After 15 minutes of game time, this list looked like it was going to be heavily populated. A 14-0 deficit against a team riding a five-game losing streak? Yeah, plenty of disappointment to go around.

But the Bucs never panicked. They stayed within themselves and within their game plan to yank away control of the game from San Francisco and never gave it back.

The weekly tradition of Most Impressive and Most Disappointing must go on, however. So here are a few Buccaneers that could have done a little more to contribute to Sunday’s 34-17 win over the 49ers.

This was the most forgettable game of the second-year pro’s short career.

Not only was it the third straight game of Humphries failing to impact the passing attack, he nearly committed two costly errors on special teams. The 5-foot-11 receiver has done a decent job as the team’s punt returner this season, but he muffed two kicks Sunday. Humphries was able to jump on both, but not giving away possession is job No. 1 for any punt returner.

Offensively, he caught two of three targets for 17 yards. Over the past three games, Humphries has recorded four receptions for 32 yards.

It’s a special teams kind day for the Most Disappointing list.

Switching over to the other type of return, rookie Ryan Smith didn’t do much to inspire confidence that he’s their answer running back kicks. He attempted two returns and went for just 20 total yards.

Smith did the Bucs no favors late in the first quarter when he hesitated a few yards deep in the end zone and then still decided to take off. Taking a knee would have given Tampa Bay possession at the 25. They had to start at their own 6 because of Smith’s mistake. The Bucs responded with an 11-play, 94-yard touchdown drive, but that doesn’t erase the bad decision.

Smith’s just a rookie and certainly wanting to impress anytime he gets the chance. That’s understandable, but the leash is short and he might be playing his way out of a job. Smith still can’t make his way onto the field as a defensive back, so special teams is where he needs to do more.

It’s one of those days, and that’s a good thing for Bucs fans. It means the team played a solid, all-around game and finished with a win.

Viewed as a whole, Winston turned in a fine performance and got the all-important victory.

Slow starts, however, have dogged Winston and the Bucs offense since last year. Tampa Bay entered Sunday averaging 3.8 points scored in the first quarter and posted a goose egg in San Fran.

Winston completed 2 of 5 attempts for 42 yards in the opening quarter, got sacked once, and his pass thrown behind receiver Mike Evans was intercepted by 49ers linebacker Gerald Hodges. Before Winston was able to fully review the miscue on the sideline, San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick was making him pay by hitting running back Shaun Draughn with a 17-yard touchdown pass.

Other than getting hit with a damaging 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty early in the second quarter, Winston bounced back just fine after the interception. But most opponents aren’t as willing to hand over control of a 14-0 advantage like the 49ers did Sunday.

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5 years ago

Aquatic, forgot him.

Reply to  Horse
5 years ago

I agree. At a 50% success rate he’s underwater:)

Reply to  Horse
5 years ago

sadly….a regular on this list.

5 years ago


5 years ago

I can not bitch about things too much. After the 1 st quarter that is. Humphries was not that bad. Just a little over exuberant. Did question RSmiths choice to run that ball out of the end zone though.

5 years ago

Other than the noted disappointments, I’d add Cecil Shorts to the list. As the starter opposite Mike Evans, did anyone see him do anything at all?

I was also a bit disappointed in the defensive scheme that had no answer for the fleet-footed Kaepernick like we had for Michael Vick.

5 years ago

Roberto Aguayo. I’ll add him to the list until he performs like his draft slot indicates he should.

5 years ago

I’d also put Kwon on this list as he was consistently over running kap allowing those long runs. He needs to learn that being the spy means you don’t rush the qb, you keep him contained. He also takes some poor angles a little too much as he gets caught up relying on his athleticism.

5 years ago

I object to the notion of handing out “most disappointing” raspberries based upon a single quarter to any player., when their play for the entire game was at least good if not very good (Jameis rates “very good” for the day). Winston only attempted 5 passes in that first quarter, while Dirk Koetter called 10 running plays. Just like runners need to get in a rhythm, so do passers.
And the interception was not all on Jameis anyway, as it was a tipped ball and blame for those is usually a combination of the receiver, the passer, and the defense.

5 years ago

Surprisingly I am not jumping on the Roberto Aguayo pick this week. Missing a 50 yard field goal can happen. I don’t like the extra point and 36 yarders missed. So I am giving Aguayo a pass this week (ask Stephen Gostkowski, Stephen Hauschka, and Chandler Catanzaro how kicking went this week…). But I might put Lavonte David on the list. What the heck is going on with all the missed tackles and poor pass coverage?