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    Aguayo is a bad professional FG kicker right now. I’m thrilled he made the last FG but quite honestly a 43% success rate is telling. I do not see this guy making it the whole season but in this case I hope to be wrong a he doesn’t miss another kick all year. Agree Gary, this was not redemption, more like survival. A great win for the Bucs on a day that usually ends up going the other way. Enjoy the week off, well deserved Bucs! I’ll enjoy the rest of week, beating the panthers is always a good damn feeling.

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    Well maybe it will be for Aguayo like Gruden said it was for Jankiowski…he was about to cut him as a rookie when he was in the midst of a season that went 22 for 32 in field goals, but then SJ made this 58 yarder and that saved his career…maybe it will be the same….maybe…

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      Janikowski is not even in the top 15 most accurate kicker of all time. Hardly worth a 1st round pick when 90% of the top 15 were not even drafted. We had two of them in the top 15 in Barth and Bryant.

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    Yea, Aquayo’s game winning FG salvaged a lot of hard work by an injury riddled team with a struggling QB, but it sure as hell didn’t prove this guy is an NFL level talent. I would have several Place Kickers lined up for tryouts over the next two weeks. I don’t care if the guy was our 2nd round pick and the best college kicker since Lou Grosa. He stinks and we will lose games because of him. It was an inspiring win, however and my sincere congratulations to a rag tag scrapping Bucs defense and a determined Buc’s OL.

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    I feel sorry for Aguayo but he needs to be replaced. I don’t care if he kicked the game winner, he missed 2 others earlier in the game. Any kicker that is kicking 50% through the first 5 weeks needs to be replaced. Its not like he is missing some 50+ yds kicks that messing up his percentage. He hasn’t attempted a kick over 50 yds this season. Had we not drafted him so high, he would already be gone. He cant make anything over 40 yards. He is the 32th ranked kicker in the league. Its not all his fault, he shouldn’t have been drafted so high. By drafting him in the 2nd round, anything less than 90% would be labeled a bust. Kicking 50% makes you one of the biggest busts in the draft.

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    Aguayo’s kick saved his job? For now? Our standards are just so mindboggling low around here. It shouldn’t have saved his job even going into the next game. If anything making that last kick allow allots him airfare back to Tampa where he should have been fired upon arrival.

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      I don’t see his kicks as making or braking Bucs season. I see getting into the in zone enough as the bigger problem. Way to many opportunities to get 6 and we don’t. We drafted this kid and need to ride it out all season. If he sucks rest of year then you have a body of work worthy enough to send him packing. We wasted the second round pick on him and we are NOT a playoff team yet so lets see if he gets it in gear.

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    Aguayo should be cut. I’ve had it with this clown. Just admit it was a stupid collosal mistake and move on with some undrafted free agent who can actually make FG’s and point afters. Like you have done to begin with!

    Close game and he left 6 easy points on the board. Beyond ridiculous. You can tell Koetter is fed up and probably wants him gone, but it’s likely Licht keeping him around refusing to see he is a bust and admiring he screwed this one up. College is not the NFL. Why so many can’t understand this is beyond me. How many games will he have to jeopardize before they say enough?

    Anyways great win! D line of all back ups did just enough. Winston wasn’t stellar but did enough. The one throw was almost int. Though.

    Rogers looked great. During the Broncos game I kept saying why the hell wont they give him more carries? Sims was putrid dancing around.

    I said 3 things must happen for Bucs to steal a win.

    1.)Run game must get going with Rodgers.

    2.)D line must generate some pass rush and stop the run.

    3.)Winston and offense can’t turn it over.

    They did all 3. The O line penalties are getting really frustrating though. Kudos to our secondary and safeties for stepping up their game and doing some nice stuff without much pass rush all night.

    I had this team dead and buried. Lol. With the bye and 2-3 record who knows. A run could happen. The schedule gets better, but without Ayers,Martin,and McCoy don’t see us beating to many other teams.

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    I’m happy for Berto. He needed that kick to sail through the uprights. We needed that winning kick. I really hope he settles in and goes on a run of good kicking I know he’s capable of having. Still, The signs of his problems were evident at FSU his junior year. I watched him miss 5 FG’s (4 of them pulls to the left) and he’s still having that problem. He has to fix that or he’ll be cut. Dirk needs to back up his guy, cause as a 2nd rounder, he’s not being cut (if he is) until late in the season.

