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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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  1. 1

    Buc-n-Philly Fan

    Thanks for pushing this out just moments away from this Draft Trevor. This is as exciting of a Draft with the Buccaneers in mind in over 10 years. This list is a little shocking. I can’t wait!!

  2. 2

    Julian Jordan

    You sir are really bold and a breath of fresh air.

    1. 2.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Just trying to enjoy and inform the best I can!

  3. 3


    I think the problem is that there’s an underlying assumption that the “hints” you are getting from the front office are actually to your benefit. Do you know why Licht and Koetter weren’t jumping for joy when they got the nod for Hard Knocks? Because they don’t benefit from giving the media access. It is not in their interest to give you, Scott or Mark draft information that you would then publicly publish. It’s like expecting the teacher to give students the questions on the exam ahead of time.

    So expect some of your “hints” to be dead wrong. PR has been used to throw misinformation out there before (remember it’s not just Bucs fans who read your work), and they are no doubt throwing stuff out there again for the same purpose.

    1. 3.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Sure! I’ve been wrong before and I know I’ll be wrong again, haha.

      But, this is my job. I’m in the building to figure things out. I understand that smokescreens and manipulating the media are very much a part of the draft game. But I also take that into consideration with what I do with things like this.

      I’m sure I’m off on some of these guys, but I’m pretty confident in the list as it stands. Where I’m right, I’ll remember how I got that info, and where I’m wrong, it’ll be a learning experience for me to get better next year.

      All a part of the gig!

  4. 4


    I love this list! Thanks Trev!

  5. 5


    Interesting that Mayock had Malik Hooker falling all the way to the Bucs at #19. It’s certainly going to be a fun one this year! I’m putting a few chips on Forrest Lamp.

    1. 5.1


      THE LAMP MAN CAN!! I agree.
      GO BUCS

    2. 5.2


      I heard Hooker wanted to play with the Minnesota Vikings, lol ha ha

  6. 6


    You nailed it young man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7


    Trevor, I don’t know where you are getting your information, but no way Budda Baker is the eight best player in this draft.

  8. 8

    Uncle Stan

    Only 1 OL and that is Bolles?
    Cam Robinson is better.

  9. 9


    I wouldn’t be so sure about what Licht refers to when he says the ‘safe and clean players’ as this could be either a smoke screen, or way to let the fans know that everyone they pick they feel are safe and clean. I’m on board with whoever they pick. They have shown me they know what they are doing. It doesn’t matter what the media says. If Licht was a stickler about ‘safe and clean’ players they probably would have never drafted Winston, as he wasn’t considered a “clean” player with what he had going on during his draft. I got a hunch they are looking at Mixon. Mixon came here in a very quiet visit a few weeks back. And if they feel he is a good fit, a kid who made a mistake, then I am with them. I would prefer Cook, but somebody is going to take Mixon and he’s going to be good.

  10. 10


    Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. It was much better than a mock draft, because I could sit and cross off guys as the draft progressed, and gave me an idea how strong we felt about a player and how many were left as the draft unfolded…and looking at the number 5 pick, Howard, and the gap to the next player, really gave me a feel where we were going….but one thing….could you possibly extend your list, if possible, so we can follow it further into the draft in the future, as I suspect that by the end of the second round, it will be pretty much exhausted. In any case, I really found it interesting and worth while. Thank You.

  11. 11


    In the end I think you did a great job identifying the top 3 players the Bucs took in your top 32, Trevor.

    Looking after the draft it looks like the Bucs had Justin Evans a little bit higher with Chrs Godwin and Jordan Willis a little bit lower. I personally thought that the low ranking of Corey Davis was a smokescreen, especially given that Licht’s friend Jon Robinson drafted Davis at 5 while also taking Adoree Jackson right before the Bucs selection. I would be a little surprised if the Bucs and Titans viewed Davis so very differently.

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