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    Zach; really? I have to disagree with your picks of Spence and Verner. Four tackles and Spence is worthy of a Most Impressive. Verner got burned once for a touchdown and that is a Most Impressive. Actually we still had no pass rush. Our starting 4 on the DL were average to below average. Just because it was a low scoring game I would like to add that both Reid and Koetter called a conservative game. Luck was with us today. We have to be able to put more pressure on the QB if we want to be a serious contender. Go Bucs!

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      Horse, Alex Smith gets rid of the ball too quickly for the defenders to get there. That’s why they couldn’t convert third downs with his dink and dunk approach.

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    I like that it is a long list. Jameis was money on 3rd down. I thought the o-line should be here, also. Especially Dotson and Smith. Go Bucs!

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      Jameis was money on third down because the chief fans were unknowingly rooting him on. The Chief fans do the Seminole chant on third down. It made Winston feel like he was in college again. At the beginning of the game he was even doing it with the fans. lol

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    Bucs rookie kicker Roberto Aguayo is fast becoming a rags to riches story. Over the last five games, he is 8/9 on field goals and 12/13 on extra points. He had five misses in the first five games. That’s a major turnaround!

    Nice story on Aguayo as reported by Greg Auman of TBT. Bucs’ Roberto Aguayo, hearing Chiefs’ war chant, wanted to do FSU chop out of tunnel, talked out of it by Bryan Anger: “Dude, not today.” Lol.

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    Aguayo actually made 4 field goals today, not 3. But regardless of the distances of them, they were right down the middle for the most part which is encouraging. I’m starting to become more and more confident in him each time we send him out there. I also think the offensive line as a whole played relatively well. Winston wasn’t pressured too often against a very good Chiefs D line

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    Could be a longer list.
    Koetter most definitely should be on it. Mostly for not laying down with minute and a half to go in the first half. he called some great time outs and made the right calls throughout the game.
    Coach Smith called a good defensive game also. No flashy sacks but a steady game plan to slow down their running game.
    OFFENSIVE LINE, pretty damn good showing. If people did not know this KC has a very good D LIne. Jameis had plenty of pocket to step up in and time to do it. Well done. Oh yeah, didn’t Caleb come in as a replacement on the line? Even more impressive.
    One more shout out, Bradley McDougal. If he didn’t stuff their RB 2 yards behind the line Conte doesn’t make his big play.
    one more, Josh Robinson. Great tackling on special teams.

    Man it feels good to be able to single out so many.

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      Just one more aside. All of Roberto’s kicks were not only good, but if they more than 5 foot off center I’ll eat my hat.
      GO BUCS

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      Agree with O-line comment. Hawley looked like a dwarf warrior out there all day – called a great game. Don’t remember any middle pressures on Jameis. I thought Safety play today was much better, too. Coach Reid will fool most DBs and ours held up well when it mattered most.

      Though the Bucs left points on the field, it’s almost impossible to criticize a win as hard earned as this. Go Bucs!

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        Right on Gulfstrings, I forgot to mention that we won this against Andy Reid. The most under rated coch in the NFL.

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    Yes, the Chiefs have three excellent sackers and I was astounded how well our Offensive Line did in pass blocking in this game with a disruptive crowd noise and Jameis wasn’t sacked once. That allowed him time to hit so many of his targets today. My hat is off to Arguayo hitting all his kicks too. I had no idea Conte was as fast and illusive as he showed today on his timely interception in the KC end zone. If we beat the Seahawks this coming Sunday the Bucs could make the playoffs this year. This team is peaking at the right time right at the point they were failing under other past Buc Coaches since Chucky. It is a tribute to Koetter not wearing out our team in hot practices this past summer and all his Asistant Coaches and of course Jason Licht. Way to go Bucs!!!

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    I don’t know why the entire Offensive Line isn’t on this list. I saw a couple of coordination issues with Caleb Benenoch, who took over after Gottchalk went down, but overall the rookie played well. There were few splash plays in this game. Everyone played inspired and were not intimidated by the Chiefs or their crowd.

    Anyone who still thinks Jameis Winston is a “bust” should seek help from Dr. Phil.

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    One of the most hostile places to play with their tomahawk chant. To bad it’s the same chant that helped inspire our Q.B. to greatness at FSU, and yesterday at Arrowhead. Thanks guys, it also made our kicker think he was back kicking at Tallahassee!

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    Great win today, I thought Martin ran hard even if stat sheet didn’t show it just to many negative runs hurt his average. Winston was clutch finding open guys all over field making plays with his feet too, he fumbles at least once a game so he needs to correct that. O-line gave him time, wr’s caught everything, defense was a bend not break kind of day, still woul like to see a pass rush, kicker getting mojo back but everything was chip shot field goals the decision not to kick a 54 yrd tells me even Koetter still weary of kid confidence

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      Welcome back JonnyG. Good observation about Doug Martin. The decision not to attempt the 54 yard FG was due to the wind. I thought it was the right call in that situation.

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