Pro Football Focus recently released its offensive line rankings heading into the 2020 NFL season, with the Bucs’ unit ranking 13th in the league after finishing seventh on their list in 2019.

Pointing to offensive guard Ali Marpet and center Ryan Jensen as the anchors of the Bucs’ offensive line, Marpet has been the 14th-highest graded interior offensive lineman in his five seasons since being drafted while Jensen bounced back from a career-low grade of 55.7 in 2018 with a 79.3 grade in 2019, the third-highest grade among centers.

Bucs C Ryan Jensen

Bucs C Ryan Jensen – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

At the tackle position, rookie Tristan Wirfs, the Bucs’ first-round pick, was the No. 2 offensive tackle on this year’s PFF draft board while left tackle Donovan Smith has raised his PFF grade each year of his career. Smith posted a 70.8 overall grade last season, good for 32nd among all tackles, with a career-low 34 pressures allowed.

The weakest link on the Bucs’ offensive line, according to PFF, is right guard Alex Cappa, who posted a 62.7 overall grade in 2019. But senior analyst Steve Palazzolo believes that Tampa Bay’s interior unit could be among the league’s best if Cappa can take a step forward in his third year in the league.

Tampa Bay’s ranking puts them just below the Kansas City Chiefs, and at the second-highest spot in the NFC South, trailing only the New Orleans Saints, who came in at No. 2 on PFF’s list.

The list is speculative and the Bucs’ ranking could now be massively impacted by Smith’s decision to play this upcoming season, if there is any season to play, following his statement on the potential health risks of football getting geared up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

See PFF’s full offensive line rankings here.

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9 months ago

Seems about right for the OL. We’ll see if Wirfs can get on the field. I think it’s Haeg to start the season.

I was just reading ESPN’s offensive skill position rankings. That’s WR, RB, TE only with WR being most valuable. Tampa is ranked #4 behind KC, Cleveland, and Dallas. Surprisingly they have Carolina as #5 based on CMC, DJ Moore, Robby Anderson and Ian Thomas.

Reply to  BigSombrero
9 months ago

If Donovan Smith parks his big butt at home this season – you’ll likely see both Haeg and Wirfs out there

Last edited 9 months ago by CrackerBall
captain ahab
9 months ago

Must be pure speculation to rank them in the upper half of the league. Last season they were poor in pass protection (47 sacks allowed) and even worse in the run game.

Reply to  captain ahab
9 months ago

That’ll happen when your QB is allergic to throwing the ball away or dumping it off to the RB. And it’ll also happen when your QB has never met a throwing window he didn’t think his arm could fit the ball into. As far as the running game, that’ll also happen when you waste 150 carries on one of the 5 worst RB’s in the league. If you just take the Rojo stats, and prorate them, they’re closer to league average. Now that Jameis and Barber are gone, watch how much the sacks go down, and the YPC, total rushing… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Dave
Reply to  Dave
9 months ago

Funny. Yeah Jameis and Barber were the big issues last year. Lol. Barber was average. O line was way below average run blocking and defense was pathetic over 1/2 last year.

Reply to  fredster
9 months ago

And RB’s getting hit BEHIND the line will have to go WAY down for this O line to reach AVERAGE. So tired of narrow minded spreadsheet guys calculating how good players are. Watch the games, look at the play calling. This O line has been TERRIBLE the past few seasons, including last year. PFF may be great for fantasy football guys, but not so much for TEAMS.

Reply to  Dman
9 months ago

D Smith the 32nd best OT sounds about right. Another reach by JBL. I’m hopeful and want to believe but we have no depth too many spots on both lines. Again courtesy of JBL’s repeated decisions to spend too many high picks on positions DBs since couldn’t get it right the first time and an overrated TE and even a K while underinvesting in both lines.