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    Hopefully Caleb unseats Dotson next year. I’m done with the guy. All year, he’s either giving up pressure, false starting, or holding. This dumb penalty he actually had the guy blocked, but got sloppy. No excuse. As for Berto, I don’t give a rats ass where he was drafted, they better bring in competition for him next year. By that I mean not a second rounder!

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      I agree I didn’t like that we signed Dotson to an extension, I think Caleb can be a solid RT. Dotson and Gosder need to go.

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    Making 7 straight FGs and all extra points, even winning player of the week the game before, and fans still expect perfection every time he attempts a kick? No player should have a standard of perfection imposed upon him.

    I was much more disappointed with Winston’s lousy throw in the end zone that resulted in a pick late in the game. It wasn’t a dumb play or attempted pass – it was just bad passing. If it wasn’t for our lock-down defense all game, and especially late, that INT could have cost us big.

    Sorry, I’ve been critical of Aguayo, but the average NFL kicker misses about 1 in 8 FG attempts, can’t claim to be disappointed when that’s what he’s been doing of late. Especially with the rash of missed XPs of late.

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      How about focus on what Winston did right the other 27 passes? He sure outplayed the great Russell Wilson. We know you wanted that other guy but it’s time you get over it.

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    The only one who continues to prove he isn’t consistent yet under pressure is Aguayo.
    Stocker’s penalty was very questionable as I didn’t see what you were describing Eric. Dotson penalty was the same as Stocker as it seemed very insignificant. Ref’s were tough on us the whole game.

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      I agree Horse. I didn’t see where Stocker “grabbed ” any shirt as he was falling back.

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    Poor Roberto, keep on plugging away. Yes you can still win the hearts and minds of BUCS FANS.
    And Stocker, If he did not hold the guy Winston might have been burnt toast. Myself I will forgive him that infraction. It’s clear to me how valuable he is in the run game.
    Demar,Demar, Demar. Please get it together.

    On the bright side the BUCS never panicked when those bad things happened. Not sure that would be the case under Lovies regime.

    That’s it? 3 guys? Really just 3? THINGS ARE LOOKING UP

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    Dont think Stocker belongs on this list whether you think he held or not. No way a TE should be left alone with any DE especially Clark, bad play design.
    Roberto is the worst kicker in the league, please stop defending him when the stats are clear as day. Great win but his numbers from distance were terrible in college and they are carrying over. It’s ok to admit this was a bad pick just dont be stupid and not bring in competition. Wheres my guy Connor Barth!!!

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    Dotson is horrible. Used to love him but since the injury and he go paid he has sucked bad. He needs to go.

    Also Surferdudes I agree and don’t care where Aguayo was drafted. Where I disagree is with playoffs in reach this year possibly I would bring in someone else now. He is garbage. Licht has been pretty good overall and needs some more time but that was a stupid gamble that didn’t work. If he has one more bad week I’d cut his ass and move on. We have been more than patient. He’s going to cost a game here soon that we can’t afford to lose. That 48 yard kick was so horrible. Ball barely got there and was spinning backwards like all his kicks over 40. So sick of looking at that goof ball.

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    I am not son board with the Stocker thing. While i know it was a dumb penalty this guys is one of the un-sung heroes on this team. He does a lot of “dirty” work very well. He made a mistake, no big deal. Also- I think we should stop blaming Aguayo. It’s not his fault that we traded up and wasted the chance to pick up two potential starters for a kicker. The pick would have been bad even if he were a great kicker. We did a BIG time reach to pick him. What was he supposed to do, refused to be drafted? This is a bone-head play by Licht, has nothing to do with RA. Let’s give him a break guys!!!

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    Good lineman are not easy to find. While I get extremely upset with the mind boggling penalties Dotson continues to make, you need depth on your offensive and defensive lines. We’ve seen too many lineman let go that were still positive producers….aka Davin Joesph, Donald Penn and I sure don;t want to add Dotson;s name to that list. I am alright with them addressing that position at free agency or the draft but I say you at least keep him for depth if you can afford his contract.

