In 2017, the Tampa bay Buccaneers were regular features on NFL Network’s show “Good Morning Football”, as they were the trendy team of that season to potentially make a playoff run.

We all know how that ended, as do the folks over at GMFB.

They got burned from drinking thew hyped up Kool-Aid just like we did, and even though the hype for the 2018 Buccaneers will surely be somewhat tempered, unlike last season, Peter Schrager, one of the hosts of the show, still noted what massive changes the Bucs made to their defense from last season on the show on Thursday.

“They went from being an overpriced, inflated bunch of softies to one of the angriest, meanest defenses in the league,” Schrager said.

Schrager was impressed with the kind of turnaround the Bucs were able to pull on their roster, specifically the defensive line.

Are you just as impressed? Or are you still pumping the brakes?


  1. I’m impressed with the moves the Bucs made on D line. Couldn’t have done much more to help it in one year. It is annoying though that mentality of “it starts up front” and “you can never have enough pass rushers” hasn’t been there really to me. I’ve said it over and over and lot people want to argue but you better have good O line and D line or you aren’t going anywhere. Yes there were injuries on d line but my god somebody can’t evaluate d line talent!
    Chris Baker was a lazy pig and I said so from the beginning. Doesn’t like to practice? WTF? Did Sapp ever say some Bs like that? I Also got blasted about that until it was clear he sucked and I was right. People telling me “he’s there to stop the run” or “he will turn it on when season starts.” Lol. What a joke he was. You are what you practice for most part. It’s a grueling game and you practice soft you will be soft! Koetter needs to learn this too.

    • fredster has it right. A lot of Buc fans, me included, have said it starts up front. It remains to be seen if the coaching staff can bring all of the new talent together. With the player contract limiting practices that has been a problem for every team that has tried to make big changes. That said, Smith better find a way or he is out and probably Koetter too.

  2. Sorry but you cant call it a “turnaround” if the darn season hasnt even started

    Overall I agree in a sense though, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the type of changes we have made on the defense in an ATTEMPT to get “angry” and “mean”.

    I love what they are going for, what they are trying to turn this defense into, but jeez, you cant just say “…one of the angriest, meanest defenses in the league,” when its freaking OTAs

  3. There’s no way we can be impressed with anything from this front office and staff until the product on the field is visibly better. Last year we were sold on Chris Baker being the answer coming off his 3-4 sack season. Then he gets here and we downgrade as a unit. The return of Mike Smith was a huge deal last year when in reality his defense forced turnovers but gave up a ridiculous amount of yardage. JR Sweezy was brought in with this “nasty” reputation but he’s done nothing but be the mediocre player he was graded out as when he headed into free agency. We acquired JPP who I agree is an upgrade but Beau Thomas was a run stopping player we are projecting to do more, that has never worked during Lichts tenure. Vinny Curry was disruptive but he recorded only 3 sacks, the potential is there but again 3 sacks is 3 sacks. Vita Vea could be this special freak athlete or another oversized DL with short arms that makes no impact from the Pac 12. Ronald Jones was a good pick but the MJ Stewart selection is a head scratcher no matter what he did at the Senior Bowl. Carlton Davis has to potential to be a good player but then we see reports about him playing off coverage during rookie camp which does NOT play to his skill set. Mike Smith couldn’t figure out how to best use his players after 2 seasons, Dirks offense has don’t nothing but decline since Lovie left albeit with increased talent and Licht is crowned every summer yet we still can’t manage to make the playoffs. Win and I’ll be impressed.

  4. What team will give Buckner a HC job? Watch us let another great assistant coach get out the door. He should be a DC right now. Instead of retread smitty. dead last in in too many defensive stats should get you canned. Glazers are still trying to lose. They don’t want a dynasty. They don’t think dynasty. They were all most to late with Chucky. That defense should have at least 2 rings maybe as many as 4. They(Glazers) should have been demanding top 10 in all three phases. since 1999 loss to the Greatest show on turf who only scored 11 points at home in a championship game. For the love of Hardware & Gruber. They will never get it right. We have seen this this movie before Bucs fans. Fredster your right. However we have the wrong coach. Dungy could not get it done. Dirk is no Dungy & god knows smitty is no Monte Kiffen. Like Sapp said we need coaches with bite for a historically losing franchise. no nice guys at the helm.

  5. Definitely impressed with the improvements on the paper but i’m pumping the breaks until i see the improvement on the field. I need to see the improvement in the coaching staff style and execution. Giving a Jaguar to a teenager with a learning license doesn’t make him a great driver.

  6. Agree with Bern 1000%! Why DC Smith was not fired beats me. Ohh..I know why. He’s Koetters mentor. Our defense will improve and Smith will get the credit. Buckner will go on to be a DC to another team which will..haunt the Bucs. Just like Dungy did us! And NO..I’m not impressed until I see the win lost column improve. Everybody looks good on paper. We have..for years. I’m elated both Koetter and Smitty are under duress. They should be. Poop or get off the pot. No excuses. The time is now..period!!

  7. Man, I hope I’m totally off base on this, as the changes we’ve made seem nice and should help alot. But just listening to how Mike Smith talks to you guys in the media and this can obviously not be indicative of anything at all, but the guy just seems soft on the inside and not capable of releasing the beast so to speak…I dunno I hope he’s more aggressive this year and I’m wrong…

  8. The addition of JPP was impressive, but the jury is out on the other Vets. They were signed first when we had openings – if they perceive they were being signed to play and end up on the pine, things could go wrong quickly. Overall, things look much improved on the DL.

    As for “nasty” or “mean”…that’s all BS. Our best DLineman (one of the best in the league) is also one of the nicest players in the league. I’ve heard every JAG in town be called nasty…I care about whether they can get sacks and stuff runs, nastily or nicely is irrelevant.

  9. “They went from being an overpriced, inflated bunch of softies to one of the angriest, meanest defenses in the league,” Schrager said.

    The 2018 Buccaneers have literally not even taken a preseason snap let alone a regular season snap yet. To call them one of the meanest defenses in the league at this point is absolutely ridiculous. It would be like calling Saquon Barkley the best RB in NFL history. You may think he has game, but maybe wait he actually plays a season first.

    There’s a line between stating an opinion and speaking factually about things that haven’t actually occurred, and Schrager catapulted over that line.

  10. What a bunch of whiners. Nothing ever causes some of you to peek your head over the rim of the cesspool you seem to enjoy so much. Those of you who have Ed Norton as a folk hero because of his desire to be in the sewer, are unrelenting in your search for turds. I’m not the biggest fan of free agency and am never ready to put a rookie into the Pro Bowl when OTA’s have barely begun. Neither am I inclined to poo poo everything the team has done to improve. To me it’s nearly impossible for the Defense to be worse when it finished dead last in the league in many categories. Likewise it’s nearly impossible to think the running game won’t be better simply because Doug Martin has gone home to Oakland. It’s nearly impossible to think the place kicking won’t be better if it merely reached mediocrity.

    I’d rather think happy thoughts until proven otherwise. Guess that’s why my constant smile annoys people. “Get that smile off your face Scubog!”

    • There is a country mile of difference between a defense that is better and improved and going from the 32nd ranked D to “one of the angriest, meanest defense in the NFL” without taking a snap together. Maybe you missed the difference in context.

      • “There is a country mile of difference between a defense that is better and improved and going from the 32nd ranked D to “one of the angriest, meanest defense in the NFL” without taking a snap together.”

        Yeah, please explain the difference, preferable with examples or stats. Thanks