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The PewterReport.com Roundtable features the opinions of the PR staff as it tackles a topic each week that involves the Bucs. This week’s topic: What Is The Bucs Best Uniform Ensemble?

Scott Reynolds: Red And Pewter Is The Classic Bucs Look For Me

Such a fun topic for the summer when absolutely nothing Bucs-related is happening right now. I was super excited to hear that the Bucs were going back to their classic glory days red and pewter uniforms from 1997-2013. Just in time for Tom Brady’s arrival and the Bucs’ second Super Bowl championship. I remember the day back in April of 1997 when the Bucs debuted their new red flag with the skull and crossed swords logo and the red and pewter color combo. Former Bucs Pro Bowl linebacker Hardy Nickerson wore the red jersey and pewter pants at the jersey reveal ceremony. I was awestruck. Just a magnificent look. Is it any surprise the Bucs won their first playoff game in 13 years the year that they debuted their new uniforms? I don’t think so.

Legendary Bucs DT Warren Sapp

Legendary Bucs DT Warren Sapp – Photo by: Getty Images

“We’re not fooling around anymore,” Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer said of the team’s new logo and new uniforms at the ceremony. “We mean business.” He was right. The red and pewter was bold and bad ass. It still is, especially with Brady rocking it.

I think Derrick Brooks or Mike Alstott was in the white jersey and pewter pants at the 1997 reveal ceremony, and Trent Dilfer was in the white jersey and white pants. Yuck. Not a fan of the all-white look at all. People say that the all-white look is clean. It’s not clean – it’s boring. If you’re the Colts and your colors are blue and white, having a white helmet with white pants and a white jersey is fine. But the Bucs’ color scheme is red and pewter with a pewter helmet. Rock the red and pewter! That’s my favorite jersey combo and I’m glad the Bucs won their first Super Bowl in that uniform combo. I’ve got no problem with the team wearing white on pewter in Super Bowl LV. The pewter pants are great.

I’ll admit that I really liked the all-pewter look the team unveiled as an alternate look this year. It’s so unique and looks terrific. I like it as an alternate rather than a mainstay look. The red jersey and pewter pants is the best look with the pewter helmets. Followed by the all-pewter ensemble, the classic white-on-pewter look and then the creamsicle throwback Bucco Bruce uniforms. I don’t even mind the rare usage of the red jersey on white pants. The all-white look is my least favorite. But any way you slice it, Tampa Bay has the best collection of uniforms – including the creamsicles – of any team in the NFL.

Mark Cook: If It’s Not Creamsicles, Then Let’s Go Red And Pewter

Y’all all know I’m old, and I still haven’t forgiven the Glazers for changing the uniforms in 1997. I miss the orange and white but I suppose I have come to accept the red and pewter. With that said, why don’t we see more red and pewter uniform combinations during the season?

Former Bucs LBs Hardy Nickerson and Derrick Brooks - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Former Bucs LBs Hardy Nickerson and Derrick Brooks – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

I don’t hate the white-on-white look necessarily, at least not compared to Scott Reynolds. To me its a clean classic look, giving the uniforms a bit of a nostalgic NFL vibe. But if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard Reynolds complain about the white-on-white look while sitting in the press box during warmups on a Sunday afternoon, well I could buy a few gallons of gas and a couple packs of beef jerky. Why beef jerky cost so much is still on of life’s greatest mysteries. So I agree with him. It is after all, red and pewter.

I know there is probably some nerdy scientist who claims the red jerseys hold .05433 more degrees of heat than the white jerseys, but as I’ve heard Reynolds say a thousand times, “the team colors are red and pewter, not white and white.” Let’s get back to more red and pewter and at the very least, red and white. I’ll even take a white jersey with pewter pants occasionally. Just pleased leave the all pewter combinations in the lockers. Heck, give me the alarm clock all-red Color Rush combo over the all pewter look. But 2022 can’t get here soon enough so I can see the throwback creamsicles again. Now excuse me while I go put on my orange Bucco Bruce terry cloth robe and go walk the dogs.

Jon Ledyard: All Bucs Uniforms Hit, But All-Pewters Are Best

Thankfully I missed the era of the alarm clock jerseys, one of the worst ensembles in NFL history. Someday, I’ll educate myself on the background of those aesthetic travesties, but for now I’m just happy they are gone. The Bucs replaced them with some of the best jerseys in the NFL, a series of color combinations that complement each other extraordinarily well.