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    Great Read Gary! Aguayo kick the game winner. That’s what matters. After 5 weeks some fans still want to cut him after a win. Same people who was mad we even drafted him , no surprise there. Gruden said last night When he was a Raider Kicker Janakowski was even worse than Aguayo and 15 years later he is the 2nd best kicker in the game. But some fans would rather be right than win I guess.

    After week 5 the Bucs are right where most pundits thought we would be, 2-3 . With our whole starting D line out and on our 3rd RB, a New Defense and Head coach, We just played 4 of the 5 best D’s in the League in first 5 weeks,not too bad considering.

    We now have a bye week to get a bunch of starters back and two weeks to prepare for our next opponents. We still need a tleast a couple great drafts to really be a serious contender in the playoffs but I am sure glad we are 2-3 and Not 1-4 this morning. GO BUCS!!!

    1. 8.1


      Where did you get the analysis that Janiskowski is the second best kicker of all time? Look it up, Dan Bailey is currently the most accurate kicker. Janiskowski is not even in the top 15 most accurate kicker. Again, look it up.

      1. 8.1.1


        I’ll do the homework for you. Here is Janikowski at number 40:

        + indicates Hall of Famer Share & more

        Copy Link to Table to Clipboard
        Rank Player FG% Years Tm
        1 Dan Bailey 89.941% 2011-2016 dal
        2 Justin Tucker 88.750% 2012-2016 rav
        3 Steven Hauschka 87.368% 2008-2016 3TM
        4 Stephen Gostkowski 86.810% 2006-2016 nwe
        5 Mike Vanderjagt 86.466% 1998-2006 2TM
        6 Nate Kaeding 86.190% 2004-2012 2TM
        7 Rob Bironas 85.663% 2005-2013 oti
        8 Shayne Graham 85.494% 2001-2015 10T
        9 Robbie Gould 85.449% 2005-2015 chi
        10 Matt Bryant 85.440% 2002-2016 5TM
        11 Dan Carpenter 84.528% 2008-2016 2TM
        12 Adam Vinatieri 84.452% 1996-2016 2TM
        13 Blair Walsh 84.416% 2012-2016 min
        Phil Dawson 84.416% 1999-2016 2TM
        15 Shaun Suisham 84.064% 2005-2014 3TM
        16 Josh Brown 83.862% 2003-2016 4TM
        17 Connor Barth 83.721% 2008-2016 4TM
        18 Matt Stover 83.659% 1991-2009 3TM
        19 Ryan Longwell 83.180% 1997-2012 3TM
        20 Matt Prater 82.833% 2007-2016 3TM
        21 Jay Feely 82.587% 2001-2014 6TM
        22 John Carney 82.414% 1988-2010 7TM
        23 Jason Hanson 82.363% 1992-2012 det
        24 Ryan Succop 82.292% 2009-2016 2TM
        25 Jeff Reed 82.239% 2002-2010 2TM
        26 John Kasay 81.883% 1991-2011 3TM
        27 Nick Novak 81.868% 2005-2016 5TM
        28 Jeff Wilkins 81.867% 1994-2007 3TM
        29 Garrett Hartley 81.731% 2008-2014 2TM
        30 Lawrence Tynes 81.545% 2004-2012 2TM
        31 Mike Nugent 81.227% 2005-2016 4TM
        32 Rian Lindell 81.167% 2000-2013 3TM
        33 Olindo Mare 81.093% 1997-2012 5TM
        34 Nick Folk 81.022% 2007-2016 2TM
        35 David Akers 80.922% 1998-2013 4TM
        36 Jason Elam 80.741% 1993-2009 2TM
        37 Joe Nedney 80.251% 1996-2010 7TM
        38 Doug Brien 80.233% 1994-2005 7TM
        39 Mason Crosby 80.198% 2007-2016 gnb
        40 Sebastian Janikowski 80.164% 2000-2016 rai
        41 Josh Scobee 80.066% 2004-2015 2TM
        42 Gary Anderson 80.060% 1982-2004 5TM
        43 Richie Cunningham 80.000% 199

  9. 9


    Correction, we just played 4 of the 6 best D’s in the league in first 5 weeks.

