As the Super Bowl LV championship is still fresh in the minds of Bucs players and their fans, the attention is starting to gravitate towards the 2021 NFL Draft. NFL experts and pundits are publishing mock drafts on a regular basis and making their picks for the Bucs.

Each week until the 2021 NFL Draft in April, will scour the internet to find the list of players that are projected to Tampa Bay and put out the list with the links. The Bucs will have the 32nd overall pick in the first round, and here’s who those around the media have the defending Super Bowl champs selecting in their mock drafts.


Jarad Evans –

Bucs’ First Round Pick: Miami Edge Gregory Rousseau
“The Buccaneers’ roster has virtually zero holes after running it back with all their key free agents. With no clear needs, Tampa Bay fans have the luxury of adding to their already league-best pass rush with Gregory Rousseau. Tampa Bay’s 2020 season exemplified the importance of a strong pass rush, and Rousseau has the tools to be a top-five pick, though his one year of production in 2019 drops him to the end of the first round. His freaky build makes him a moveable chess piece who can rush from both inside and outside.

“Also receiving votes by Bucs fans was Clemson running back Travis Etienne — quite the surprising pick after the Chiefs’ misstep of snagging Clyde Edwards-Helaire at No. 32 overall last season. Etienne would add a new dimension to the Bucs’ offense as an explosive receiver out of the backfield.” – Jarad Evans

Ben Rolfe – 

Bucs’ First Round Pick: Alabama DT Christian Barmore
“The Buccaneers brought back all 22 starters this offseason, meaning they can afford a luxury pick here to round out this 2021 First Round NFL Mock Draft. Christian Barmore does not fill an immediate need, but he would serve a rotational purpose on the defensive line. With Ndamukong Suh returning on a one-year deal, Barmore is a natural replacement as a starter in 2022.” – Ben Rolfe

Scott Smith –

Bucs’ First Round Pick: Penn State Edge Jayson Oweh 
“I surprised myself a little bit with this one. I think the Bucs’ brain trust prefers to draft players who were very productive in college, and Oweh infamously had zero sacks last year. The Bucs could also go with an interior lineman here (and I’ve put Washington’s Levi Owunzirike in this spot before), but with Ndamukong Suh officially back the Bucs have basically evened out their needs (or lack thereof) across the board. So stay with me on this and think a little bit about what Jason Licht said last week: The Bucs can afford to take a developmental player at any position, and they’re going to be basing the decision on which player will be the best two years from now. Oweh may need a decent amount of work to hone his professional game but his Pro Day performance was insane. Sub-4.4 40 times? A 39.5-inch vertical leap? A 6.84-second three-cone drill? Wow. If the Bucs think Oweh could be a star by 2023, they would be making a very good investment here.” – Scott Smith

Daniel Jeremiah –

First Round Pick: Mississippi WR Elijah Moore
“This is a luxury pick for the Bucs as they try to run it back with some insurance in case they do not re-sign Antonio Brown. Moore is a dynamic playmaker with a different skill set than Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.” – Daniel Jeremiah

Peter Schrager – 

First Round Pick: Standford QB David Mills 
“I don’t know where Mills goes exactly, but the buzz around the league is that he could be a first-round pick and will most likely be the sixth quarterback selected. I’ll throw him to Tampa Bay, where he can learn from a pretty good QB1.” – Peter Schrager

Luke Easterling –

First Round Pick (From Rams Via Jaguars): Miami Edge Jaelan Phillips
“What do you get the team that has everything? Another athletic pass rusher, of course. The Bucs are returning their entire starting lineup from last year’s Super Bowl team, so they might not have enough roster spots for all eight of their current draft selections. They’re also still in win-now mode, so trading up seems a likely scenario in the first round, if the right guy gets close enough.

“The Jags add another pick to help their rebuild, and the Bucs land a high-upside pass rusher to wait in the wings behind Jason Pierre-Paul, who is 32 and going into the final year of his contract. Phillips has some injury concerns, but he’s got as much potential as any edge defender in this draft, thanks to a rare combination of size, length and athleticism.” – Luke Easterling

Brentley Weissman –

Bucs’ First Round Pick: Washington IDL Levi Onwuzurike
Second Round Pick: Clemson WR Amari Rodgers
Third Round Pick: Florida QB Kyle Trask

Vinnie Iyer –

First Round Pick: Washington DL Levi Onwuzurike
“With the Bucs re-signing Leonard Fournette, running back can now be tabled here. But although they also re-signed defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (6-4, 307 pounds), he’s back on a one-year deal for his age 34 season. Here’s someone to groom inside to replace him as a starter in the rotation next to beefy Vita Vea. Onwuzurike is extremely active and athletic inside for a man of his size. He combines that with toughness and technique required to finish plays.” – Vinnie Iyer

Josh Edwards –

Bucs’ First Round Pick: Florida State CB Asante Samuel Jr.
Second Round Pick: LSU DT Tyler Shelvin
Third Round Pick: BYU OT Brady Christensen
Fourth Round Pick: Florida State Edge Joshua Kaindoh
Fifth Round Pick: Grambling State OG David Moore
Sixth Round Pick: Michigan DT Carlo Kemp
Seventh Round Pick: Bowling Green TE Quintin Morris
Seventh Round Pick: LSU WR Racey McMath

“Tampa Bay has essentially zero holes on the roster so it is in a position to add quality depth. Picks made this year are to set the Bucs up for success long into the future.” – Josh Edwards

Ben Standig –

First Round Pick: Alabama DT Christian Barmore 
“To repeat as Super Bowl champions, the Buccaneers will need to take down quarterbacks like Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson. Fortifying the pass rush will help the cause, not to mention provide a backup plan beyond this season with defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, 32, entering the final year of his contract. Perhaps Ojulari or Basham is that guy, but if they’re gone, Tampa Bay adds an interior defensive lineman with Ndamukong Suh only returning on a one-year deal.” – Ben Standig

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3 months ago

Barmore would be a smart pick.