Bucs RB Leonard Fournette

Bucs RB Leonard Fournette – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

You won’t catch me complaining about any of the Bucs jerseys. The red jerseys, pewter pants are a dynamite combination that is tied together wonderfully with the pewter helmet. The Bucs just won a Super Bowl in white jerseys and pewter pants, and the white-on-white is an incredibly clean look. Few NFL teams look better on Sundays than the Bucs, but the all-pewters are probably my favorite uniform combination.

The pewter jerseys with pewter pants and strong red accents is one of the most unique jersey combinations in the NFL. Most people don’t even know that pewter is a color! The ensemble is clean and the white numbers and red lining keep it from being too pewter-y. You can’t go wrong with any Bucs jersey combination, even the creamsicles as a change-up, but the all-pewters are my favorite look.

Matt Matera: The White Jersey, Pewter Pants Combo Pops Off The Most

The beauty of this question is that there are no wrong answers. All of the Bucs new uniforms that they got a season ago are certainly in the top of the league. Since we’re picking one, though, I’m going with the white jersey and pewter pants – the combo that they won Super Bowl LV with, in case you forgot.

Bucs OLB Shaquil Barrett

Bucs OLB Shaquil Barrett – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Even though it’s technically the road jersey, you still get a good pop of the Bucs’ team colors with red on the numbers and a solid stripe down the side of the pants. The main piece that puts it together is the Pewter as the main color for the pants.You need that Pewter in there to balance it out. The white on white look is too bland, and while I won’t argue against the red and pewter or all pewter combination, I think the white, pewter and red look sticks out more than others.

It doesn’t hurt either that the Bucs went undefeated while wearing that uniform combination. As the saying by Deion Sanders goes “Look good, feel good, play good”. That’s exactly what Tampa Bay did, going 6-0 in the white-pewter combo, including three postseason wins. Maybe there’s something to that and we’ll see them go undefeated again wearing that attire in 2021.

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2 months ago

Aside from the gawd-awful “color rush”, all-pewter or and unis with the alarm clock numbers, they are all nice.

The pewter/red combo does scream “Bucs, Baby!”

2 months ago

I’m with Scott, even on Madden I avoid the all-white look. That’s not a Bucs look for me. All the other looks are great. Personally, I prefer the all-pewter looks a little bit more

2 months ago

Pewter and Red!!!

2 months ago

I HATE the white-on-white look. Dump it.
I’m fine with the all-pewter ensemble a few times a year. Compared to some of the other alternates (looking at you Seattle), it’s far superior.
My personal favorite is the white-on-pewter. Matt is right; it just pops. The numbers look better to me (and crisper) with the white jerseys. White jersey over the pewter pants is just awesome.
I’m fine with the red-on-pewter, as well. The colors are awesome and blend well. The white tops with pewter pants just rock it better to me. They look better on the field, as well.

2 months ago

All Pewter is the freakin Jam. I would have loved it with White Helmets but it is so freakin cool. White Jerseys Pewter Pants is the 100% solid #2. Red and Pewter is classic but is not at all my favorite. Definitely a solid distant 3rd.
Red is a nice color but it’s far too common in the league. Pewter is our own signature shade and should be showcased whenever possible. It’s what sets us apart and what should be the focus.

NC Greenbeard
2 months ago

I like most of our combos ok enough. I do feel the white on white is our weakest combo aesthetically. I love the all pewter look. Would be nice to bring back the red tops/white pants look occasionally too. Can’t believe Mark would rather have the ketchup color rush alarm clocks than the all pewter. To each his own but strong disagree on that one! Those ketchup clocks were hideous on another level.

NC Greenbeard
2 months ago

Is there a rule against wearing alternate unis in the Super Bowl? I know the alternate helmet rule doesn’t start til next year but what if we came out in a Super Bowl wearing the Creamsicle look? That would be amazing.

Dy-nasty D
2 months ago
  1. white/pewter
  2. red/pewter
  3. white/white
  4. pewter rush
  5. red/white
2 months ago

I’ve always preferred the red on pewter. White on pewter is nice also, and the alternate all pewters is nice. White on white sucks. Absolutely booooorrrrriiiinnnnngggg. Thumbs down on that one. I can’t believe Mark liked the red color rush unis over the all pewter. While red is my favorite color, those all red unis were just awful. I’m talking full on puke level (*barf!*). Be nice to see more red and pewter this year. Way too much white at home last year.

2 months ago

Red over either pewter or white should always be our “home game” ensemble. If I was in charge of the wardrobe, it would be red over white for day games and red over pewter for night games (more formal look). Then throw in the all pewter once in a while. Never all white. Never thought the jersey color made enough of a difference in heat absorption, but I know the Bucs tend to wear white jerseys early in the season for day games. I must say, I was disappointed that, as the “home team”, the Bucs wore the white over… Read more »

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg