The greatest spectacle in the game of football will not be fully packed out in Tampa.

Adam Schefter reported on Wednesday that the NFL is planning to have a seating capacity of 20 percent at Super Bowl LV in Raymond James Stadium. The attendance would be around 13,000 to 15,000 fans given the number of seats.

Reports also came from Schefter that the NFL could potentially add a Week 18 if games are canceled due to COVID-19, which would push the Super Bowl back to February 7th.

The Bucs played their first game of the season at Raymond James Stadium with no one in attendance but then allowed fans in for their last two home games against the Chargers and Packers. They’ve limited the crowd number to 10,000 so far.

Tampa Bay is looking to become the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl game in their home stadium.

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7 months ago

As long as the Bucs are there, the rest is gravy.

7 months ago

Can we please just play the games in front of people. The NFL will lose millions of dollars after all is said and done. For a disease that, unless you’re of advanced age or have underlying conditions, you have a 99.9% chance of surviving it. This could possibly be the case of a home team playing in their own stadium for the Super Bowl. So the NFL wants to limit seating? Smh

7 months ago

Hopefully this changes before Feb, for the sole purpose of benefitting the city. I tel you what though, if the Bucs make it there, I really hope every single Bucs fan packs out the area around the stadium and cheer our boys on from all around the stadium!

Reply to  Spitfire
7 months ago

Agreed, spitfire. That’s the first thing I thought of is the impact on the area. The Super Bowl brings in millions of dollars to small business that desperately need an influx with the Covid strain on the economy. Hopefully something changes to make it possible to open up the world by then. I live in Seattle these days but will be back home supporting how ever I can if this team is able to get the job done. Let’s focus on the Giants, one game at a time!

7 months ago

Thanks for ruining yet another part of our lives, I mean, congratulations on rounding the corner

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Reply to  matador
7 months ago

Dark, dark days ahead. We are all doomed. I just can’t think this way. Hope is around the corner with a vaccine. Looks like the first quarter of 2021. It normally takes 2-3 years so this is great news. Maybe this article will make you feel better.