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    Bad overall game by Bucs.

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    I’m not completely blaming refs for this game, but I think the turning point of the game was the overturned fumble caused by Kwon. I think if the original call would have been incomplete, it should have stayed. But the call was a fumble and I didn’t feel there was conclusive evidence to overturn that. Anyway, we didn’t deserve a W today with Huff’s returning antics and the port defensive play. Still playing for pride against a division foe next week though!

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      It was first ruled a catch and fumble and reversed to be an incomplete pass. It was a good call even though I didn’t like it.

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    Simply put, we choked. Big game against a team eliminated from the playoffs and were beat in all three phases. Thank you Dirk for benching Doug Martin. I’ll miss him. One thing we need is leadership. Drew Brees had his team playing their guts out. We simply don’t have that level of leadership yet. Most disappointing Bucs: Ali Marpet, Vernon Hargreaves III, and Daryl Smith. Most impressive: Kevin Pamphile, who played his butt off and Mike Evans. On the bright side, we play the Jets next year. On the dark side, we play New England.

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    Oh, and Josh Huff is awful.

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    Lavonte missing that tackle on Ingram on 3rd and 1 inside two minutes was a heart breaker. I know he hasn’t had the best stats this year but that’s a play he had a chance to make.. he’s just not the same this year.

    we’ll lose every game with this consistently bad offensive tackle play. But Tandy looks like he could be our starter down the road and #58 Rich homie Kwon ain’t even gotta flex. We’ve come a long way from last years’ bucs but we aren’t there yet

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    Bad game overall in many ways. The decision to kick inside at end with all 3 TO’s was stupid too.

    Overall though I expected to lose to Saints in the Dome after way they carved up the Cards and way our O line has sucked lately.

    We are going in right direction. 9-7 is about what I expected his year. To achieve it with all the injuries we had was still pretty good.

    Whip the panthers and end season on good note. One more good draft and I think we have a playoff team here in Tampa again. I guess we still are alive mathematically but doubt we get in. Had good chance and blew it. They aren’t ready pure and simple. Lot of needs still. O LINE IS THE BIGGEST IMO. We have to run ball and protect Winston better. It’s a below average line in every way.

    A true 2nd WR,safety,CB,and another good pass rushing DE all needed too.

    Hoping Winston has a big jump to his third year. He needs to continue to mature and control his emotions better. Needs to work on mechanics and accuracy too.

    I’m sure Koetter has learned a lot this year. Hopefully Smith sticks around.

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    Meant onside kick stupid ass autocomplete on phone.

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    Brutal loss for the fans, the players and coaches look pretty good with it. They didn’t fight today.

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    Okay, lets all take a deep breath and say we have won 8 games; two more than last year. We have a rookie Head Coach that I hope will pass on his play calling next season to the Offensive Coordinator. Only a couple of Coaches are capable to handle both positions at the same time and I don’t believe Koetter is one of them. Winston needs some help as Koetter the Head Coach and not Koetter as the Offensive Coordinator. Time to pass that responsibility on to the Offensive Coordinator. We have so many key injurier at this point in the season, it has really hurt us. The Saints were head hunting and looking for pay back; I thought the Ref’s could have called more PF’d on the Saints. Still we had a chance to win. Go Bucs!

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    Tough loss when we needed it the most. The defense and Winston were a real let down. Hopefully they can pull out a win against Carolina.

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    A very tough loss to swallow, it hurts. But mostly because of all the hoe we had just two weeks ago. Season is over as far as the playoff are concerned but this team is not that far off. Give Jameis some more weapons, more skill and depth in the trenches….

    But I REALLY hate the Saints! Their almost done too. While the Buccaneers are getting better, the Saints are going to fall. I look forward to it too, every damn second of it.

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      Totally agree Garv. More protection and more weapons for Jameis.

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    They’re showing that they need a couple more upgrades at the starting positions to be consistent winners. Another receiver, another tight end, another offensive lineman. I really, really miss the days when Carl Nicks, Davin Joseph, and Donald Penn formed the best OL in Bucs history. The current group just can’t rise to the occassion and dominate. The front seven’s inability to stop the run at the end of the game was particularly disappointing considering the team had done everything else possible to make up for earlier mistakes. Again, a defensive tackle would have been a better second round pick than Aguayo, who would likely have still been available in the fourth round. Rodgers and Martin seem pretty much interchangeable at running back. Koetter is going with the one on the hot streak.

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    I was a bit worried about this game. I anticipated Brees coming out firing. I never expected them to run so often and effectively. Defense had a hard time dealing with the more balanced attack. I know we’ll all focus on the Jameis interception as the reason for this loss, but he also had some outstanding plays.

    Rather than seek out blame, as we are prone to do; I want to point out the fact that, unlike last year, this team doesn’t quit. They didn’t play as well as they are capable, yet still hung in there with two of the best offenses in the league and stayed within a single score. Last season the Dallas and Saints games could have been blow-outs. In my view this team can line up with nearly everyone without fear.

    The future is much brighter than a year ago. The culture has been changed for both the players and we fans. This season the schedule was much tougher yet the record is better. The team suffered injuries, seemingly depleting one position after another, and survived. The Defense took half a season to gel and is much improved. We have one of the best punters and even Roberto seems to have rebounded from his early struggles.

    I look back to the loss to the Rams when it seemed everything went wrong yet the game was there to be won in the end and the defensive holding call that prevented victory against the Raiders. Only the home games against the Broncos and Falcons did I come away thinking our team was over-matched. That’s reason for optimism.

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