    Aguayo…that is a horse of another color. If they had someone they could bring in now to replace him I would not have any problem pulling the trigger on that guy right damn now. I love what Jason Licht & Coach Koetter have started here but that was a bad pick. Acknowledge it and move on….Aguayo has got to go!

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    I think Gosider Cherilus belongs on this instead of Dotson who had a phantom hands to the face call on him.
    I don’t know how many plays Cherilus was in on, but he had two penalties thrown on him and they were silly mental mistakes.
    Failure to report as elgible and an illegal motion.
    Failure to report? How long you been in the NFL, dude.

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    We need to look unemotionally at our roster. Fringe players such as Dotson, Hawley and Stocker need to be replaced. Also, as I’ve stated before Martin is a good back not a great one. We should draft Cook from FSU in the first round, get a WR2, and a LT/RT who doesn’t play guard. Go Bucs!

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      For real? Have you been watching football long?
      Dotson is not a fringe player. Hawley and Stocker, same thing. I am going to stand up for Luke here. Just because some tight ends can break free and catch balls all over the place doesn’t mean that they are all suppose to. If you had to have a block thrown would you like Luke to throw it or some egotist TE. Jimmy Gramcracker? I’m an old guy and TE’s are really meant to block. That’s why Olsen and the Gronk are great. They can actually crack a block when need be. Luke is good at what he does.
      GO BUCS

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    Amo, Hawley is hardly a fringe player and neither are the other two.
    Hawley is a quality starter and a real jewel to find last year when we did. I would rather resign Hawley and say goodbye to Even Smith who is a backup making starter money.
    In today’s NFL, you can’t have All Pros at every position due to salary cap restrictions.
    You saw an excellent example of that in the Seahawks.
    The Seahawks have the lowest paid offensive line in the league and highest paid defense.
    I am sure Russell Wilson woke up this morning wishing he had both Hawley and Do his line as he was hobbling to the ice tub.
    This team has far greater needs than a RB. I would take another road grader on the line or a DL with a nasty disposition before I drafted another RB. As you said, we have a good one already.
    Quit trying to reinvent the wheel. If the Bucs need another qualified personnel scout, I’m sure your not on their speed dial.

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    Isn’t it amazing Dr. D how, in spite of being the #2 RB in the league last season there are folks who still want to cut Doug Martin?

    I was most disappointed with the Bucs season pass members who continue to sell their tickets to the enemy. I sit on the east side 35 yard line and there were countless Seahawk fans with their glowing green shirts blinding me wherever I looked. They came with their 12th Man flags, painted their faces , chanted “Sea——Hawks”and worst of all came with an attitude as if they were the Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals. Victory was to be inevitable. But as Gomer Pyle would say, “surprise, surprise!”

    As they game went on they all looked like the e-trade baby showing his shocked face. I asked if they were all playing simple Simon says when they all looked like they complied with “put your hands on your head”. Of course Scubog had a parting chant for their departing fans “Seeeeeeeee———-Y’allllllllllllll!” Those people from the gloomy northwest don’t have senses of humor.

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    Scu, I don’t want Martin cut, he’s a solid back. Backs live in dog years tho, they age quicker then most, Martin won’t be getting faster, or more explosive. Jimmy Johnson use to say, you ride the horse till it dies, then you get a new one. We had Seattle beat up front, they were ready to break. Martin made a great run up the middle, then fumbled. I don’t fault him ffor the fumble, it happens. That hole he ran through, could a more explosive back, like Dallas’s Elliott taken that to the house? I think that’s what fans are saying about Martin. He’s not a game changer, like a Dalvin Cook could be. Players age, can’t play forever, never be content, always look to up grade. The way we went through backs, I’d keep Martin even if I used my 1st pick on a back.

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    It’s a good thing these lists have been so short the last 3 weeks. I think it’s a bit harsh on Luke and Dot, (whom I’ve been very critical of this season) but I’m fine with nitpicking after a huge win.

    The Berto situation is just what it is until the season is over. I thought it was lunacy to give up two picks for a specialist (especially one that was regressing) when we had holes to fill, but he’s our guy. Got to support him. The 48 yard try was into the swirling wind. Not going to kill him over it. He’s been kicking better & that’s all we can hope for.

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