Pewter Power Rankings is a weekly feature compiled by’s Fantasy Football Analyst Andrew Scavelli every Tuesday during the regular season. Each week Scavelli will rank the league’s teams from best to worst based on their performance and outlook going forward at that point of the season, with a focus on the Buccaneers.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Buccaneers could have went in two very different directions in this week’s Pewter Power Rankings, but instead of sliding down this list the team will remain in their spot at 20 because of the quarterback decision made on Monday. As Jameis Winston was not getting the job done, Tampa Bay turned back to Ryan Fitzpatrick and showed they are serious about making a playoff push before the gap widens even more. There’s no question that Fitzpatrick gives the Bucs the best chance to win right now based on half a season of tape from the team’s QBs, and they will need to do so for the current regime to survive.

NFL teams must constantly adapt throughout the season to give themselves the best chance for success and after Tampa Bay corrected one of their biggest issues on defense a couple weeks ago with a change at coordinator, they will now attempt to fix the turnover issue on offense. This team still has the best offense in the league statistically, but their -13 turnover margin is tied for last with the San Francisco 49ers. The fact that the Bucs turned the ball over at this rate and still had a chance to win games at the end just shows how much they have been underachieving. Now that Tampa Bay will finally be running their best combination on both sides of the ball in a Mark Duffner defense and an offense led by Fitzpatrick, I believe we will truly see the kind of potential this team has to offer in the coming weeks and they will need to maximize it to have a chance in Carolina on Sunday.

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  1. A lot of people overlooking the Rams running game. Goff gets all the headlines and love, but it’s the threat of a running game and a decent defense (seems mediocre but it’s not below average) that has helped them too. Sure wish Buc fans would lay off the QB issues a little and realize that our defense is still near the bottom and we have no “threat” of a running game.

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  2. This is a homer ranking. ESPN and SI both rank the Bucks at 25, in the bottom quartile of the league.

    Of course, future game results will tell the tale. With a slate of very tough road games and divisional games coming up, the Bucs will either surprise everybody with a mid-late season rise, or they will continue spiraling towards the bottom.

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  3. Ron, Agree 100% fans think this team is just being held back by Winston and will somehow now get on a roll? Why didn’t we roll against the Steelers or Bears and got thumped? Hilarious.

    Ron You forgot no kicker as well as well no run game or defense. Or pass protection…..

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  4. Yes. The QB mess has diverted attention from the true failing of this team – the defense. GMC and Grimes should be catching more flak than a 24 year old who refuses to remove his head from his ass.

    McCoy has support from outside rusher and what has he done? Nothing. I respect GMC as a person but get me a horses ass like Sapp when the game is on the line. Gerald amasses stats but has he ever taken over a game? Remember any of his sacks? Ever destroyed an opposing teams drive for the win…does he own the two minute drive?

    Grimes is the veteran presence in the secondary? It shows – however, I did see him make a tackle on Sunday. Best be careful with these comment because I fear his wife hits harder than he does.

    Seriously though – who makes personnel decisions for wr and lbs? Those people should be in charge of all evaluation and personnel decisions.

    BTW DJ Swearinger and Mason Foster are on the 4th ranked defense.

    Maybe the DeBartolos could do us a solid and pry John Lynch from the niners.

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