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    Kwon and Lavonte were flat out bad in this game. They had no strength vs the run and allowed 15 of 16 passes to be completed when they were targeted. Sometimes it seems as if the writer of this article just looks at the stats. Sure, they had a nice FF and FR as a duo but over the course of the game, they were just blocked so easily, shot through the wrong hole, missed tackles and did not cover well. Thats why Prescott over and over again targeted them.Nearly half of his attempts were in the direction of Alexander and David.

    Sure, the nonexistence of McDonald and McCoy did not help. The interior defense was just handled in the game. Looked like NFL vs. DIII Football

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      You’re wrong.

      The biggest reason for the high completion rate of Prescott, besides his oft-demonstrated accuracy as a passer, was the fact that the pass rush was ineffective. We rarely blitzed, which is the defensive playcaller’s purview. Can’t blame the high completion rate on linebackers who are not expected to be great pass defenders but rather to be great tacklers in the mid-field or blitzers when it’s called.

      Our defensive line was unable to put pressure on the quarterback and when that happens the pressure instead is put on opposing linebackers, safeties, and cornerbacks. They did their job reasonably well given the total lack of a pass rush by our front four against what everybody believes to be the best offensive line in years and a rookie QB who is extremely accurate with his passing. You’re applying an impossible standard of performance.

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        Actually we blitzed 11 times against Dallas and only got home once. As for the holding players to an impossible standard of performance, maybe you should heed your own advice when it comes to our QB?



          I hold no such standards for Winston. Our argument in the other thread was between my agreement with Scott that Winston looked like the rookie in the game rather than the true rookie Prescott, as opposed to the counter-argument that Winston shares no blame for his performance. I made clear in various comment threads that the principle reason we lost the game was the drop in defensive performance, and that all the emphasis on Winston, both pre-game and post game, was out of proportion to his effect on our record. I made it clear that Winston and the entire offense has been week for the last five weeks in a row. It was only the defense that improved in the win streak, and when the defense could not, for whatever reasons, hold the Cowboys down to the 12.8 ppg average coming into Dallas, that was what made the biggest difference.

          The offensive weakness is clearly as I have stated elsewhere not been solely Winston’s fault, but he is clearly not without fault. Coaching, offensive line performance, running back performance, and even the recent ability of defenses to successfully key on Mike Evans have all contributed.

          The difference between me and the obvious Nole fans on this site is that I have no sacred cows or quarterbacks, while the Noles boosters go all out and go to the mattresses to deny the obvious weaknesses in performance of Winston. That doesn’t make Winston a failure as our quarterback. It makes Winston a work in progress with several performance flaws that he needs to correct … and that the much-ballyhooed leadership style is nice but it doesn’t win games. Making plays wins games.



          11 blitzes out of 70 some defensive plays is “rarely blitzing”.



            But not all 70 plays were passes. LOL

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        Obv Prescott targeted the LBs because the DBs did a good job. Yes, the pass rush was bad but still the LBs for TB played bad too.

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