I understand that Sapp isn’t a fan, but the guy is super talented, fills a future need, would play a significant role in year one especially if Suh or Vita get injured.

If the Bucs aren’t as high on Barmore than I am, then I could see Dickerson or an edge rusher.

If a team doesn’t have any immediate needs, then adding talented depth on either line is the smart play.

3 months ago

Call me crazy, but a luxury pick for me would be Najee Harris. To me Fournette, and Jones are the same back. Neither is a real threat in the passing game. Both are basically on last year deals. They added another game to the season, that’s extra wear on the R.B. room. I keep hearing about the two top edge rushers from the U of Miami. You would think that with two edge rushers expected to be top five picks Miami would’ve had the best defense in college last year. So if edge rushers are so important, why didn’t these… Read more »

Reply to  surferdudes
3 months ago

They were never on the field together… one missed last year, the other the year before

Reply to  surferdudes
3 months ago

I agree on the RB position. Last year I was not onboard because we desperately had to solidify our Oline to protect Brady. I also know that we need to very soon find depth for our front 7, but RB is the one spot that I would say we have a hole at. Jones is a more dynamic runner but Fournette has only slightly better hands, but in the end they fill the same hole and satisfy the same need of a solid RB. The hole is to have a solid option for a pass blocking pass catching 3rd Down… Read more »

3 months ago

There are a lot of lazy picks (especially Shragers), but the bucs have already stated they need to replace the special teams. I expect that every interview with prospects will include the question : are you prepared to play special teams. While developing along the lines is required…. there will undoubtedly be speed, hustle and desire in every draft selection…. which will include LB, and corners/WR

Reply to  Michael76
3 months ago

I wouldn’t call the selection of Mills in the 1st round lazy. It’s just aggressively stupid, for several huge reasons, not the least of which that he isn’t even nearly good enough to justify that kind of investment.

3 months ago

The only pick I like here is Phillips and I dont think he will be there at 32. All other ones make little sense to me.

Reply to  BucLife
3 months ago

You’re probably right about him not being there at 32 but I would have no problems with the Bucs trading up a few spots to grab him if he is still out there around pick 27 or so.

3 months ago

Agree with many of the comments. A pass catching RB is need…and I’m hopefully that the Bucs will draft or sign one before the season.

3 months ago

I love Asante Samuel Jr. I see him being a really good corner in the right defense, one who could justify the use of a late first round pick on him. But I can’t see us taking him. He just doesn’t fit the profile of what this team clearly values at the CB position. Our shortest and shortest armed current starting corner (SMB) is 6 feet tall with 32″ arms. Samuel Jr. is TINY for what Bowles clearly looks for in his corners. I could be wrong, but just due to that, I doubt he’s even on our draft board.

Reply to  toofamiliar17
3 months ago

Although I agree that ASJ doesn’t fit the prototype of what we have at CB, ASJ is a can’t miss IMO. Feel the same about him as I did last year with AWJ. Plus, seeing as most teams don’t trot out 3 or 4 – 6’2 220 WR’s, it’s good to have flexibility and versatility in the back end. Some of the best secondaries of the last decade had a great slot CB. And no offense to SMB, but I think ASJ is a better fit at slot corner than he is

Last edited 3 months ago by Dave
3 months ago

I really don’t get this ongoing narrative about the need for a pass-catching RB when Fournette caught an awful lot of passes during his time with the Jags. He was the 4th player chosen overall for a reason. He can catch. I guess people just look at the Flying Elvises offense and want to mimic that style of play. The Arians offense did pretty well last year without relying on dump-off passes.

Reply to  scubog
3 months ago

Fournette made the catches that he had to make down the stretch. The TD catch against the Saints and 4th down catch against the Packers were clutch catches. The narrative that we don’t have any holes to fill is the one I don’t agree with. We do have a very big hole and it’s not RB. One thing that could undermine this season would be an injury to JPP or Shaq. We were lucky last year with injuries but we have absolutely no one behind them that can pressure the QB. That kind of hit could sink this defense and… Read more »

Reply to  scubog
3 months ago

I don’t thinks It’s not just a narrative Fournette 4th most drops in nfl last year with 5 drops. What he did or didn’t do with Jags is irrelevant. Both he and Jones are on last years of deals. Vaughn has been lack luster and unproven. To me it makes sense to draft one based on those two things. Not sold Vaughn can catch or stay healthy will see see I guess. Plenty of other places we don’t have holes but depth is tad scary. Like pass rusher. So I’m fine with whatever but saying we are good at RB… Read more »

Reply to  scubog
3 months ago

He’s had 1 season in his career where he caught more than 36 passes. Would hardly call that catching a ton of balls in his Jags career. One random outlier season, doesn’t make a career