that I think Joe Mixon is the best all around back in this draft. His past will hurt him, but he will be a star in the league. If he can keep his act together, he will be a major steal for somebody.

      I also would MUCH rather have Davis than Ross. I know he has world class speed, but I wasn’t impressed. Not sure Davis will be there for us, though.

      1. 20.2.1


        Cameron, when I said production I was referring to his yards per carry. That should not have gone down three years in a row just because he was sharing carries with someone else. I agree that his overall yards in a season would go down by sharing carries with Mixon.

  21. 21


    So, now the Chargers & Jags will or have interviewed Smitty for HC. I’m wondering if a guy like Perry Fewell who was just let go by Washington might be a fit for DC?

  22. 22


    Scott, I have seen a bunch of comments here and there about potentially us moving up and taking Cook possibly. Though I love Dalvin Cook, I think if we move up, we should snag Cam Robinson. It’s a win/win, run blocker and protection for Jameis. As far as wide receivers go, if we don’t pursue Jefferey in free agency….here it comes, yes, another Mike Williams (Clemson) who has speed and is at 6’3. I know folks don’t like the name but he will probably be there for us if we don’t do anything aggressively to move up in the first round. Also, to the surprise of some, I think Licht, who has done a great job with David/Alexander, I think we will draft a LB (Jacob Pugh anyone?) as well as a safety/corner.

  23. 23


    Also, one name that may come new to some other than in the Tampa area…..How about Nigel Harris out of USF?

  24. 24


    SR- Really great mock!! Thank you. I do have one question; lets say bucs grab Garcon in FA, do you think they trade up for Cook?

  25. 25


    Coach Koetter says he likes the o-line really don’t think they draft an o-linemen. According to how free agency goes this mock would cover a lot of positions of needs. Weapons for Jameis at picks 1 and 2 at 3 like the pick at corner but lack size I know koetter said he liked the Cb’s this season but a little size in the secondary would help a lot. At 4 the SS pick I like if conte leaves and smith moving back to Cb it’s a good pick and he’s a ball hawk. At 5 the Wr dudeif he’s still there could be a sleeper pick with Jameis throwing him the rock. Size, hands, and knows how score TDs just what Tampa needs. Pick 6 More depth with size for the D-line just adding to an up and coming unit. The 7 TE is also a good pick another weapon for JW5 he can never have enough of them.

    Great Mock Mr. Reynolds
    Just the want more size at Cb… #wishfull thinking

  26. 26


    Interesting Mock so early. my Surprise was Kpassagnon. Had a really good year at Nova this year, even though what is talked about most on that Wildcat Defense is the secondary (although i’ve seen only 3-4 games the past 2 years cause its hard to find the games down here. the most recent game being the lost at South Dakota St, losing on Adam Viniteri’s Nephew’s leg).

    And Kazee, i don’t know, another 5’10 corner to play slot/breed for when Grimes leave vs big men? I mean, VH3 and Grimes proved they can can make plays 1v1 on man/press. But my concern is like soft zone coverage if the pass rush isn’t there that all these tall receivers that are starting to move around the field like in the slot could make a big play. But then again, idk im not an expert; wish i was tho, haha

  27. 27


    I really get a kick out of these Mock Drafts and enjoy the critiques that follow even more. Me, I don’t have time to watch you-tube videos and read the countless player evaluations to form an opinion that is worth a crap. I certainly never think I know more than the folks who do this for a living. I do think that after watching this team for 40 plus years and being a close observer this season , it’s a no-brainer to see what this team needs most moving forward. Hopefully the Draft plays out to make the BPA fit our most desperate needs.

    1. 27.1


      Scubog; so what’s your priority?

      1. 27.1.1


        My priority is to take the best player at virtually any position except QB (unless in the later rounds). Many like to focus on “need” and ours are many and obvious as you pointed out. Koetter often mentions “team speed and explosive players”. I totally agree with his assessment as our primary need. The more players a team has for whom the opponent has to game plan against the better. We have one player on offense who fits that bill, Mike Evans. Maybe a lesser degree in Jameis Winston when he’s on. Perhaps Cameron Brate if he continues his assent. On defense it’s only your old nemesis Gerald McCoy and perhaps Brett Grimes, Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander. Maybe next season Noah Spence and Vernon Hargreaves garner notice. Can’t forget out great punter, Bryan Anger.

  28. 28


    Great article and great discussion guys. Like you scubog (and others) I don’t have the time to spend on the draft like true football fanatics. This is the beginning of my education and opinion formation process about this draft as well as all free agency acquisitions for this year.

    This mock draft represents very much the kind of draft I am looking for based on the known or at least the seemingly more obvious needs. I will be rereading this article and the comments several time in the next few months.

    Again, thanks all!
    Go Bucs

    P.S. I think the name Spyteck is perfect for a man who holds his particular job. … 😀

  29. 29


    I love the mock draft and all the comments but until the combine is over I think I will go golfing and check back then. By then we will know who we retained in FA. Makes a difference.

    1. 29.1


      Free agency pickups can have a big effect … as well as the pre-draft evaluations including pro days and individual interviews and workouts. At this point all we have to go on are scouting reports, which is only the beginning step of putting together a draft board.

  30. 30


    Great article as per usual mr. Reynolds. I’m a fan of your mock draft as these would be great additions to the team. Perine also reminds me of a player that thrived in koetters offense in Atlanta: Michael turner. Anyways being a Virginia tech guy I was wondering what your thoughts are on isiah ford and Bucky Hodges. I don’t know if hodges is the fastest guy out there but showed he could create separation and you can’t coach 6’7. Ford is definitely faster and has shown a knack for making contested catches and runs good routes

  31. 31


    Pretty good mock.
    If I were king of the BUCS I try to trade up for the best D Line man on Alabama’s squad.
    Then for giggles I’d take Jake Butt and Buddha Baker. Just because they have cool football names.
    I hear Gene D now, Butts score,Butts score.
    But seriously, somewhere in this draft we should address the center. You can’t field a good team without one. free agency or draft, a center is needed.
    To me this draft class is underwhelming and stacked with a lot of just solid guys that can populate a roster for years. Not much flash.

  32. 32


    RD4 – 7 Just the way you have it!!

    Grab Terrell Pryor in FA.
    Evans, Pryor, Reynolds, Howard, Brate… Check!

  33. 33


    If Mixon is still there somehow in the 3rd.. he over hill.

  34. 34


    Maybe we can trade for Darrell Revis again, but this time they give us draft picks to take his salary off Thierry books…lol

  35. 35


    Great job, Scott. I have previously discussed how to fix our two key problems of no power up the middle and a poor pass blocking LT. This mock draft does not fix those two problems. I think now also we need to move up and take Cook with our first pick to fix our RB position and take a proven RB in free agency as well and keep Rogers too.

  36. 36


    I know its just a mock draft and its an early one too, but I would echo others in my disappointment with choosing the RB with our 2nd rounder. If you change that to OL-DL and take your RB in lieu of the other WR then I would be able to get behind it. RB’s usually dominate my favorite players list. You can always get a great on in round 3 or after.

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