PlayerInjuryStatusGame Status
G Caleb BenenochKneeFull Participation
CB Brent GrimesGroinDid Not ParticipateOUT
WR DeSean JacksonShoulder/ConcussionFull ParticipationQUESTIONABLE
DE Jason Pierre-PaulKneeLimited ParticipationQUESTIONABLE
T Donovan SmithKneeFull Participation
DT Vita VeaCalfDid Not ParticipateOUT


PlayerInjuryStatusGame Status
WR Shelton GibsonKneeFull ParticipationQUESTIONABLE
WR Alshon JefferyShoulderLimited ParticipationOUT
RB Darren SprolesHamstringDid Not ParticipateOUT
QB Carson WentzKneeLimited ParticipationOUT

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  1. Best to rest JPP this game and get him ready to face the Steelers. I think we can beat the Steelers. Go Bucs!

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    • Horse, we usually see eye to eye on most topics but no this. I believe we can beat the Eagles. I think we are more likely to beat the Eagles than the Steelers. The Eagles looked like crap against the Falcons last week. Without Wentz and Jeffries the Eagles are vulnerable.

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      • Big Ben is no the same; Steelers aren’t as strong as the past .
        Once JPP sprained his knee he wasn’t effective; 6 days isn’t enough time for a DL to get stronger. Just my opinion.
        Also Jackson see under concussion proto call probably won’t play either.

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        • I always value your opinion but I just had a feeling we were gonna beat the Eagles. I also still think the Steelers will beat us next week on national TV. We always seem to lose on national TV and the Steelers are hungry and winless. They cant start the season 0-2-1. They will be fighting harder than us. that’s just my opinion. Hopefully I’m wrong and we start 3-0.

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          • And JPP recorded his first sack. Was great to see us get pressure. 3 sacks and 12 QB hits. Not bad but couldn’t have been better. Hopefully when this defense gets healthy it will improve more.

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  2. We can beat the Eagals, too. If JPP can go, you send him out there. He is a warrior.

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  3. Vea is still not present in Practice and we are now 7 weeks from the beginning of Camp. Is it safe to assume at this point that he will not be a starter when he is ready? Why are they not putting him on IR? And Grimes? Geez. This is scary, our Defense is not getting a chance to show what it is capable of because our starters are all getting picked off. And this was the unit that was going to wow us.

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  4. The offense is fine, the defense is garbage anyway. We just need to approach it like we did the Saints and just do it. Fitz only needs 3 seconds to make an explosive play quick release will be key to beating the Eagles. Three seconds gives the receiver about 4 seconds to get down the field and make a catch if it’s not there in 3 take whatever they give and repeat. Make Foles try to match the points and tempo.

    In big picture we can’t lose this game in the sense we are expected lose, the worst that can happen is we meet expectation.

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  5. That little Darren Sproles has always been a problem for us. Thank goodness he is not playing this week. I suspect our young secondary will be more relaxed playing their second game after the wake up call the youngsters got last week.

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    • Folds has given us problems in the past.

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  6. Bucs beat Eagles 31 to 27.
    Last week I correctly predicted an eight point Bucs win.
    Go Bucs!

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