For the second time in the past three weeks, the Bucs appear to have avoided major injury at the wide receiver position. Following an MRI on his knee, Antonio Brown’s injury suffered in the first half against the Saints on Sunday night is not a significant concern, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Brown caught just one pass for ten yards and dropped his other target on Sunday, a far cry from the significant impact we’ve seen him make in recent weeks. Brown had two catches for 49 yards and a touchdown against Washington in the Wild Card round, and finished the regular season with touchdowns in three straight games, including an 11-catch, 138-yard, 2-touchdown performance in Week 17 against Atlanta.

With Brown considered day-to-day, the Bucs will likely take it easy with him in practice this week, with the hope that the receiver will be ready to roll on Sunday afternoon. Brown has only faced the Packers twice in his career as a starter, but he has 16 catches for 274 yards and two touchdowns in those meetings, going over 100 yards receiving both times. The Bucs did not yet have Brown during their Week 6 victory over Green Bay, so if he’s healthy, it’ll be another important weapon in their arsenal for Sunday.

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About the Author: Jon Ledyard

Jon Ledyard is's newest Bucs beat writer and has experience covering the Pittsburgh Steelers as a beat writer and analyzing the NFL Draft for several draft websites, including The Draft Network. Follow Ledyard on Twitter at @LedyardNFLDraft
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eaustinyoung (@eaustinyoung)
10 months ago

Packers don’t have DBs to cover all the Bucs receivers. Jaire Alexander is good, but the Bucs can gouge you at every level now that the RBs are actually catching their passes.

Eddie (@oct62020)
10 months ago

“did not suffer a serious injury….” but an injury none the less. So what kind of injury was it and what was the extend of not serious? Horrible journalism. He is the Green Bay packer killer, in my book only of course.

Spitfire (@spitfire)
Reply to  Eddie
10 months ago

Dude, the they are only reporting what the team is putting out there. It’s not horrible journalism, they aren’t gonna speculate and make up facts about the seriousness of his injury. We

ScottC543 (@scottc543)
10 months ago

He could be the difference-maker in this game. He is or was just getting back to what he used to be – one of the leagues biggest threats. If he’s 100% for this game, look out Packers.

Buc76 (@jjjj)
10 months ago

He probably stayed on the sidelines in New Orleans because if he had a knee injury he didn’t want to make it worse. That was a smart move. Now that he knows the extent of it he can test it and push it in this upcoming game.

BucNnole (@bucnnole)
10 months ago

SUPER BOWL BABY!!! (In my best Jon Gruden voice)


bucballer (@bucballer)
10 months ago

Just drove by the stadium guys! SuperBowl tents and things going up! Hopefully the Bucs will be a home team! Go Bucs!

Buc76 (@jjjj)
10 months ago

NFC is the home team this year so if we do make it we’ll be on our bench. Would have been weird the other way around. Let’s hope we have that problem

surferdudes (@surferdudes)
10 months ago

Well when A.B. went out, Johnson made one of the great catches of the game on a 3rd, and 11. Scooter caught a nice ball in a hole between two defenders. I’m not worried if A.B. can’t go. The way we win, or lose this game will come down to stopping Rodgers…again.

Naplesfan (@naplesfan)
Reply to  surferdudes
10 months ago

Not worried either .. but you never know, if a player just happens to step up at the time when he’s needed most to make a play, and does, even just that one play can make all the difference between a W and an L.
With competition like the Packers, we need all hands on deck.

TBChucky (@tbchucky)
10 months ago

Hoping like hell he can play!! Our WRs are a big mismatch for the Packers. It’d be awesome to have Brown out there!

Billy (@sundaystuds)
10 months ago

Well with those numbers he is definitely a Packers killer.

Could use him, but at this point Miller and Johnson will do just fine. What an unbelievable catch by Tyler.

Their defense just isn’t good enough to hang.

Bucs 34 Packers 24

Spitfire (@spitfire)
10 months ago

We are healthy or deep enough in all the right places at this point. Having all hands on deck the rest of the way gives us the best chance obviously but as it stands, we are staying healthy enough to give it our best. Hopefully our guys remember what they are capable of against the Packers and take the fact that we are still underdogs as a true insult and give it everything they have to prove everyone wrong. I feel like this is a game like the Saints and (unlike Washington) where we know exactly what they Packers are… Read more »

PatrioticChief (@patrioticchief)
10 months ago

AB and Godwin should feast if they put Jaire on Evans (which I hope they do). I hope it really is not too bad and they aren’t smoke screening. At minimum its encouraging it wasn’t season ending.