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    I add McCoy to the list. And I know why David had to be on the list, but his pass defense hasn’t been great lately. Go Bucs!

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    I’ll add Defensive Coordinator to the list. He made a few corrections and shut down Rivers and the Chargers in the second half.

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      Good call scu. Mike smith has done amazing things and deserves a ton of credit. From what I was watching yesterday, he sat down with the defense after the Atlanta game and asked the players themselves what they could do to be better. The players themselves pointed out what they need to work on and he went with it. Since then they’ve been lights out. So proud of this team

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    Agree with all cited by Zach as well as artpac and Scubog.

    The team performance was the most impressive …. unsung people stepping up and doing their jobs even when teammates are going down. It’s flat out amazing what our coaches and GM are accomplishing with undrafted free agents – two on this list (Brate and Martino) are UDFAs, and another (Tandy) was a sixth rounder.

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    ALL of the above! The young Buccaneers are ALL very impressive IMO. A huge win, a tough road win setting up a home game to be remembered next Sunday.

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    No mention of the O-Line which I think did a great job in pass protection at times Winston could have tied his shoes in the pocket

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      Honestly , I think this is the worst game the Line has had in 3 weeks. There was quite a few times I remember Jameis saving the lines ass with his movement. And Dotson is still a flag machine. Marpet is playing lights out as well, but not the best game for the line this week in my opinion.

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        Winston does scramble but he holds the ball for 5-7 seconds while scanning the field its not like Winston is much of a timing route qb he is like Big Ben he holds the ball runs around awkwardly and finds the open guy at the last minute, with those qb’s the o-line can’t hold blocks forever

    2. 5.2


      What game did you watch? The Chargers were all in the backfield all game.
      Put Doug on the list also. Winston would have been killed if Doug wasn’t chipping block back there.
      The O Line played well enough to keep a very potent Chargers pass rush at bay.
      GO BUCS

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    I agree with all of the above. This team reminds me of the early New England team when it was forming. People asking “who are those guys?” and the next man up mentality. Also, a few years ago when a good Seattle team was clobbered by injuries and just kept winning with “nobody’s”.
    Further, this was the kind of trap game the Bucs used to lose.

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    @jongruden the O line did hold up pretty well protecting the pass, hate to see Jameis really scramble too much, I appreciate he tries to get rid of the ball but he got away with an ill advised toss away in the 1st half. The O line seemed useless in run blocking. Doug and Jacquizz are trying to run north and there are no holes. Too many carries going for 1 or none.

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      People are forgetting that San Diego had and still has an excellent run-stopping defense – ranked fourth in the league on run defense. And Jameis was sacked only once yesterday, SD got only 5 hits on him, and he had a very clean pocket on a bunch of his pass plays. Yes, Jameis had to scramble on quite a few plays too, but that seems to be where he’s at his best.

      Keep in mind also that Jameis does NOT have a quick release, and he and Koetter both say without reservation that Jameis always hates to give up on any play. So that puts a large burden on his line to protect him for extended periods.

      The O-line didn’t perform as badly as some suggest here.

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    Another Great Win!!! Noah Spence would have had a sack if Rivers didn’t prevent it by throwing the ball away which Rivers was flagged for intentional grounding, What a win WOO HOOOO!!!!! GO BUCS!!!

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      There was mulitple plays that Spence created. His stats won’t show it, but he was incredible again.

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    It’s a good afternoon in Tampa folks. Now that was a good football game.
    Good list Zach.
    You forgot to include McCoy. He was double teamed all day playing hurt. Still got a sack and some pressure. Noah Spence had a great day because Gerald required 2 blockers. Some times you can’t see greatness.
    I’d also like to include the scout who found Cameron Brate. Was it just luck that Brate is this good or did someone recognize this. I don’t know How or who found him, I’d like to say THANK YOU. Brate is as good as Greg Olsen right now.

    1. 9.1


      Agree completely Chett. McCoy, who I have lashed out at at times myself has been playing great ball recently. I think having a healthy Ayers and Spence help out Mccoy as well. As for Brate, that’s just one of the many snags by Licht. I know people were chirping about him earlier in the year, but he has put together a fantastic roster. Everyone will point out the Roberto pick, but he has built the Nucleus of this team since coming here. I mean Licht is like a practice squad wizard and give the coaches props for having guys ready when they need to be.

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    I think the bucs punter should be mentioned as most impressive… He has been kicking the heck out of the ball .

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    jongruden, I noticed your return last week but didn’t have time to recognize you.
    Are the Cardinals that far out of the playoff race you have returned?
    I did notice they beat the Redskins last week but was that to little to late.

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