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Legendary sports columnist Gary Shelton returns to PewterReport.com for his second season of providing post-game commentary on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers like no one else can. No one has won more sports writing awards than Shelton, who has covered Tampa Bay area sports for decades with his unique brand of humor and insight. Bucs fans can Shelton daily on GarySheltonSports.com and follow him on Twitter at @Gary_Shelton

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    A LOT of guys quit on this fanbase today.

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    I’m sorry in August ppl on here and around the country with the exception of very few felt like the bucs were a playoff team I saw 4-12 5-11 6-10 even 7-9 but never 10-6 or 11-5 except by PR and now our playoff hopes are dash were are no good… I will say good to no playoffs because we need to complete the process… I remember the “race for 10” year with coach Morris and we got 10 wins and we’re the toast of the town big predictions about how we were going to b elite and challenge for a division title and we sucked… look at this year as a learning how to win year our 22 year old qb took steps this year and will again next our skill guys like Mike and cam and hump will be better our defense should get another infusion of talent and so should our oline… I say that now it doesn’t feel special but next year when we r division champs and resting up for playoffs we will think about how truly special this season was cuz it is the start of our new decade of dominance… Go Bucs

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      Spot on. Add a few pieces. Continue to improve. Next year take another step.

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    The game was simply too big for us. Yes, it was a mistake to resign Doug Martin. We desperately need a center and right tackle next year. We also need a second wide receiver and two impact players on defense. See all of you at the draft.

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      Well said…although (with foresight) I was not opposed to the re-signing of Martin as 1) he did just come off a year as the #2 back in the league, and 2) his contract is very manageable. Rather than say it was a mistake, I would say it may be time to move-on (or at least find a legitimate plan B). So, in addition to the five spots you mention, that’s a sixth that needs filling as a priority too (we certainly have more areas that could be upgraded).

      But, here’s the thing – we can’t fill all of those holes. Our GM has shown an ability to fill 1-3 (maybe a 3b as well), holes per year, in part due to his “fool me once, shame on you” allergic approach to top talent in FA.

      Since we’re giving year-end reviews – and Gary’s is “the team wasn’t special enough” – mine is THE TEAM HAD NO STRENGTH ON WHICH TO RELY. Running game – hit or miss. Passing game – (Winston) hit too many times, rushing into Bad-Jameis mode too often. Run defense – it was there, then it wasn’t. Pass defense – oh those safeties trying to cover the middle of the field…burned too many times for too many TDs. Where did we go when we needed a play, or we needed a stop…our opponents just went to our weaknesses (and there was always a weakness). We need to pick a strength and build it….fill those holes so that we have something to rely on.

      If we want a passing strength behind Winston, then shore-up the OLine and get another WR. If we want to build a defensive foundation, then go that way and shore-up the secondary en-mass. A bit here and a bob there won’t get us anywhere though…nothing to stop the bleeding or go for the jugular and we’ll never be “special”. IMO.

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      We have a right tackle already. He’s our left tackle. This team needs offensive talent. Why. Because our offense is ..well… offensive. The critical thing we need is a WR that is not an ufa to complement Mike Evens. SPEED!!

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    P.S. Is this Jameis “positive thinking” approach at the podium becoming a little disingenuous? I see Dirk using the same approach with nothing else matters but this game. Man up, talk about the short comings.

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      Dirk doesn’t seem to sugarcoat anything so far. I don’t like his ‘explanation’ on Martin getting benched, but other than that he seems pretty open as far as coaches go.

      Jameis still needs to get better, I’m still not convinced he’ll get there. Seems every time he takes a step forward he turns around and steps back immediately. Very little progress from last year to this year except for a few wins and those were mostly from stellar defensive performances and not offensive.

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    We have a lot of injuries and really no quality back ups with experience to help us in our last game of the season. Even if we go 8-8 we will still be a much better team than last year. I hope the Head Coach sits back and see what he has in players left standing and use those talents to somehow find a way to win. Go Bucs! Merry Christmas!

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    Being “special” isn’t the goal … it’s actually a put down in some circles. “Oh, isn’t he SPECIAL!”.

    In any event, the injury bug bit hard again this week with Gholston knocked out, which significantly impacted our defensive front which as a result could not get pressure on Brees. If you can’t pressure Brees, and you don’t have a spectacular scoring offense – which we all know that we don’t – then you lose to the Saints. Period. Every time.

    The five game win streak was real, and against some quality opponents. The loss on the road to the best team in the NFC wasn’t soul crushing. It was much more disappointing to lose to the Saints. But then, the Saints have always been a tough out for the Bucs. Shelton and others seem to forget that or 12-4 Super Bowl winning team in 2002 lost twice to the Saints. So a split isn’t that bad, as well as a split with the division champion Falcons, and a possible sweep this Sunday of the Panthers.

    If we manage to go 9-7, finish second in the NFC South instead of our permanent home in the basement, and possibly even get into the playoffs, all while leading the entire league in number of players on IR, I’ll take that as a sure sign of significant progress by a very young team with a brand new coaching staff.

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