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      I agree. At a 50% success rate he’s underwater:)

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      sadly….a regular on this list.

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    I can not bitch about things too much. After the 1 st quarter that is. Humphries was not that bad. Just a little over exuberant. Did question RSmiths choice to run that ball out of the end zone though.

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    Other than the noted disappointments, I’d add Cecil Shorts to the list. As the starter opposite Mike Evans, did anyone see him do anything at all?

    I was also a bit disappointed in the defensive scheme that had no answer for the fleet-footed Kaepernick like we had for Michael Vick.

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    Roberto Aguayo. I’ll add him to the list until he performs like his draft slot indicates he should.

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    I’d also put Kwon on this list as he was consistently over running kap allowing those long runs. He needs to learn that being the spy means you don’t rush the qb, you keep him contained. He also takes some poor angles a little too much as he gets caught up relying on his athleticism.

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    I object to the notion of handing out “most disappointing” raspberries based upon a single quarter to any player., when their play for the entire game was at least good if not very good (Jameis rates “very good” for the day). Winston only attempted 5 passes in that first quarter, while Dirk Koetter called 10 running plays. Just like runners need to get in a rhythm, so do passers.
    And the interception was not all on Jameis anyway, as it was a tipped ball and blame for those is usually a combination of the receiver, the passer, and the defense.

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    Surprisingly I am not jumping on the Roberto Aguayo pick this week. Missing a 50 yard field goal can happen. I don’t like the extra point and 36 yarders missed. So I am giving Aguayo a pass this week (ask Stephen Gostkowski, Stephen Hauschka, and Chandler Catanzaro how kicking went this week…). But I might put Lavonte David on the list. What the heck is going on with all the missed tackles and poor pass coverage?

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