  10. 10


    He kicked it and we won. I’m sure he has and is studying what he is doing differently than before. I’d go kick in Tampa Stadium and get in the groove thses few days off. Go Bucs!

  11. 11


    Draft Zane Gonzales from Arizona State he is the record holder for most field goals in a career in the NCAA and has a career 82% field goad percentage he has a strong leg and can hit from 55 plus just don’t draft him in the second round haha

    1. 11.1


      I would rather see us trade up into the 2nd or 3rd round and draft Gonzales’ holder.

  12. 12


    Let just say not only did Ayuago save his job but Licht as well. Trading two positional players in the draft for a placekicker is just dumb. Like I said previously 90% of the most accurate kickers of all time were undrafted. If PK was such a priority, why didn’t he propose a trade to Dallas for Dan Bailey (most accurate kicker of all time) giving up the 2nd round pick? Knowing Jones, we would have probably agreed on that trade.

  13. 13


    Totally chewed my thumb nail off before he made that kick.
    I for one don’t think that we should kick him to the curb just yet. Some guys just suck when starting out their NFL careers.
    Terry Bradshaw was benched for a drug addict
    They called him the lil abner of football.
    Brett Farve was abysmal.
    Janakowski sucked big time.
    Orlando Pace could not stop holding.
    The point is these guys turned out pretty good.
    I’m willing to cut him some slack right now. But if he doesn’t get his shit together quick others won’t be so tolerant.

    1. 13.1


      But why a 2nd round draft pick when there so many good kickers out there when we had so many other needs? What was wrong with Bryant or Barth?

    2. 13.2


      You realize that Brett Favre, Bradshaw were QB’s, Olando Pace was the top pick in the draft. They played positions that go very, very high in the draft. Not a position that is almost always adequate as a college free agent and can be signed to minimal salaries.

      Janikowski’s bad rookie year was close to 70% accuracy on FG’s, and made 12-13 FG’s under 40 yards. Augayo is spotting 50% and is 3-4 below 40. Janikowski was drafted so high because of his incredible kicking strength. Aguayo was drafted so high because of his accuracy. Also, despite still being with the Raiders the draft pick still looks foolish. Janikowski has one pro bowl to his name. There are a ton of kickers with one pro bowl or more who were never drafted. NFL MVP Shaun Alexander and 3 time pro bowler, was taken 2 picks AFTER Janikowski. Tell me that was smart.

  14. 14


    Finally, the torches are lit and the pitchforks are raised. Took Buc fan base long enough…. Tryout three new kickers over the next two weeks please.

  15. 15


    hey Dirk! know what else the Bucs can’t do? get in the redzone and not score points and depend on a rookie kicker to be an all-pro… your decision making and play-calling is not looking too great either

  16. 16


    I have to agree with those who feel getting into the end zone is the real problem for the Bucs.
    You can’t keep getting TO’s in the NFL and getting field goals off them and expect to win in the NFL.
    I don’t put the entire blame on Koetter, either.
    You can’t keep getting stupid illegal motion penalties on third and one situations and expect to be successful in the NFL either.
    Still, if Arroyo hadn’t been such a high draft pick, he no doubt would probably be gone sooner rather than later. Robbie Gould is still out there and the only reason he was cut was because they could get Connor Barth at a bargain basement rate.

    1. 16.1


      As usual Dr. D you bring some reason to the forum. There’s little doubt that Roberto would be going the way of last season’s Kyle Brindza experiment if he wasn’t acquired with a high Draft pick thinking it would solidify the position for years to come. But, in this case there is a big investment which is going to buy Roberto some time that other struggling kickers wouldn’t have gotten.

      One could argue his missed kicks cost us a victory against the Rams. I contend that his mistakes may have been glaring but so too were the fumbles, interceptions, missed tackles, bad coverage, inaccurate passes and perhaps time management.

      I recognize the unconventional logic in drafting any kicker or punter. Gary’s list of failed 2nd rounders is proof that there is no guarantee that another position would be doing any better. After watching him at FSU, I was hopeful he would bring the same results to us. So far Kyle Brindza might be just as good. As Ronde would say, “it is what it is” .

      As you said. next time the offense gets inside the red zone let’s prevent the O-line from false starting and get a TD. That’s a problem too.

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